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JHU Museum Studies Spring 2010 Cataloguing Museum Collections History, Trends, and Issues Susan Chun

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JHU Museum Studies Spring 2010

Cataloguing Museum Collections

History, Trends, and Issues

Susan Chun

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Week 7: Vocabularies

• Why vocabularies?

• Some definitions

• Key vocabularies in the discipline

• Locally-created resources

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• Data values or data content

• Controlled vocabulary

• Thesaurus• Hierarchy - narrower/broader terms

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How does it work?

• Content providers

• Content distributors

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Vocabularies to review

1. Getty Vocabularies (TGN, ULAN, AAT): http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_research/vocabularies/

2. VIAF: http://www.oclc.org/research/activities/viaf/default.htm

3. ICONCLASS: http://www.iconclass.nl/about-iconclass/what-is-iconclass

4. Library of Congress Authorities (Subject Headings, Name Authorities, Keyword Authorities): http://authorities.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First

(or any of the resources listed in the “Introduction to Art Image Access” Annotated List of Tools)

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Locally-created resources

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Standards everywhere

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Readings READ:

1. Meltzer, E. and Meltzer, J. (2004). Data and Metadata: An Interview with Murtha Baca and Erin Coburn. Cabinet, Issue 18, 37-40. [eReserves]

2. Cameron, F. (2009). Museum Collections, Documentation, and Shifting Knowledge Paradigms. In Parry, R., ed., Museums in a Digital Age (pp. 80-95). London: Routledge. [eReserves]


1. Baca, M., ed. (2002). Introduction to Art Image Access. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Research Institute, http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_research/standards/intro_aia/intro.html. Re-read Patricia Harpring's chapter on "The Language of Images," as well as the Glossary and the Annotated List of Tools.

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Which vocabulary tool(s) would you apply to the collection you chose last week for cataloguing, and why? What benefit comes from the selection of a particular tool? Does it support better searching? Better indexing? More consistent clustering of results for browsing or display?

What other considerations come into play when considering a vocabulary in your cataloguing strategy?

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