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This is a fully-integrated marketing campaign the NSAC team from the University of Houston developed for our client, JCPenney. I acted as Media Director and Lead Presenter.

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  • 3. 2 executive summary 3 objectives 4 the jcpenney brand 5 their brand 6 research 10 meet the target 11 geography 12 brand destination 14 the campaign 16 paid 22 earned 24 owned 28 contact plan calendar 29 return on investment 30 evaluation and future thoughts 31 appendix 32 the teamplansbook34.indd 1 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 4. jcpenney is truly a unique advertising challenge. While Target Connection most advertising campaigns focus on a single product The target will be called the Transitioners because The campaign connects to the target audience through or service, jcpenney is the conduit for hundreds of they are moving from one life-stage to another. They a combination of paid, earned and owned media. different products, services and brands. have been segmented into three groups (Mes, Wes This integrated plan uses broadcast, print, digital, and Uss) based on their life-stage to discover the promotions, sponsorships and social media in unique Communicating jcpenneys benefits and linking it to the needs and perceptions shared by all. and innovative ways. broad selection of products and services it offers is a difficult task. Consumer Insight 15 opportunity markets for special local emphasis have The research shows Transitioners are looking to express been selected in jcpenney-identified states of Texas, Cougar Concepts task is to uncover insights into this their unique style. They dont want to compromise, but Florida and California. problem and provide a complete, persuasive integrated many times they feel that they must. solution. This is our plan to transform how young Customer Experience women think of jcpenney and help them discover one of Positioning To help increase share of wallet from existing Americas greatest retail institutions. The proposed campaign will make jcpenney a relevant customers, a program has been developed to impact part of their everyday lives by giving them more choices every part of the customer journey. These include So, lets begin. to express themselves. enhancements to the in-store and digital customer experience and a personal URL program. Creative The creative strategy builds on the Who Knew! Conclusion campaign by showing women discovering the choices The proposed plan will deliver $12 of revenue for every that the jcpenney brand offers. The creative execution $1 of advertising with a comprehensive measurement breaks the mold of traditional model-driven category program to monitor success. campaigns. The campaign is consistent yet flexible enough to showcase all categories of merchandise, The plan is set. Cougar Concepts is ready to start. sales and events. 2plansbook34.indd 2 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 5. The challenge is to develop a fully-integrated marketing communication program to increase jcpenneys share of wallet of women ages 25-34. To accomplish this, a four-year plan has been developed to increase sales by 51% or a compounded annual growth rate of 11%. Brand Purchase Funnel The department store industry is under 25-34-year-olds tremendous pressure. Three major trends that in the target market. impact the jcpenney brand have been identified. Changing Merchandise Department stores aggressively compete for will be aware of the advertising exclusive rights to popular and up-and-coming by reaching 90% of the target. brands rather than competing just on price. will become regular jcpenney shoppers. Changing Shopping Habits Consumers are changing the way they shop in will consider response to the economy and the evolving digital shopping at jcpenney. retail world. Surveys show 67% of consumers are logging online to compare prices, find coupons, hunt for bargains and seek advice from other shoppers before leaving home. will become new jcpenney shoppers. Changing Competition Competition for department stores has changed in recent years because of the accessibility and convenience of discount, specialty and exclusive online retailers. 3plansbook34.indd 3 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 6. The following are areas in which jcpenney excels, and those in which it can improve. SWOT Analysis Surprising Competitive Strengths It was surprising to discover that jcpenney possesses Strengths Weaknesses the following advantages compared to other Holds a diversified supplier base of more than Low customer brand loyalty department stores: 3,500 vendors Lack of awareness of exclusive store brands Operates more department stores Operates more stores in the United States Perceived by customers as being outdated Offers more exclusive brands than any other department store and unfashionable Offers more services Recognized as a well-respected and trusted Decreasing profit margin Offers more compelling prices company Offers exclusive power brands Opportunities Threats Increase in online marketing and mobile Economic uncertainty application use Increased competition in department store Rising consumer demand for private labels industry Changing demographics New competition from vendor stores and Consumers driven by convenience, price and online channels style Rising commodity prices 4plansbook34.indd 4 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 7. Department stores compete largely on style and price. jcpenney needs to break out of the sea of sameness of the categorys advertising. All department stores feature fashion models, celebrity designers and sales. The style of your life. Expect great things. Save money. Live better. The magic of Macys. Expect more. Pay less. Life. Well spent. 296 stores in 29 1,089 stores in 49 3,616 stores in 48 850 stores in 45 2,003 stores in 49 929 full line stores in states states states states states 50 states and Puerto Womens apparel and 50th anniversary in 50th anniversary in Exclusive and store 50th anniversary in Rico accessories account 2012 2012 labels account for 2012 No. 1 American for more than a third Americas fastest- The worlds largest approximately 35% of The second-largest retailer of home (37%) of its revenue growing department retailer total annual revenue discount retailer in the appliances, lawn store Uses celebrity U.S. behind Walmart mowers and fitness designers as its equipment official spokespeople The nations largest provider of home services 5plansbook34.indd 5 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 8. Objectives Strategies Understand the brand perception of jcpenney among women ages 25-34. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used including: online Understand brand equity of jcpenney advertising. surveys, mystery shoppers, cartooning, focus groups, mind mapping, semantic Understand the linkage of jcpenney and its exclusive brands. perceptual mapping, visual perceptual mapping and word association. Gain insight into department store shopping behavior. Quantitative - Online Survey (1,200 respondents) When you think of department stores, which come to mind? Macys recalled recalled recalled New Day. New Look. Dillards Every Day Matters. Its All Inside. Who Knew! jcpenney jcpenney is a store that appeals to... From which of these department stores have you made a purchase in the last 30 days? Target Walmart agree for 35+ agree for 25-34 dont like jcpenney like jcpenney Macys What was Discovered: jcpenney Macys owns top-of-mind awareness jcpenney is the least visited/shopped department store associate jcpenney is the least liked department store jcpenney with jcpenney has low brand equity the color red. are very or somewhat familiar with jcpenney. 6plansbook34.indd 6 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 9. Qualitative Mystery Shopper (50 respondents) Cartooning (50 respondents) What was Discovered: What was Discovered: Shoppers perceive jcpenney as a The target audience doesnt place to find necessities; they prefer My dads want to be associated with the to visit other department stores for birthday is today. I jcpenney brand. special items. am getting him a last minute gift. I hope he doesnt shop there. My cousins baby shower is tomorrow and Im looking at she is registered the new fall line of here. Jessica Simpson Focus Group (50 respondents) shoes. What was Discovered: What do you Transitioners shop jcpenney think about jcpenney? for price, but not for quality or style. I find three I buy all my things I can buy cosmetics from I forgot it was at jcpenney, but Affordable, but here. still in business. then go to Macys cheap quality. and get one great thing. 7plansbook34.indd 7 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 10. Qualitative Mind Map (50 respondents) Semantic Perceptual Map (50 respondents) What was Discovered: What was Discovered: Teenage memories and outdated imagery are associated with jcpenney. Transitioners positioned jcpenney as old and moderately priced. dark stores was old fashioned/ more classy now friendly quality products fresh Modern old people cheap with sales Image trendy cheap fashionable disappointed Minnie Pearl cant find anything organized early teen years always has good prices neat shopping with my mom children pics cute coupons sales American Living LEE/LeviJeans Martha Stewart Southpole Teen Years buying school clothes Nike Shoes Liz Claiborne daughters first pictures Calvin Klein prom dress Memories Christmas shopping Brands DKNY Bisou Bisou bought my work suit from there Sephora shopping for house items I heart Ronson Apple Bottom Mango Baby Phat A.N.A. NY and CO. Inexpensive Expensive Arizona fabric comforting feels cold old cookie not eye catching out of place dont see much of it Touch Taste random models Recall overwhelming 5 Senses old Advertising word of mouth neat Sight gift card mozart music commercials Hear Medium pink/grey/black Smell neutral calming/relaxing newspaper sales old people radio Old fresh scent magazines soft music perfume fabric 8plansbook34.indd 8 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 11. Visual Perceptual Map (50 respondents) Word Association (50 respondents) What was Discovered: What was Discovered: The target audience associates jcpenney with traditional and conservative There is a disconnect between jcpenney and the newer power brands it styles and not with trendy merchandise. carries. Barriers to overcome The following are key barriers the campaign must overcome: The perception of jcpenney is outdated jcpenney has low brand loyalty There is a disconnect between jcpenney and the new brands it carries jcpenney has limited advertising equity jcpenney is greatly misunderstood by the target The plan is to break these barriers and integrate jcpenney and its offerings more fully into the targets lives. 9plansbook34.indd 9 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 12. The target will be called the Transitioners because they are moving from one life-stage to another. They have been segmented into three groups (Mes, Wes and Uss) based on their life-stage to discover the needs and perceptions shared by all. Mes Wes Single women Women in beginning their careers mature relationships Population: 7,704,000 Population: 2,475,000 Ashley is an ambitious Katie values her privacy and dedicated young and is in a committed career woman committed relationship. Shes to succeeding at always in the market for whatever cost. She does the latest fashions. Katie not allow much time for doesnt seek advice social events, but she does make time for shopping. Ashleys shopping mantra is directly, but refers to experts for insights into what is in. Katie is a smart shopper; people dont envy function, so I buy what looks good. She believes fashion-forward she doesnt mind shuffling the clearance racks for discounted clothing or rummaging merchandise does not justify high prices. She always researches competitor pricing through shelves and aisles for home accents. before finalizing any purchase. Uss Women who are mothers Shared Values Shared Challenges Population: 10,204,000 Cristina is a professional Authenticity Budgets power mom. Her family Convenience Time constraints is her top priority. Even Customization Style with her full-time job, Discovery managing a home, and taking care of the children, she always sets time aside to shop. Cristina does not care about blending in, but prefers to stand out effortlessly. She is an early adopter but does not aim to make fashion statements. If the store sells it, Cristina has it.10plansbook34.indd 10 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 13. Fifteen opportunity markets have been selected in the jcpenney-identified states of California, Florida and Texas based on penetration of Transitioners and department store category sales. A national umbrella campaign will support all markets. Hot Spot Markets % to US Dept. Store Sales Markets % of US ($89,724 million/205 markets) Los Angeles, CA 5.0% 5.9% Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX 2.1% 2.9% Houston, TX 1.7% 2.5% Miami - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1.4% 2.3% San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose, CA 2.3% 2.1% Sacramento - Stockton - Modesto, CA 1.2% 1.5% San Diego, CA 0.9% 1.4% Tampa - St. Petersburg (Sarasota), FL 1.5% 1.2% San Antonio, TX 0.7% 1.0% Palm Springs, CA 0.1% 0.9% Orlando - Daytona Beach - Melbourne, FL 1.1% 0.9% West Palm Beach - Ft. Pierce, FL 0.7% 0.9% Fresno - Visalia, CA 0.5% 0.7% Austin, TX 0.5% 0.6% Jacksonville, FL 0.6% 0.5% Total 20.2% 25.1% 11plansbook34.indd 11 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 14. This shows where the jcpenney brand is now and where the campaign will take it. Current Belief Future Belief jcpenney is an old-fashioned discount jcpenney is a store where I can buy the department store that caters primarily to basics and also discover fun and unique older women. It is a place for basics and items that help me express my individuality. services, but I dont think of it as a place that offers contemporary fashion or merchandise Consumer Insight for me. Transitioners want to express their unique style. They dont want to compromise, but many times they feel that Current Behavior Future Behavior they must. As a result, I occasionally shop jcpenney. jcpenney is the first store I check for new I usually do when they have a great sale. merchandise. I use jcpenney for adding I will buy basics for me, like underwear; a variety of things to my life from fashion, housewares; or items for my child or to housewares, to some of their unique husband. I shop at other department stores services. for items that I wear or things that I want to show my friends.12plansbook34.indd 12 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 15. Brand Truth Consumer Truth jcpenney offers more brands and services at Transitioners want to express themselves better prices than any other department store. but feel that they must compromise. Discover more ways to express yourself. Why the Idea Works It taps into the consumers human need for self-expression and offers jcpenney as the solution. 13plansbook34.indd 13 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 16. The creative strategy directly builds on the Who Knew! campaign by showing women discovering more ways to express themselves by simply including jcpenney in their lives. Positioning Art Direction By positioning jcpenney as the solution for Transitioners to express themselves, the The campaign will use silhouettes of Transitioners in a variety of ways. Solid campaign will make jcpenney a relevant part of their everyday lives. silhouettes will be used as a brand identification tool. Silhouettes filled with products will be used to demonstrate the breadth and depth of jcpenney. The new jcpenney Changing jcpenney Perception logo will complement all executions. From To Functional Fashionable Copy Dated Contemporary The copy strategy connects words and phrases that the target uses to express Sporadic visits Everyday visits themselves to the jcpenney brand. For example: Celebrate. jcpenney.; Give joy. Tired Surprising jcpenney.; and Discover. jcpenney. Not for me Just for me Call to Action Execution Idea The campaign will direct Transitioners to the jcpenney website to research, shop, or The campaign expresses the big idea using silhouettes of Transitioners filled with find a nearby store. products. This takes jcpenney beyond the sea of sameness of runway models, celebrities or a single spokesperson. Multi-Cultural Transcreation The campaign is adaptable to every language and culture. Cougar Concepts will Why the Idea Works work with the jcpenney ethnic agencies to ensure that the campaign reaches every Silhouettes of Transitioners are a direct connection to the target. Silhouettes are audience. iconic fashion and art metaphors. This iconic imagery adds freshness to jcpenneys advertising equity. Silhouettes are flexible and adaptable to any advertising situation from the big screen to in-store. They act as an invitation to join the jcpenney experience.14plansbook34.indd 14 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 17. Pre-Testing The creative has been pre-tested with both Transitioners and current jcpenney customers. Testing affirmed that Transitioners and current customers would be motivated to shop at jcpenney. Why are we advertising? Transitioners Current jcpenney Customers To increase the level of purchase penetration and frequency among women, ages 25-34. I like it! I Its Whom are we advertising to? would shop very hip and 25-34 year old female consumers; the Transitioners. at jcpenney. trendy. What do they currently believe/think? It seems Its different jcpenney is convenient and reliable when it comes to staple items, but it is fresher, than older not a store for items that would express their personality. renewed. campaigns. I like the What do we want them to do/think? I like it, its text, it makes By discovering jcpenney, they will find surprisingly contemporary fashion at something me want to go compelling prices that will let them express their unique style. different. shopping. I would What is the most compelling thing to say? Looks classic definitely join They can discover more ways to express their unique style at jcpenney. and simple. the baby registry. What tone do we want to take? They make Light, friendly, sincere and confident. I like it more me want to go than Every and check Mandatories Day Matters. them out. Use new jcpenney logo with Pantone color 186. 15plansbook34.indd 15 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 18. Connection Planning not only reaches Transitioners, but also connects them to the brand. The Connection Plan consists of three categories of media: Paid, Earned and Owned. Each provides a different level of consumer engagement. Paid media is anything that is purchased on behalf of jcpenney activating the brand funnel. Objectives National Network Television Reach 90% of Transitioners (females ages 2534) What: 15-second primetime commercials on five networks. Support key sales periods and events Why: Highest reach with top 20 rated programs for Transitioners. Provide additional support to hot markets How Many: 890,000,000 impressions How Much: $29,200,000 Strategies Use traditional, non-traditional and digital media to reach Transitioners Schedule support with emphasis leading into seasonal thrusts Support hot spots with local media and promotions Dancing with the Stars Greys Anatomy The Office Law & Order: SVU How I Met Your Mother The Good Wife Glee Bones House One Tree Hill Gossip Girl Vampire Diaries Kick-off: 2012 Academy Awards What: 15-second commercials in the Academy Awards. Why: jcpenney has a rich tradition of sponsoring the Academy Awards; the highest viewed fashion event with 41.7 million viewers in 2010. How Many: 250,000,000 impressions How Much: $7,000,000 National Cable Television Olympics What: 15-second commercials on six cable networks. What: 15-second commercials in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Why: The selected cable networks have 120+ viewing index for Transitioners. Why: The Olympics had a 16.2 rating in 2008. How Many: 715,000,000 impressions How Many: 280,000,000 impressions How Much: $14,900,000 How Much: $7,000,000 my style. 16plansbook34.indd 16 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 19. Celebrate: 15-second Frame 1: Music fades in. Frame 2: Silhouette Frame 3: Silhouette fills Frame 4: Real woman Frame 5 VO: Celebrate Frame 6: Music fades out. appears. with product. replaces silhouette. choice. VO: jcpenney. VO: With exclusive VO: jcpenney gives you VO: to express your brands like Aldo, Mango so many ways... style. and Cindy Crawford Style... Joy: 15-second Frame 1: Music fades in. Frame 2: Silhouette Frame 3: Silhouette fills Frame 4: Real woman Frame 5 VO: Give joy. Frame 6: Music fades out. appears. with product. replaces silhouette. VO: jcpenney. VO: Give a lot without VO: From Mango to VO: jcpenney makes it spending a lot. American Living to easy to reward those on Cuisinart... your nice list. 17plansbook34.indd 17 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 20. Total Print Magazine What: 101 full-page 4-color ads in 10 magazines. Why: Transitioners read 6+ magazines a month. How Many: 361,000,000 impressions How Much: $13,700,000 Parenting American Baby: 6 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,200,000 Parenting: 6 full page, 4-color ads: $1,000,000 Fashion Vogue: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,600,000 People StyleWatch: 11 full-page, 4-color ads: $900,000 Bridal Modern Bride: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,600,000 Women Interests Elle: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,200,000 InStyle: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,800,000 Marie Claire: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,400,000 Glamour: 12 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,600,000 Cosmopolitan: 6 full-page, 4-color ads: $1,400,00018plansbook34.indd 18 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 21. 19plansbook34.indd 19 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 22. Search Engine Marketing Video Websites Pre-roll What: Search engine marketing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. What: 15-second advertisement on Hulu and YouTube. Why: SEM is the top method to drive consumers to the jcpenney website. Why: 43% of Transitioners visit YouTube or Hulu at least once a month. How Many: 480,000,000 impressions How Many: 9,000,000 impressions How Much: $1,500,000 How Much: $1,100,000 Campaign Keywords Brand Keywords Outdoor What: 25 GRP/showings of 14x48 outdoor boards placed in hot markets. Why: Outdoor has a 125 index for Transitioners. How Many: 80,000,000 impressions How Much: $3,900,000 Discover style. Dating Website Rollover Banners What: 336x280 pixel banner advertisement on and eHarmony. Why: Mes represent 25% of the total monthly visits to online dating services. How Many: 200,000,000 impressions How Much: $3,000,000 A B Celebrate choice.20plansbook34.indd 20 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 23. Color-sensitive Digital Mall Display Cinema What: 15 color-sensitive backlit What: 15-second commercial in 75 theatres in hot markets. interactive mall displays in the hot Why: Cinema advertising recall is three times greater than television. markets. How Many: 55,000,000 impressions Why: Engages shoppers by reflecting How Much: $1,100,000 the color of their clothing onto the display. Added Value - Media Banners How Many: 378,000,000 impressions What: Banner ads on websites of purchased media (Academy Awards, Olympics, How Much: $650,000 network and cable television channels, and magazines). Why: Ads will increase reach by 10%. How Many: 249,600,000 impressions How Much: Free as bonus weight. Considered, But Not Recommended What: Radio Why: The campaign is visually driven. Interactive Transparent Mall Display What: 15 interactive transparent mall What: Newspaper displays in hot markets. Why: Daily readership is below average for Transitioners and the jcpenney insert Why: Transparent displays allow program covers the newspaper category. shoppers to incorporate themselves into the advertisement, which helps generate buzz. How Many: 378,000,000 impressions How Much: $650,000 21plansbook34.indd 21 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 24. Earned Media makes jcpenney a part of the consumer conversation. Objectives Create buzz for jcpenney campaign and support 110th Anniversary Guerrilla RV Event Olympics Summer Star Contest the seasonal events How it Works: How it Works: Create events to reach Transitioners Beginning April 14, 2012, jcpenney will tour in the Miles Women will be asked to submit a 60-second video to be Build an active community of jcpenney followers of Style RV to the hot spot markets. Once there, a in the next jcpenney television commercial. The winner Build on existing jcpenney causes team of jcpenney employees will provide makeovers to will be featured in the summer Olympics commericals jcpenney customers. Destinations will remain a secret and will receive a $5,000 shopping spree. Events until the day of its arrival. Locations will be announced Why it Works: Academy Awards Ceremony exclusively on Twitter and Facebook. An on-going blog Similar to the profitable and praiseworthy Real Women How it Works: on Tumblr will chronicle the event. of Dove campaign, this approach breaks from the Prior to the Academy Awards, simultaneous fashion Why it Works: category tradition by asking real women instead of shows outside jcpenney stores break out in a flash These events are attention-grabbing and will create models to try out for a national commercial. mob style. Videos of each market will be immediately a community of jcpenney uploaded to YouTube. followers. Holiday Sales Event: Monday Before Why it Works: How it Works: The fashion shows will generate buzz for the Academy jcpenney preempts the holiday shopping season the Awards telecast and alert shoppers of the red carpet Monday before Black Friday by launching Monday ready looks available at jcpenney. Before, a special event in which jcpenney Facebook fans receive push discounts as deep as Black Fridays. Why it Works: It will differentiate jcpenney from other retailers by Sales Event: Worlds Biggest BOGO offering a specialized savings day. How it Works: In honor of jcpenneys 110th anniversary, every Tuesday in April shoppers who spend $110 or more will receive $110 worth of jcpenney store credit. Why it Works: Tuesday is the slowest day for retail sales and BOGO (buy one, get one) events have proven successful for similar retailers.22plansbook34.indd 22 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 25. Media Partnerships Merchandise Partnerships Brand Partnerships and eHarmony Elie Saab Co-Branded Credit Card: Visa How it Works: How it Works How it Works: A personal stylist smartphone application will be jcpenney will offer an exclusive line of Elie Saab fashion jcpenney will partner with Visa to create a jcpenney/Visa featured on and eHarmony that Transitioners merchandise. credit card that can be used anywhere. Cardholders can use for assistance in selecting the perfect outfit. Why it Works will earn points for all purchases and bonus points for Why it Works: Saab is a highly regarded fashion designer and has purchases made exclusively at jcpenney. Similar to other fashion applications, this promotion will dressed high-profile celebrities, such as Beyonc, Halle Why it Works: build buzz amongst the Mes. Berry and Angelina Jolie, who appeal to Transitioners. Like Amazon and Target, co-branded cards have proven to add value, profit and customer retention. Great Bridal Expo Anne Hathaway How it Works: How it Works To extend the media purchase targeted to Wes, a Create a partnership with Anne Hathaway to design an co-sponsored booth with Modern Bride will feature exclusive line of clothing and housewares. literature about jcpenneys bridal registry merchandise Why it Works at the Great Bridal Expo touring tradeshow. Anne Hathaway was selected to host the 2011 Why it Works: Academy Awards for her appeal and relevance to The Great Bridal Expo reaches 80,000 Wes in hot women in the jcpenney target audience. markets with free additional media exposure. Mommy Makeover How it Works: To extend the media purchase for the Uss, a Mommy Makeover contest will be announced in American Baby magazine. Five winners will be selected and one will be featured each month for five months. Why it Works: Like other makeover campaigns, which generated thousands of entries, this will extend the reach of the paid media purchase. 23plansbook34.indd 23 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 26. Owned Media allows jcpenney to directly engage with consumers by controlling the channel. Objectives PURL Develop ongoing mobile-rewards program to increase shopping frequency How it Works: by 10%. Customized invitations containing personalized Develop a loyalty program to increase customer shopping frequency and URLs (PURL) will be mailed to jcpenney customers. average ticket by 15%. Users will be able to set up their own personalized Increase number of jcpenney website visits by 10%. shopping site that ties to the jcpenney rewards program. Mobile Why it Works: How it Works: PURL programs have proven to be 50% more A smartphone application that allows Transitioners to search for and effective than other customer retention efforts. buy merchandise. Cost: Why it Works: $3,800,000 It simplifies and customizes the Transitioners shopping experience. Home Select your favorite brands a.n.a. adidas adobe star aldo alfred dunner allen b alyx american living arizona bisou bisou bloni nites briggs new york corp byer california Find my jcp Outfit24plansbook34.indd 24 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 27. Website Recommended Changes: Whats Your Style? My jcp Users can select their style A link directs customers to sign up (modern, traditional, etc) to create a for their own URL (PURL) where customized shopping experience. they can customize their shopping experience and receive merchandise updates. Whats New? A feature showcases jcpenneys fast fashion that pulls together the latest choices in one place. Employee Favorites Associates will tweet their likes based on merchandise in Peoples Personal Shopper StyleWatch, thus pushing and Users will be able to receive personalizing the latest looks. assistance with all matters pertaining to jcpenney and fashion. Live chat allows users to create a personal connection with jcpenney. 25plansbook34.indd 25 3/28/11 6:33 PM
  • 28. In todays retail environment, customers expect a highly personalized and integrated cross-channel brand experience. Every touchpoint has been mapped to provide Transitioners a highly customized and enjoyable shopping experience in order to maximize share of wallet for jcpenney. Entering How it Works: An interactive kiosk provides shoppers Bag Expression How it Works: the ability to navigate through the store Reusable shopping bags will be sold to on an electronic map and schedule salon shoppers at a discount. Proceeds will or portrait studio appointments. Discover. be directed to a jcpenney charity of the Why it Works: customers choice. This allows shoppers to quickly find what Why it Works: they want. Reach. It extends the campaign and creates positive buzz. Fashion Presentation In-Store Expression Ce leb $19.99 How it Works: How it Works: rat e Black plastic mannequins and Three dimensional jcpenney posters er cov branded price tags will emphasize will be placed throughout the store. Dis jcpenneys contemporary fashions. Why it Works: Why it Works: This reinforces the campaign benefits They better sell merchandise and and links jcpenney with its exclusive complement the campaign. power brands.26plansbook34.indd 26 3/28/11 6:34 PM
  • 29. Express and Share How it Works: Virtual Fitting A photo booth enables shoppers How it Works: to take pictures of their looks and Digital gesture recognition technology will be used to share them with friends via social display virtual outfits on customers. media or e-mail. Why it Works: Why it Works: This will encourage shoppers to try new styles and This provides instant approval of make additional purchases. ones friends, which is important when making purchasing y n decisions. Personal Touch How it Works: Black Enamel Necklace Liz Claiborne The I Make My jcpenney G.R.E.A.T. program exit $22 allows associates to personalize their work environment and share information. Recommendations Based on Items You Like Why it Works: Celebrate This builds on the current jcpenney Discover G.R.E.A.T. program used to motivate associates. Crystal Accent Watch Ruffle Silk Top Sequenced Black Dress Black Leather Pumps Beige Leather Purse Bulova Worthington Bisou Bisou Aldo Mango $53 $20 $40 $49 $99 27plansbook34.indd 27 3/28/11 6:34 PM
  • 30. February 2012 March April May June July August September October November December January 2013 Total Annual Sales Percentage (%) 7.2 7.9 7.7 8.4 7.7 7.4 8 7 7.5 10.1 14.7 6.4 Seasonal Academy Awards jcpenney 110th Olympics / Back to School Holiday Season Impressions Cost ($) Anniversary Holidays Valentines Day Mothers Day Fathers Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Weeks 6 13 20 27 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 Paid Media Print: Full-Page, 4-color 10 Magazines 361,000,000 13,700,000 Television: 15-second 5 Networks 890,000,000 29,200,000 Summer Olympics