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  • 1. Where freedom fighters connect Fighting the New World Orders Satanic & Globalist Agenda!
  • 2. The Best Social Networking Platform ADVANTAGES OF NING
  • 3. There are over 1.1 Million Ning networks. Tons of public, and private networks You can be a member of hundreds of Ning networks. You can create your own social network You can own up to ten other networks (per e-mail address) on Ning Ning has far more advanced features other social networks Why Ning?
  • 4. Ning isnt just a group within a social, but your own social network with all the bells and whistles of Myspace or Facebook Your network will have its own photos, videos, blogs, forums, chatroom, events calendar, and groups. Your network can be promoted by embeddable slideshows, video players, and promotional badges. Why Ning? (Part 2)
  • 5. You can put javascript codes anywhere You decide what features appear on your mainpage You can place any widgets on any page of the network Whatever you place on the right side of the network will appear on all pages Tab Manager feature, allows you to completely arrange the menu items on your network. Search features on your social network blows away the competition For Network creators
  • 6. Blogs on most sites appear on the mainpage of the site, and on a Blogs tab. Your blog will be there as long as you are a member of a particular Ning network. Blogging here is the closest you will find to a wordprocessor; just copy and paste. You can also use software like Kompozer ( (if you want the links as well) For Bloggers
  • 7. You can tag your blogs for quick search throughout the site Blogs can appear all over the net via RSS Feeds Blogs links can be Shared across other social networks by clicking on the Share button. Blog links, if created in Ning, wont mess up (unlike Myspace) For Bloggers (Part 2)
  • 8. RSS Individual or Group Feeds for the: Blogs Videos Forum Group Discussions Photos Calendars Extra Pages created by you Just click on the button at the bottom of the page, & copy the URL of the RSS feed in the address bar. RSS Feeds
  • 9. We have a dedicated events section for all truthers to post up their events. You can place links to a website or to the location of the event All you need is a photo to represent the event. iCal / Outlook integration RSS Feed Calendar
  • 10. You can share your photos and music with others You can upload up to 100 photos at a time and 30 songs at a time You can tag your photos and songs for quick search. You can create photo albums, and show the slideshow on your Facebook and Myspace profile and in your bulletins on Myspace. Photos and music
  • 11. Each network has its own dedicated video section Videos are completely searchable No need to place them in the blogs. You can upload videos (Quicktime, Windows Media Video, Mpeg) to the network (30 at a time) Videos
  • 12. You can also use the embed code from sites like Google, YouTube, Live Video, Veoh and others. All members can see the videos and tag them for quick search. Embeddable widget shows all uploaded videos. The widget can be placed on Myspace, Facebook, etc. Videos (PART 2)
  • 13. Still the #1 Truther Network on Ning WHY FIGHTING TYRANNY?
  • 14. Our network is made by a Christian truther for truthers! We ask that real truthers (those that know and hate all of their globalist and satanic agendas) to help us to make it grow and be a safe haven for those wishing to discuss the truth and organize events with one another. Why FTSN
  • 15. Simply, we have the most features of any network on Ning We have our own dedicated sections of the site: Books Radio Television Health Survival Newsroom Why FTSN (part 2)
  • 16. Our blogs become mp3s You can download the mp3s to play on your iPod Or listen to them with our widgets on the right side of every page (or bottom of the front page) Super-charged Blogs
  • 17. We have the most truther documentaries, sermons, and how-tos of any Ning network. We also carry 24/7 streams of the following: Videos powered by ftsn TV
  • 18. We will soon also have several shows on FTSN Radio The Controversial Endgame The Mount of Blessings Magazine Adventist Wheat Weekend Readings And more If you wish to become a show host on FTSN Radio, contact the site owner. Listen to ftsn radio
  • 19. We have all of the main patriot radio and television stations on FTSN, including: Listen to Patriot TV and Radio Here!
  • 20. Our right side player widget can play: Our mp3 blogs (all text blogs become mp3s) Alex Jones and Jason Bermas shows Coming Soon: All FTSN Shows All patriot radio podcasts on FTSN Right side mp3 player
  • 21. Our site has one of the largest out of print, and hidden libraries you need to read Plus we have tons of declassified documents that you can read directly from our site Read all the important bills being passed, directly on our site. Just go to View Content, then select Books or Documents Read lost Books And Documents
  • 22. Our health and survival sections have a large section of documents, and embedded webpages where you can research tons of health and survival topics. View Content, then pick Health or Defense Health and survival sections
  • 23. We have groups for all 50 states State groups will have news superfeeds of all the state newspapers, plus local news on the 10th Amendment. Groups of all different types: Health Groups, Religious Groups, Gun Owners Groups, and more Some of those groups will have news superfeeds of many respected publications tailored to the group. Groups
  • 24.