Joomla extension RSForm! Pro Tips, Tricks and Advanced Usage

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Transcript of Joomla extension RSForm! Pro Tips, Tricks and Advanced Usage

  1. 1. Alexandru Plapaana RSJoomla! CCO
  2. 2. What is this all about - RSForm!Pro - Multi-page forms - Integrating form submissions with other actions - Custom validation rules and security aspects - PHP scripting areas - Conditional fields - Form calculations - Payments and eCommerce - Free discussion
  3. 3. Multi-page forms - pagination using a JavaScript - ease of use - validation triggers - visual input by displaying a progress bar - maximum flexibility: Preview before submit, conditional page
  4. 4. What can you do with form submissions ?
  5. 5. ...ok what else ? Mapping tool Post to location Scripts
  6. 6. Complete control over validations - Required, Alphanumeric, Email, Email DNS, Unique Field, Unique Field per User, USA ZIP Code, Phone Number, Credit Card, Custom Validation (Characters), Passphrase, IP Address, URL, Regex, Same Value as Other Field - PHP validation via Scripts called on form process area - creating custom validation rule
  7. 7. Built-in XSS protection & Spam - this is triggered on certain keywords like script,link - various spam protection mechanisms: captcha, invisible captcha, noCaptcha, reCaptcha, Akismet
  8. 8. Conditional fields - show or hide fields - check against empty values: {if {field_name:value}}this text gets displayed only if the placeholder has a value{/if}
  9. 9. Form calculations - field A = field B + field C - field D * field E - basic math operations - can be combined with payments (small workaround)