Journey Into 2020 ... Girl Scouts. Journey Planning – Need help with Journeys? Let's discuss...

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Transcript of Journey Into 2020 ... Girl Scouts. Journey Planning – Need help with Journeys? Let's discuss...

  • Journey Into 2020


    WHO: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Adults!

    WHAT: A one-day program that includes fun-filled, hands-on activities from

    STEM, art/crafts and games. Girls may earn journeys, badges and/or

    components of badges or journeys.

    Adults – Check out the Journey Into 2020 Adult/Volunteer programs

    and training that include Girl Scout Leadership requirements, learning

    new skills or fun programming. (Additional adults will be required to meet adult/girl ratios.)

    WHEN: Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Hurry, the deadline to register is Friday, March 13th.

    WHERE: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

    2718 Dixie Highway, Lakeside Park, KY 41017

    COST: Girls - $18 / Adults - $12* Lunch will be provided.

    *Separate fee for CPR/First Aid course.

    REGISTER: Contact Penny Weartz ([email protected]) with questions.

    Make checks payable to GSKWRC PAC and mail to:

    PO Box 988, Florence, KY 41022-0988.

    Course listings are attached. Girls will follow a program rotation by age level and Adults will submit their course choices

    and spots will be filled on a first-come, first- serve basis. Please fill out one form per person.

    Troop leaders are responsible for completing their Troop Trip forms and having updated health records for all the girls.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • This workshop is a collection of badge work, skill building and fun activities for girls age level Daisy through Juniors. The

    workshop is also open to all Adults and Leaders of any age-level. Please come join us for a day for learning and fun.

    Participants will make selections for which courses they would like to take. The courses are filled on a first come/first

    serve basis. Some courses may have an extra expense or materials to bring or have age restrictions. Please read the

    description of each course carefully.

    Check-in begins at 8:30. Classes begin at 9:00 and go until 3 pm. Lunch will be included. Direct any questions to Penny

    Weartz at [email protected]

    Girl Workshop Classes: Please watch for age level restrictions within the course descriptions.

    Session Class 1 – Daisy

    Class 2 – Daisy

    Class 3 – Brownie

    Class 4 – Brownie

    Class 5 – Junior

    Class 6 – Junior

    A A1 – Space


    A2 – Journey

    5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for


    A3 – Inventor A4 – Bugs A5 – Car Design


    A6 – Entertainment


    B B1 – Car Design

    Challenge B3 – Space

    Science B4 – Making

    Games B5 – Savvy Shopper

    B6 – Social Butterfly

    C C1 – Eco Learner

    C3 – Car Design Challenge

    C4 – Dancer C5 – Space

    Science C6 – Flowers

    Adult Workshop Classes: Session Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Classroom 3 Classroom 4 Classroom 5

    F F1 – Go-To Games

    & Songs F2 – Badge Work

    F3 – CPR/First Aid *

    (extra fee required)

    F4 – Yoga F5 – Leader


    G G1 – Flag

    Retirement G2 – Troop

    Budgeting 101 G4 – Old School

    Scouting 101 G5 – Leader


    H H1 – Volunteering Outside the Troop

    H2 – Journey Planning

    H4 – Troop Management

    H5 – Leader Lounge

    I I1 – Investiture /

    Rededication Ceremonies

    I2 – Traditions I5 – Leader


    J J1 – Managing

    Multilevel Troops J2 – Bronze / Silver

    Award Training

    J5 – Leader Lounge

  • Workshop Descriptions: Girl Programs:


    5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey (Daisy) – Girls will complete this journey earning the Birdbath, Red

    Robin and Tula awards where they learn about caring for animals, themselves and sharing their knowledge with

    others. Journey award included.

    Car Design Challenge, Model Car (Daisy) – Join us and design your own model car. Daisies will complete the Model Car

    Design Challenge Badge. Badge included.

    Eco Learner (Daisy)– Girls will learn ways to protect the outdoor environment. Badge included.

    Space Science-Explorer (Daisy) – Space Scientists are people who study outer space – what’s in the sky. In this badge,

    you can be a space scientist as you look at the sky and talk about what you see. We will explore the sun, observe the

    moon and meet the stars. Badge included.


    Bugs (Brownie)– Bugs help us in lots of cool ways. Explore the world of bugs by doing bug crafts and learn more about

    these little creatures that do so much. Badge included.

    Car Design Challenge, Race Car (Brownie) – It’s a race to the finish. Join us and design a race car. Brownies will complete

    the Race Car Design Challenge Badge. Badge included.

    Dancer (Brownie)– Get ready to jump up and move to the beat in this badge. You’ll learn fun warm – ups, perform steps

    from new dances, and make a dance of your very own. Badge included.

    Inventor (Brownie)– Do you ever wonder what it takes to come up with a new kind of phone or a new way to power a

    light bulb? In this badge, find out how inventors make stuff-and become an inventor yourself? Badge included.

    Making Games (Brownie)– Games are everywhere when you use your imagination to make them up! Try this badge, and

    you and your friends will never be bored again. Badge included.

    Space Science, Adventurer (Brownie)– Whether you’ve searched for shooting stars or found shapes in the clouds,

    you’ve probably already spent time looking at the sky. Now’s your chance to see the sky in a new way – like a space

    Scientist does. Meet the Solar System, investigate the moon, be a stargazer and share your knowledge with Daisies by

    making them S.W.A.P.S. Badge included.


    Car Design Challenge, Balloon Car (Junior) – When you have earned this badge, you will know how to engineer a

    balloon-powered car and understand potential and kinetic energy and jet propulsion. Learn about potential and kinetic

    energy and build a balloon car. Test your balloon car, then analyze and share your results. Girls will then brainstorm

    ways you can improve your design. Badge included.

    Entertainment Technology (Junior)– There’s an old saying that all work and no play makes life dull. But if you learn the

    ins and outs of Entertainment Technology, you can end up with work that is play! When you have earned this badge, you

    will know the science behind the world of Entertainment. Badge included.

  • Flowers (Junior)– Flowers are so beautiful, we bring them in from the outside into our homes to add cheer to a room.

    But there is more to flowers than just good looks. Without them, plants could not make seeds, and scientists think the

    world would be much drier and a lot less pretty. Dig up more flower secrets in this badge. Badge included.

    Savvy Shopper (Junior)– When you’ve earned this badge, you will know the difference between what I need and what I

    want – and you will be able to smartly save money for both. Badge included.

    Space Science, Investigator (Junior)– Our Solar System spreads out across space. It’s much larger than you might think,

    and the stars are even farther away than you can imagine. Venture through the Solar System and beyond and discover

    that space is even bigger than you thought. Sun, discover the stars, use tools to explore and share your knowledge by

    making S.W.A.P.S. for Brownies. Badge included.

    Social Butterfly (Junior)– In this badge you will have fun practicing the social style and good manners that will make you

    comfortable in any situation. Badge included.

    Adult Programs:

    Badge Work – Taking everyday activities & tying them to badge requirements. Ideas to make earning badges easier.

    Bronze / Silver Award Training – Learn all the steps necessary to help your scouts earn the Bronze &/or Silver

    Award. Includes sample projects, planning and funding.

    First Aid / CPR – Standard First Aid/Adult & Child CPR teaches easy-to-learn basic emergency procedures that prepare

    individuals to respond to sudden illnesses and injuries, breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults and children.

    Participants learn techniques such as bandaging, splinting, treatment for burns and bleeding control. During the CPR

    portion of the training you will be required to kneel, so if you would like to bring a towel of small pad; feel free to do so.

    The American Red Cross First Aid Certificate is valid for 2 years and the CPR certificate is valid for 2 years.

    *Additional cost of $45 required for this program (lunch included).

    Flag Retirement – Flag retirement ceremonies are a long-standing Girl Scout tradition that honors the American flag as

    the symbol of our country. Learn how to do and participate in a flag retirement ceremony.

    Go-To Games and Songs – Learn quick games and songs that come in handy when you have some time left in your