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  • 1. Attract New Customers, CreateLoyalty, and Drive Sales October 18, 2012page

2. What can it do for you?US Airways Miles can INFLUENCE consumer behavior Miles can persuade people where they shop Miles can persuade people how often theyshop Miles can persuade people how much theyspendOffering miles adds a benefit to the consumerwhen considering purchasing your product orbrand October 18, 2012page 3. Stay ahead of the game US Airways has 30+ Million Dividend MilesMembers Thats 30+ Million members looking for new ways to earn miles Thats 30+ Million members that will be willing to switch to your brand and product Why would Jon who is a US Airways Member buy bread from YXZ that does not offer miles over company YXZ that does offer miles 90% of frequent flyers say they would switch to a merchant that offers reward miles. October 18, 2012page 4. Shop More, Spend MoreDrive repeat customersand increase sales On average, loyalty program members spend 13% more than non-loyalty program members Incentive programs can increase annual repeat shopper visits by 15-20% October 18, 2012 page 4 5. Customers Crave MilesYou have the opportunity to grow your business with an incentive program yourcustomers are asking for.Consider the opportunity: 6xof consumers say they keep an 6 times higher conversion on of consumers agree that when eye out while shopping foroffers that include miles given a choice, they alwayschances to collect miles choose retailers that offer miles as an incentive October 18, 2012page 6. Dividend Miles Offers in MarketProven ways to increase engagement in your category: 500 miles5,000 miles 400 miles5 miles 250 miles for every new for new clients for every qualifying for every $1 spent onfor every $150 spent patient referral (Financial Services)night staysale items in January (Parking Services)(Medical Clinic)(Hotel) (Retail) Dividend Miles can be distributed in any denomination you choose viaaward codes Award miles through print certificates, email, or codes on productpackaging & receipts October 18, 2012page 7. An Easy to Use Internet Platform Log-in Check balance Buy miles Award miles October 18, 2012page 8. Marketing Resources at no cost Exposure on Point of sale materials Email updates to US Airways and members SEM to affiliate your brand with US Airways Use of US Airways logos on marketing collateral We will help you to drive awareness of your brand and deliver new customersOctober 18, 2012 page 9. Benefits SummaryWith US Airways Dividend Miles Business Perks, youre in charge:Increase sales Drive repeatSimple to usepurchases and set-upAward miles forMarketing exposure to Cost effective desired behaviors 30+ million customers Set yourself apart from your competition. Get started today. October 18, 2012 page 9 10. Steps to Greater Profitability1. Apply online at www.dmbusinessperks.com2. Buy miles3. Start rewarding your customers and watch your business growMiles Pricing*50,000 - 74,999 $0.0375,000 - 499,999$0.0275500,000+$0.025 * Plus 7.5% tax recovery fee October 18, 2012 page 10 11. Discounts vs. Incentive MilesConsider a $200 purchase:$200$200$200-25% discount 2 miles / $1 spent5 miles / $1 spent= 400 miles (@ $0.025)= 1000 miles (@ $0.025)$50 cost$10 cost$25 cost$150 net profit $190 net profit $175 net profit October 18, 2012page 11 12. Contact Cara SannaSenior Manager, Merchant T +1 866 977 0997 F +1 416 595 6444 October 18, 2012page 12