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  • 1. iVOX research facilitators Corporate intro & research solutions Leuven, Belgium, 2011

2. N 1 polling agency 3. Indigov Sister-company of iVOX Spin-off K.U. Leuven Research consultancy Qualitative & Quantitative research experts 4. Targets147%142%147% 178% 5. Core business 6. iVOX Panel125 000 Belgian customersRepresentative samplesNiche panels Sex Automotive Age Banking Language Food Education FMCG Region Media Social Class Politics Household Size B2B 7. iVOX PanelUnique Mix of Recruitment ChannelsIdeal for-Ad hoc research-Pre- & post testing-Media trackers-Concept testings-Awareness-Brand positioning- More than 1000 selection criteria Response rates of 30-45% Intense panel management & incentive handling 8. Proximity Panels International cooperation of local panel providers International research via 1 contact office 9. Socratos Enterprise application service for online marketresearch. Turn key solution. Manage and fulfil the complete research process byweb. Unique in features, scalability and easy of use. 10. Socratos Survey & panel management software one-stop-solution for online research Conduct your research under own management Online and user friendly environment Cloud computing no installation required 11. Socratos advantagesFaster & Better Satisfied IT department Automate time-consuming tasksCloud computing: no need forlocal implementation Integrate with current dashboards viaNo need for previous knowledge or APIconstant IT supportSatisfied Financial DepartmentSatisfied Users User-friendly WYSIWYG* with clear Clear total cost of ownership overviews & help functions Extended user management functions License structure with no hidden coststo provide users with needed rights & & clear ROI restrictions*What You See Is What You Get 12. Dedicated Panel Own customer panel for Research Marketing Communicationwith community environment Fast & accurate insights of brand fans Extended profiling for research & MarCom purposes 13. Dedicated Panel 14. iVOX TOOLSEasy to use Web basedInteractive Fun Web 2.0User generated contentModularFull serviceCustomized Client look&feel 15. iVOX TOOLS Interactive web apps Gain insights of different niche groups Different approaches based upon research needs Involve customers with positive research experience Create viral buzz & website traffic (integration with social media) 16. iCommunity Online Research Community 50-150 customers Discussion on different ideas, concepts, insights, Duration: 3 weeks 3 months Gradual construction towards brand co-creation Interactive environment withmoderator and panel manager 17. iCommunity Neutral or branded Different profiles: users, non-rejectors, non-users, Different purposes General: insights in the market Specific: brand attitude Co-creation 18. iCommunity 19. iFocus Online discussion group 1,5 - 2 h Moderated Gain insights from 10 participants viaintensive discussion 20. iFocus 21. iDEA Crowd sourcing, Wisdom of Crowds Input of ideas/views/opinions Evaluation / rating of the input of others Qualitative list of outcomes ratedopinions/views/MarCom ideas Viral buzz effect 22. iDEA 23. iCOMPARE Profiling / Segmentation of participants Cluster analysis based on previous definedprofiles Output = segmentated database with contactinformation Compare with friends &famous people Viral buzz effect 24. iCOMPARE 25. iREPORTS Interactive reporting environment Live data representation Click through graphs for more details Integration of filters & segments 26. Research Value ChainIn- versus outsourcing: partnership 27. Involvement 28. References Market research companies Creative agencies Media (buyers) Marketing Consultancy Government Universities Telecom Finance FMCG 29. [email protected]: [email protected] T: +32 16 22 62 14 W: www.ivox.beW: www.ivoxtools.com