Japanese Identity as Represented in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

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Japanese Identity as Represented in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Aliza Belcourt and Eve Rabinowitz. Japan: Facts and Figures. 2 nd largest economy 4 th largest importer 5 th largest exporter 1639 – 1854 - Closed Country period, ended with US navy forced entry, led to Meiji Restoration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Japanese Identity as Represented in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

  • Japanese Identity as Represented in Miyazakis Spirited AwayAliza Belcourt and Eve Rabinowitz

  • Japan: Facts and Figures2nd largest economy4th largest importer5th largest exporter1639 1854 - Closed Country period, ended with US navy forced entry, led to Meiji Restoration1868 rulers wanted to use Western style free market1940 invaded French Indo-China, frowned upon by rest of world, resulted in US placed oil embargo

  • Japan: Facts and Figures Cont.1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, declared war on US, UK and Netherlands1945 US atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, later that year Japan agreed to unconditional surrender1947 Pacifist constitution; renounced right to declare war1960-1980 period of economic growth1990s decline in economy, lost decade

  • Western Influence and References in Spirited AwayCharacter appearancesAudi, AdidasWestern ArchitectureFinish what you started, humanLive pigs and dead fishTime cards

  • Western Representations through YubabaTop of hierarchy, called Head HonchoWatches over the bathhouse Office is decorated in Western styleVery greedySpoils her oversized child

  • Loss of IdentityChihiro turns invisibleSign your name awayChihiro becomes SenKoreans in Japan forced to take Japanese namesHaku does not know his real nameJob becomes identityHuman smell from food

  • Loss of Identity: No FaceNo name, masked faceUnable to speak until transformation Manipulated by surroundingsOvertaken by greed of bathhouseTries to make Chihiro greedyUpon leaving bathhouse, returns to former selfWarning for Japan

  • GreedDont worry, youve got Daddy here. Hes got credit cards and cashWillingness to take what is not theirs, thought they could as long as they had moneyGold is Yubabas top priorityStink/river spiritSomething precious to you has been replacedMayhem at prospect of goldChihiro is only not greedy character

  • Baby as Japan Baby as USClosed Country mentalityFear of things that are differentTook outside influences to realize its problems and to changeAfter seeing error of his ways, became a pacifist

    Only communicates through threatsFear of things that are differentWants to make everyone the same as themSpoiledOversized

  • Japan and the EnvironmentEnvironmental issues include:Air pollutionWaste managementPoisonings from industrial waste in 1950s and 1960sChronic arsenic poisonings in 1970sLargest importer of fossil fuelsLeaders in developing environmentally friendly technology5th largest emission emitters in the worldUnder treaty obligations to reduce CO2 emissions and to take other steps to curb climate change

  • Pollution and the EnvironmentThe bathhouse is a place where spirits come to be cleansedThe Kohaku River was destroyed leaving Haku homeless and confined to spirit realmLeads to questions about other spirits in the bathhouse - how they got there, where they came fromPolluted river spirit thought to be stink spirit

  • The Confused National Identity of Japan in Spirited AwayAs a result of being a closed country for 200 years, Japan does not know where it fits in with the rest of the worldFreud: you have to identify who you are not in order to identify who you are