Job interview - Work and Career

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This is a work made in the 11th grade about all the steps leading to a job interview. All the dos and don'ts and advises to make your interview incredible and to wow the interviewer. We also did two mock interviews in which we pointed out how to make a good job interview and a not so good one. We created a fake product, a fake job, a fake company and we did a little play around that. PowerPoint available by requesting in a comment. The script of both is on the last pages. I hope you like it and please share!

Transcript of Job interview - Work and Career

  • STEP 1
  • 100% satisfied!
  • Thinking time Enthusiasm Better Interview
  • 1.2 Know yourself
  • 1.3 What companies search for?
  • Searching for Soft skills Teamwork Communication Time Management
  • Power of persuasion Flexibility Human contact Adaptability
  • 2.1 Develop a solid CV
  • Name, Adress, telephone number, etc Professional experience Education and qualification Skills and achievements Highlights your experience
  • Name, Adress, telephne number, etc Skills and achievements Professional experience Education and qualification Highlights your Personal skills
  • 2.2 Costumize your CV Use the same words Establish a clear link
  • Adjust what you have to what the company demands
  • Must be short Dont do grandiose claims about yourself
  • 3.1 Networking
  • 3.2 Social Networks
  • Advertisements published in newspapers and magazines are the most usual processes of dissemination of jobs
  • search in the Internet (search engines,like Google)
  • STEP 4
  • A Job Interview is a rigorous and relentless
  • So you just have to be .
  • WWW Become familiar with the company and the person you are interviewing with.
  • The boss The company
  • Do a mock interview Pratice a fake interview with yourself in the mirror.
  • Phone the company and ask information about dressing codes.
  • A watch is a nice touch
  • Too much perfume or deodorant Bright colours No candy, gum or mints
  • 4.5 Don't bring your parents! 8% 3% Brought their parents to na interview Actually had parents sit in on interviews
  • 10 min
  • Firm Energetic Dry
  • Smile Henry Gooseman, pleasure to meet you. Have a seat!
  • What a bad weather You tell me It doesnt seem its going to stop soon. Sadly, no.
  • 5.3 Take Notes
  • 5.4 Body Language Dos and don'ts
  • Dont slouch, maintain good posture tense tired
  • Do this about 90% of the time.
  • Smile even if youre nervous. When you smile, you seem approachable
  • Dont cross your arms Shows that youre defensive
  • Use your hands to hightlight what you say.
  • Use slow, fluid movements Jitters Confidence
  • 5.5 Participate actively in the interview 50% INTERVIEWER %50 YOU
  • Just Right! 5.6 Speak clearly Too Authoritarian/ Arrogant Too Shy
  • Avoid words like: Why not I dont know Im not sure I dont get it Never though of that
  • Say and You should also:
  • 5.7 Active listen Paying attention to the interviewer is not enough if he feels youre not actively listening Hum, hum
  • Answer exactly what youre asked
  • 5.8 Be concise Bla,bla, bla,bla, bla Interviewers dont like candidates that talk too much so: 2min
  • Did that answer to your question? Then ask: Would you like me to proceed?
  • 5. Show your skills
  • You'll regret it if you don't hire me, I'm the most qualified You can't possibly know this unless you have met and evaluated all the other candidates Douchebag Alert
  • You should mention money because you may seem: Greedy Just in for the money
  • But if he brings it up? I must highlight that money isnt the most important thing for me. I really want to get more experience and to get better. Try to change the subject But if he asks for a specific value? Too Low Too HighSay a margin
  • 5.12 Be prepared to answer all Questions (ALL!)
  • Interested Excited
  • Why is this position vacant? How will my performance be evaluated? Ive read that the company will open 25 more shops What kind of formation will I receive at first?
  • 5.14 Don't forget about the finish line Well, I get thats it. Talk to our assistant and we will give you a call. Thank you for the interview
  • He ends the interview You stand up Handshake
  • 1st Interview ASSISTANT Are you ready for your interview day, Mr. Campbell? BOSS: Interview day?! Oh, damn it! Wait, bring me that magazine. (Campbell is reading the paper) HENRY: Hi. Im here for the interview. (Weak Shake hand, no eye contact) BOSS: Yeah, yeah, take a. (HENRY sits without permission and hands my) So (reads the name) Mr. Gooseman, thank you for coming in today, I was thinking that you werent coming at all. As you know, this is a job interview for door-to-door salesman and Id like to ask you a few questions. HENRY: Ok. BOSS: So, tell me a bit about yourself. HENRY: I dunno, Im young, I have some skills. I live here, in London with my two cats: Fluffy and Buttercup. Theyre cute But, that doesnt matter. Ive worked in McDonalds the last years. BOSS: Why did you live it? HENRY: Well, to be honest I had problems with my boss. She was always saying that I didnt work or do anything but to tell you the truth she was kind of obnoxious and she kept eating all day, so I didnt see her working either But Im not saying that I wasnt working, I was the best there.(cell rings) Just a sec, hi Monica, Im going to meet you after, just let me finish this things. Ok? Bye, bye. Ok,ok.. love you bye! Monica! I really pulled my weight around there. They were lucky for having me there. BOSS: But were you fired? HENRY: Tecnically yes, but BOSS: Ok, ok Why did you come here for this interview? HENRY: Because I didnt have a job BOSS: Yes, but, why do you want to work for us? HENRY: Oh, OK. Because. Ive been told that you pay well BOSS: Is that all?
  • HENRY: Of course not. Since I was little I dreamed to work in this company and I love your product the TicTecTor. BOSS: Tic-tac-ter. HENRY: Right, that! What is this work all about, anyway? BOSS: You dont know? Your job is to go to peoples home to try to sell our wonderful product. Understood? HENRY: Yeah, sure. BOSS: So Since you like the Tic Tac Ter so much, you surely can sell me this one, cant you? HENRY: Ill try. Well, this is an eraser that will change your life. It can erase stuff and you know, you can use it all the time because its so small a