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  • 1. Crook
    James Vanger, 2509
    Saman Safdari, 0017
    Julian Wogman, 5049
    Fine Arts: 10222

2. In our British gangster film there are many conventional techniques that we used one of these techniques is the use of captions between footage to create tension and a conventional thriller feel.
Many feature films contain at lest one star actor in every film, we have no famous actors in our film so we have had to create an original character.
3. The conventional use of voiceover creates connection to the main character, andhelps to allow the audience to understand our main character's emotions and thought processs.
4. Jump cutting is used to create a modern, harsh feel.
The handy cam style of filming during the voiceover helps to make a jumpy and hardcore, feeling.
5. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
Our main character
In Crook the main character wears tracksuit bottoms and a hoddie to make him look as though he was working class, the working class are viewed as bad criminals this is why the characters in kidulthood also wear the same type of clothing. In lock, stock and two smoking barrels the characters are high class criminals that is why they wear suits and shirts.
6. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ?
We would hope a company like pathe could distribute our media product, pathe has distributed such films as kidulthood and adulthood, gangster films, similar to ours.
Pathe have a good reputation for supporting new, upcoming and independent film makers.
7. Who would be the audience for our media products ?
Our main target audience would be 15 26 year olds, the majority of the audience would be male, people who like crime films or action thrillers.
The kind of audience who see our film would be the same audience who saw such films as layer cake, shank and Shifty
8. How did you attract / address your audience?
The main character of the film is a young male, similar to the age of the target market for this type of film. We hope to be able to upload our product to YouTube for viral advertising.
9. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
New technologies such as Final cut pro have allowed me to become creative, there are no limitations with modern technologies, like using a paint brush to create a painting. (slide 11)
Technologies nowadays are compatible this means we can create a sound track using garage band then over lay this soundtrack to our footage using Final cut pro without difficulty.
10. Looking back on you preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
11. Technologies have allowed us to become a lot more creative.
We made the image black and white to imitate CCTV, we added text to the image, cam 2 this also makes the image look like CCTV as well.
there are no limitations with modern technologies
12. We now understand how that representation is directly linked to how the audience may respond to the product.
Over all we have gained a lot of computer knowledge as well as learning how to edit, for the benefit of future films.