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  • Moores memorial cleanup draws a crowd of volunteers By Joanne Stanway [email protected] Chelmsford Independent 6/17/10 Saturday was a wonderful day because I got to spend a few hours with about 75 terrific people who came together to help restore the Cynthia Moores Nature Park behind West- lands school. Im sure everyone walked away with similar hand blisters,dirty,wet feet and aching backs, feeling really great about what we accomplished so far. Several high school kids showed up for community service hours. The pile of leaves they and others raked from the woods was about the size of a city bus - same for the seperate pile of branches and sticks. Ken Dews of RainStay gets the gold star for the day because he hauled away all those leaves to the Jones farm mulch pile(using Phil Jones truck) and used his wood chipper on all the branches,staying way past everyone else to get the job done. The day started with School Committee member Kathy Duffett dropping off coffee and donuts and Selectman Eric Dahlberg raking the first pile of leaves. Steward Bob Giunta brought generators so volunteers could hook up belt sanders to remove graffiti on the gazebo. Planning Board clerk Colleen Stansfield baked ribs and a big salad before helping clear out the woods. After seeing the event on Facebook,Donna Parlee of Parlee Farm dropped off two heaping trays of fresh strawberries for the volunteers to enjoy.Others brought sand- wiches,cookies,paper goods and cold drinks to go along with the hot dogs I grilled at the end of the day. Art Moores,Cyndis dad,said more than $600 has been raised so far toward the restora- tion, and Cyndis mom, Barbara said the park looks like it did more than 20 years ago. Monday morning, School Superintendent Don Yeoman checked out the park, saying, Im so pleased with the progress.The underbrush is cleared,trees trimmed,raking done and graffiti removed. The park is coming back to what the vision was in the beginning. beginning. Another clean-up will be planned to stain the gazebo,replace the roof shingles,fix all the benches and plant flowers.More on this later. Copyright 2010 Chelmsford Independent. Some rights reserved ITRUPDATE: WehaveconrmationonaEagleScoutPojectJuly18and19torepairbenchesandreplace stonedustonthewalkways.Theplanistoreturnthebenchestotheoriginallocationsandx theonesthatcanbexed.Afewhavebeenbrokenandthosewillbeswappedwiththegood onesintheback.Themissingoneswillbereplacedwithgranitebenchesthancannotbedam- aged.Thesecondphasewillbeaddinganewlayerofstonedusttothetrail.
  • On June 12th 2010, The Westlands came out in force to tackle the clean up of the Cynthia Ann Moores Nature Park. Led by Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship's chief steward Phil Stanway and lead site steward Ken Dews. CLICK HERE Site Steward for Event Ken Dews VIDEO Art Moores ERIC DAHLBERG Robert Moores Barbara Dorothy Moores Skelley
  • Ben Lerer Colleen Cynthia Ann Stansfield Moores award winner Kathy Westlands Duffett School 2006 Chelmsford Open Space Chief Steward Phil Stanway Site Steward Roy Earley PHOTOSBY: Joanne Stanway, Laurie Myers, Bob Giunta and Roy Earley
  • Town of Chelmsford Celebration Committee 2010 Fourth of July Program SUNDAY July 4thd 6 PM Air Balloons Rear of Center Fire Station 6-8 PM Kiddies Train Rides Rear of Center Fire Station 6-10 PM Art Festival Chelmsford Center for the Arts 5-11 PM Country Fair Center Common 5:30 PM Dance Unlimited Center Common 6:30 PM Suburbanette Twirlers Center Common 7-9 PM Chelmsford Community Band Center Common 9-11 PM Band TBD Center Common MONDAY July 5th 7-10 AM Coffee Shop Universalist Church 8-3 PM Country Fair Center Common 8:30 AM Flag Raising Center Common Flag Pole 9:30 -1PM Art Festival Chelmsford Center for the Arts 9:30 AM Annual John Carson 2 Mile Road Race 10 AM 43rd Annual Fourth of July Parade 12 PM Chelmsford Business Association Drawing Center Common No Fire Work Display
  • Former selectmen: North Road building not OK Kevin Zimmerman/Staff Reporter Mon, Jun 14, 2010 The three surviving members from the 1978 Board of Selectmen have decided the time to remain silent on Epsilon Group LLC's proposed 9 North Road office building has passed. John Carson, Paul Hart and Joe Shanahan met with current Board of Selectmen Chairman George Dixon Friday to discuss their recollections of the property's preservation restriction, which they signed with former land owner Rodger Currie, and what it means for the proposed building. "It was intended by us, Dr. Currie and the town that nothing would be there except what appears there now," said Shanahan. "We never thought anything could or would be built on that property. It's what we told the town to sell this deal. And it's been in place for 32 years now." Because the Board of Selectmen signed the preservation restriction, Shanahan believes the current board has the authority to enforce the restriction and to stop construction of the office building. The other two surviving selectmen - Arnold Lovering died in 2008 and William Murphy died a few weeks ago - agreed with Shanahan and submitted letters to Dixon to back up their claim. "We all felt at the time that preserving open space in the town - particularly near the center - was vital to retaining its character," Carson wrote. "The new owner, for reasons that are unclear to me, is attempting to violate it [restriction]. For the good of the residents of Chelmsford - both current and future generations - you must step in and enforce what I and four other selectmen agreed to in 1978." In 1978, the town sold the Emerson House property to Rodger Currie as part of his plan to redevelop what was then the Central Savings Bank. Town Meeting voted to approve the sale. But part of the purchase agreement included the preservation restriction. Shanahan said the restriction was to assure Currie's plans would adhere to the proposal presented to town boards and to Town Meeting to convince the town to rezone and sell the parcel. Currie's plans included development of what he named Central Park in addition to restoration of the Emerson House. He also proposed building a "barn-like structure and silo," which would replace the ones the town tore down, to serve as the bank's drive-up teller. "The main objective was to limit building on the property," wrote Hart. "Small buildings, such as a maintenance shed, would be allowed. No other buildings could be constructed on the property." That was what Lovering told the Planning Board at its Oct. 25, 1978 meeting, said Shanahan. "The [preservation restriction] agreement will be based on what Dr. Currie presented at Town Meeting," Lovering is quoted as saying in the meeting minutes. "There can be slight changes, but no major ones." Although the 9 North Road issue is not new, Shanahan said he waited for the current and most recent Boards of Se- lectmen to enforce the restriction. But that didn't happen. During the public hearings on the proposal, the Planning Board requested the previous selectmen to weigh in on the restriction. The selectmen did not respond. Then Attorney Peter Lawlor, who represents an abutter appealing the Planning Board's approval of Epsilon's project, sent a letter to the selectmen asking the board to hold a public hearing on the matter. He did not receive a response, said Shanahan. That's when Shanahan contacted Hart, Carson and Murphy. "Paul Hart, John Carson and I have not been in the same room together for the last 30 years," said Shanahan. "As a result of this, the three of us got together to talk about this. We said, 'Hey, we are going to take a position on this' and ask the current board to look into this." Shanahan said he does not plan to attend the next Board of Selectmen meet- ing and discuss this in open session. He would rather the selectmen schedule a public hearing on the matter to allow Epsilon Group the opportunity to argue its side. On Monday, Dixon said he does not have a problem with putting a hearing on an upcoming agenda if it will resolve the question of the preservation restric- tion. "I want all the facts to come out," said Dixon.
  • Chelmsford waits on ruling on 9 North Road injunction By Chloe Gotsis/ Staff Writer GateH