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ERIAFF Conference 2014 Seinäjoki, Finland José Vogelezang Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials, Wageningen U&R centre, The Netherlands "How we meet Ecological Challenges in Horticulture?"

Transcript of José Vogelezang

  • Presentatie Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen PPP approach Ecological Challenges in Dutch Horticulture Topsector Horticulture & Starting materials Dr. Ir. Jos Vogelezang
  • Content of the presentation Introduction sector Horticulture & Starting materials (H&S) New economic policy of Dutch government: 9 Top sectors Topsector H&S: Innovation programme More with less Priority themes and examples of new Public Private Partnerships PPP as a starting point for EU cooperation in EIP 2
  • No 2 Agricultural exporter in the world
  • 39%of agricultural production is from horticulture
  • Production value Floriculture Eur 5.3 billion Production value Fruits & Vegetables Eur 2.6 billion
  • Horticulture Import Eur 8.2 billion Value technical supply Horticulture Eur 2 billion
  • Horticulture Export Eur 16.5 billion Horticulture Import Eur 8.2 billion
  • Greenport Westland-Oostland Greenport Boskoop Greenport Gelderland Greenport Duin en Bollenstreek Greenport Noord- Holland Noord Greenport Venlo Greenports in the Netherlands
  • 9 Top sectors in the Netherlands
  • World market leader in sustainable solutions for improved food security, food safety and happiness Growing and ageing world population Climate change Economic inequality Urbanisation #1 Added value #1 Knowledge and innovation # 1-2 Market share export #1 Productivity World Challenges World Solutions World Leader FOOD HEALTH HAPPINESS ENERGY WATERSPACE MINERALS & CROP PROTECTION More with Less
  • Four key innovation programmes and two cross-cutting themes: More with less Food safety and Food security Health and well being Colaborating value chain Internationalisation Human Capital Agenda Aim: to double the added value compared to 2000-2010 (1,3 billion extra in 2020) Agenda 2012-2016 Topsector T&U 12
  • More with less Food safety and Food security Health and well being Collaborating value chains Better plants 4 new demands Phytosanitary Various projects Market Intelligence Horticulture Better plants 4 new demands Better plants 4 new demands Better plants 4 new demands New cultivation systems outdoor Energy & CO2 Glastuinbouw waterproof GreenCHAINge TNO Horticulture Other projects Microbiology food crops Other projects Other projects Horticulture Digitaal IPM HCA en Int. HCA en Int. HCA en Int. HCA en Int. PPP: Private Public Partnerships in innovation programmes and projects
  • More with less: Plant breeding & seed technology PPP Better Plants 4 New Demands
  • More with less: Sustainable production PPP Glastuinbouw Waterproof PPP New cultivation systems outdoor vegetables PPP New substrates PPP High Tech Horticulture
  • More with less: Biobased Economy
  • More with less: Energy & CO2 PPP Greenhouse as Energy source
  • More with less: Integrated Pest Management Robust resilient crops Robust resilient cropping systems Smart, innovative technologies Effective and durable crop protection methods
  • More with less: Logistics PPP GreenChainge
  • PPP and EIP PPPs within Dutch horticulture can act as a precursor of setting up new alliances within EIP However, how can we build strong partnership within the EU? Two examples: Water issues Soilless cultivation for outdoor horticultural crops
  • Water issues for Horticulture in the Netherlands Water quality Demands of the crop Demands of the environment Water quantity Mainly with respect to water quality Rain water not always sufficiently available Supplementary water often necessary
  • Soil grown crops: emission management Lysimeter Soil moisture sensors Models Experience Beliefs habits
  • Towards a zero-emission in substrate crops Breakdown growth inhibitors Optimize fertilization Water treatment
  • Soilless Cultivation as a new alternative New Cropping Systems Conclusions
  • Growers Problems: Market requirements
  • Growers Problems: Financial Return
  • Growers Problems: Labour
  • Growers Problems: Soil Quality
  • Growers initiated research
  • PPP Teelt de grond uit - 1 Objective Develop and implement profitable new cultivation systems that can comply with EU-regulations for water quality Outdoor horticulture Duration: 2009-2013 Execution: Researchers, growers, advisors, suppliers Financed by Government Product boards of growers Various other parties
  • PPP and EIP How can we cooperate with strong partnership within the EU? - Looking for common grounds - Getting to know each others industry better and building EU networks for horticultural sectors - EUFRIN for the fruit sector is very succesfull Lets take our chance!