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Transcript of Jonathon C. Crowell - Event Portfolio

Jonathon C. Crowellevents for everyone



a single occurrence of a process, e.g., the ionization of one atom: a planned social or public occasion

A Personal Take• Not all rules are meant to be broken, but a single

occurrence event sometimes needs backup

• Every occasion is meant to be beautiful

• All details matter

• Making the guest happy is the everything in the service industry. It is what we came to do.

The things that I enjoy doing share a common

thread: the interaction with others. I am a highly

creative individual who believes that all of us has a

role to play in this world. I know that one of my

talents is the ability to bring people together. And

what better way to bring people together than to

do so by celebrating.

Extensive Eventsweddings, birthdays, rehearsal dinners

Intimate Dinnersa gathering’s size doesn’t make it any less special

I specialize in public relations campaigns, social

media programs, partner relations, content

marketing campaigns, managed media relations,

hospitality operations, & public / private special

event planning. My extensive background includes

Food & Beverage Management, Catering & Sales,

each, with an emphasis in the luxury sectors.

Delicious Delectablesevery gathering deserves incredible food & drink


a set of pieces of

creative work collected

by someone to display

their skills, especially to

a potential employer

By viewing this portfolio, my hope is that you will

not only be able to see a part of my overall

personality, but also to view just a segment of some

incredible memories that I have had the honor of

being integral in creating as well as executing.

Jonathon C. Crowell

“If the path that lay ahead has a foreseeable end; it likely isn’t the path to take.”