Job Interview Skills How to Succeed in Interviews?

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Job Interview Skills How to Succeed in Interviews?
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Transcript of Job Interview Skills How to Succeed in Interviews?

  • Job Interview Skills

    How to Succeed in Interviews?

  • ObjectiveTo learn Pre- Interview TechniquesTo learn about frequently asked questionsTo learn how to project a positive imageTo learn and practice interview etiquetteOn the whole, to acquire Job Interview Skills

  • What is an Interview?A conversation b/w an aspirant and job giver.A question answer session.Good listening and speaking skills needed.A two-way interaction.A planned conversation

  • Whats an Interview?

    A Job Interview is a formal, structured and systematic interaction between the candidate and a group of persons who want to hire him/her for a particular job position.

  • Interview TypesFace to FaceTelephonicVideo conferencing

  • Pre-Interview Techniques- Preparation!Significance of Preparation: It develops confidencegives info. & understanding.supports candidature stronglyhelps deal with anxiety strikes up a positive interaction with interviewers etc.

  • Pre-Interview Techniques:

    Preparation Involves the following :1. Self-Analysis2. Analysis of Skills3. Researching the Organization4. Job Analysis5. Revising Subject Knowledge6. Brushing up General Awareness7. Developing Interview File.

  • 1. Self -AnalysisIt involves identifying your BackgroundCareer Goals AccomplishmentsAchievementsSpecial Interests & Hobbies

  • 2. Analysis of SkillsPurpose to find out whether you possess the required skills.Be prepared to answer the questions like:

  • Analysis of Questions (contd..)How you rate yourself for this position on a scale of one to ten?Why should we hire you?What makes u suitable 4 this position?What are your strengths?What is your greatest strength?

  • 3. Research the organizationInvolves gathering basic information about :Major areas of operations Products & services Hierarchical structure, growth rate Work cultureOther activities of the organization

  • 4. Job Analysis Some Basic Questions:What this job involve ?What Responsibilities associated with job?What Special Duties?What Challenges of this job?What skills needed?What are the chances of career advancement?

  • 5. Revising Subject KnowledgeSo, experts ask questions to judge the depth and scope of Candidates knowledgeRevision- a must for clarity and confidence.Discuss with friends, classmates

  • Brush up G.K.Keep on updating your G.AwarenessNews PapersNews ChannelsWebsitesMainly focus on Current AffairsBurning topics

  • Develop Interview FileProfessional Approach Needed:1. Interview Letter2. Original Degrees3. Experience Certificates4. Reference and Testimonials5. Certificates of Merits6. Copies of your C.V.7. Your Visiting Cards8. Other relevant Papers .

  • Types of Interview QuestionsSeven Types:1. Open Questions:(Broaden the scope of response)Tell us something About you.Talk about interests and activities.What are advantages of Globalization? Etc.

  • 2. Closed QuestionsLimit the scope of response Specific answers are required When did you complete your graduation?What was your major subject in the college?Do you know data processing?

  • 3. PROBING QUESTIONSTo probe more deeply for an explanationThese encourage to talk in greater depth about a topic. For e.g. If you respond I believe that students should be allowed in academic decision making.Probing Q. : Do you think that this should include all academic decisions?

  • 4. REFLECTIVE QUESTIONSThese are asked to confirm the statement given by the candidate.E.g. : that means, you want the public sector units to be totally privatized?Am I right in thinking that you are against economic liberalization in India?

  • 5. LOADED QUESTIONSTo judge the candidates ability to handle difficult and sensitive situations.You are too short. Dont you think this is going to be a handicap for you?Your percentage is too low. Why?

  • 6. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTIONSTo test the possible reactions of the candidates to a hypothetical situation.What would you do if you face a group of angry employees who want to harm company vehicles because one of the workers has been hurt by a company lorry?One of your staff has been involved in activities detrimental to your organization. He has been doing this for money that he needs for the treatment of his ailing mother. What would you do?

  • 7. LEADING QUESTIONSTo obtain a desired response, YESDont you agree that our company is a market leader in electronics products?Dont you think that MNCs have boosted the Indian economy?

  • ANSWERING STRATEGIESAttentiveness Accuracy Brevity Focus Clarity Positive attitudeLogical thinking

  • PRACTICEPractice is highly essential. mock interviewsaudio/video practicerehearse open questions

  • PROJECTING A POSITIVE IMAGELook your best1.Dress formally2. Prepare your person3. Be RelaxedSpeak carefully 1. Speak clearly 2. speak confidently 3. speak slowly with appropriate pauses

  • GOOD MANNERS AND POSITIVE BEHAVIOURBe politeBe flexibleBe tactfulDo not argueBe interestedControl nervousness

  • ALTERNATIVE INTERVIEW FORMATS1. Telephone Interviews - some suggestionsPlan and be prepared in advance.

    Ensure that there are no distractions during the interview.

    Names of the interview panel to be written down

  • Telephone contdGreet each of themKeep the required papers close to youKeep pen and paper to take notes.

  • Telephone ContdThank the interviewer when he passes on the phone to other member.Answer briefly Speak clearly and distinctly, keeping your voice level up to reveal a high energy level.

  • 2. INTERVIEW THROUGH VIDEO-CONFERENCINGSimilar to face to face job interviewsInterviewers can watch the candidates behavior and body languageSome organizations prefer this to screen the candidatesThere may be panel of interviewersChairperson of the selection committee introduces other members .Each will ask questions ..

  • The 12 most desirable traits in employees 1. A proven track record as an achiever...especially if your achievements match up with the employer's greatest wants and needs. 2. Intelligence and management skills.

    3. Honesty... integrity... a decent human being.

  • The 12 most desirable traits4. Good fit with corporate culture...5. Others to feel comfortable with...6. A team player who meshes well with interviewer's team. 7. Likeability...positive attitude...sense of humor. 8. Good communication skills.

  • The 12 most desirable traits9. Dedication ... willingness to walk the extra mile to achieve excellence. 10. Definiteness of purpose...clear goals. 11. Enthusiasm...high level of motivation. 12 Confident...healthy...a leader.

  • SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Tell us something about yourself.I am a B.Tech in Civil Engineering with an aggregate of 78%. I have been a part-time employee in Rama Raju Constructions , Vijayawada.I have hands -on experience in planning and designing buildings. I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I am resourceful, self disciplined and energetic.

  • 2. What are your career objectives?

    I want to obtain a challenging position in a large construction company where I should be able to use my specialized qualification, experience in the projects taken up by the organization.

  • 3. Tell us something about your interests and activities.

    I am an extrovert and love to interact with all kinds of people. I am a member of the Inst. Of Engineers, New Delhi. I am also the state general secretary of Rotary Club , A.P.

  • 4. Why should we hire you?

    As you are looking for graduates with bright scholastic record and employability skills , my qualification with two years of part time experience makes me the best candidate for this job. With these merits, I am sure I would be able to get desired results for your company.

  • 5. Why do you want to join our company?

    The professional excellence maintained and pursued by your company has impressed me. Your companys qualitative services have made it world famous. Working with a such a grown up organization has been one of my career objectives.

  • 6. What according to you would be an ideal company to join?

    I think that the best companies create jobs and roles where employees feel they have some control over what they do, where professional relationships are valued and where more lip service is paid to the work-life balance. I believe your company is one of them and I would like to be a part of such company

  • 7. Tell us something about your work experience


  • 8. Tell us something about your academic achievements.

    My Academic record reflects my sincerity, strong determination and ability to achieve excellence. Extra-curricular ,Co curricular . ,

  • 9. where do you see yourself in five years?

    Reassure to make a long-term commitmentthat this position entails exactly what youre looking to do and what you do extremely well.

  • 9. where do you see yourself in five years?(contd)Example: In terms of my future career path, Im confident that if I do my work with excellence, opportunities will inevitably open up for me. Its always been that way in my career, and Im confident Ill have similar opportunities here.

  • 10. why are you interested in this job?

    As a high high caliber construction engineer, I have been looking for an opening like this one, which provides a dynamic work environment, and accelerated & challenging growth opportunities. I am sure in this position I will have opportunities to utilize my exposure and experience in work procedures.

  • 11. Can you tell us about your responsibilities at your present job?


  • 12. what are your strengths? I have good communication skills and interpersonal skills and the ability to get along with others. I have been able to achieve company s targets and live up to commitments with a sense of urgency.

  • 13. Tell us about a problem you have faced and the strategy you used to handle it?

  • 14. what is your greatest weakness?

    I aim at and call for nothing short of perfection and become nervous when I am not able to do something up to my satisfaction. However, I know ,this may sometimes delay a work and try to compensate with very hard work.

  • 15. How will you rate yourself on a scale from one to ten?

    I always strive to be the best in whatever I do. I believe in being the best.

  • 16. Are you a leader or a follower?

    I am both a leader and a follower . Ive successfully completed several projects as a leader but at the same time I have worked in cross-functional teams as a member and have done well.

  • 17. How long do you want to stay with us?

    I would like to be a part of your organization for a long period.

  • 18. Are you interested in a full-time or a part-time position?

    1. I would prefer a full-time position.

    2. Although , I would prefer a full-time position, I can also consider a part-time position.

  • 19. Will you accept a lower position for the time being?

    Though I want to be a part of your company, I am afraid I would not be able to accept a lower position.

  • 20. when can you join us?

    As soon as I am relieved from my present job.

  • The "Silent Treatment"

    If your interviewer becomes silent, keep quiet yourself for a while and then ask, with sincere politeness and not with a trace of sarcasm, Is there anything else I can fill in on that point?

  • The "Silent Treatment cont..d

    Whatever you do, dont let the Silent Treatment intimidate you into talking a blue streak, because you could easily talk yourself out of the position.

  • Tasks to be done1. Go through the e-lessons supplied to you and Know about the possible answers to various frequently asked Interview Questions. Reference: New Interview Questions . (Word File sent to you as an e-lesson)2. Conduct mock interviews among yourselves.3. Check out progress periodically !

  • Thank You