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Jared Leto Music Video Producer

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Jared LetoMusic Video Producer

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Jared LetoJared Leto is formally known as lead singer from the band 30 seconds to mars, however after researching more, he is not only a singer but a; director, actor, producer and musician. Jared was born December 26, 1971 in Bossier City, Louisiana. Jared has stared in Hollywood films such as Prefontaine and directed alongside director David Fincher in Fight Club (1999).

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What I like so much about Jared Leto is that he produces and directs his own videos for 30 Seconds To Mars.

His work includes:• The Kill (2006) Which is a short film• From yesterday (2006)• A beautiful Lie – (2008) • Kings and Queens (2009)• Closer to the edge (2010)• Hurricane (2012)

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What I like so much about Jared’s producing and directing is that it’s all original. Each of his videos tell a different story and have their own individual twist and meaning.

Jared started 30 seconds to mars in 1998 and has continued with the work to date. He has created three albums, with the band following him around different continents whilst he worked on the short film “A Beautiful Lie”.