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SUDHAKAR & KUMAR ASSOCIATES Chartered Accountants CLIENT DATA SHEET - [ ITR-1 ] GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Name of the Assessee ANUCHAI KLINPRATHUM 2. Father's Name BOONLERD KLINPRATHU 3. Date of Birth 30-Mar-72 Senior Citizen 4. Sex MALE 4. Address Flat/Door No./Block No. 301-302, 1 Name of premises/Building/Village SAGAR TOWER Road / Street / Post Office DISTRICT CENTRE Area/ Locality JANAK PURI Town / City /Municipality NEW DELHI Code (Please affix { ' } befoe the Number) 110058 e-mail ID 5. PAN AXPPK6683B 6. Assessment Year 2008-09 7. Financial Year 2007-08 6. Due date of filing 31-Jul-08 7. Month of filing 25-Nov-08 8. Financial Year Ending 31-Mar-08 9. Name of the Employer MUM107471C TAN ITD-ITD CEM JOINT VENTURE 10. Type of Employer Govt 10a.Type of Return Original RevisedR 10b.Residential Status Resident Non Resident Resident but not ordinarily resident HEDAS OF INCOME Sear

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Chartered AccountantsCLIENT DATA SHEET - [ ITR-1 ]GENERAL INFORMATION1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 1 Name of the Assessee Father's Name Date of Birth Sex Address ANUCHAI KLINPRATHUM BOONLERD KLINPRATHU 30-Mar-72 MALE Flat/Door No./Block No. 301-302, Name of premises/Building/Village SAGAR TOWER Road / Street / Post Office DISTRICT CENTRE Area/ Locality JANAK PURI Town / City /Municipality NEW DELHI Pin Code (Please affix { ' } befoe the Number) e-mail ID 5. 6. 7. 6. 7. 8. 9. PAN Assessment Year Financial Year Due date of filing Month of filing Financial Year Ending Name of the Employer AXPPK6683B 2008-09 2007-08 31-Jul-08 25-Nov-08 31-Mar-08 MUM107471C TAN AAAJI0262Q PAN 110058Search for PIN Code

Senior Citizen



10. Type of Employer 10a. Type of Return$








10b. Residential Status



Non Resident

Resident but not ordinarily resident

HEDAS OF INCOMEINCOME FROM SALARY11. Gross Salary Received Deduction u/s 10 a) HRA u/s 10(13A) b) Conveyance Allowance U/10(14) 108,670

c) Any Other Allowance u/s 10 Deduction u/s 16 a) Profession Tax Income Chargeable under the head salaries



14. INCOME FROM OTHER SOURCES a) Interest Income a. Interest Income b. c. d. e. f. g. b) Other Income a. b. c. d. e. f. g.



Income Chargeable under the head Other Sources


COMPUTATION OF TOTAL INCOME15. GROSS TOTAL INCOME Income Chargeable under the head salaries Income Chargeable Under the head Other Sources 108,670 Gross Total Icnome 16. Deductions under Chapter VIA Gross Amount a) Deduction U/s 80C Life Insurance Premium Contribution to PF Purchase of NSC Investment in MF Investment in Pension Plan Children Tuition Fee Registration Fee of Res. House Other Savings b) Deduction U/s 80D c) Other Deductions (Please Specify) Qualifing Amount 108,670

80UTotal of Deduction under chapter VIA

12 -

TAXABLE INCOME16. Taxable Income 17. Agricultural Income 18. Agrigate of (Item No. 16 and 17) 108,670 108,670


19. Tax on Aggrigate Income (Item No.18) 20. Rebate in respect of Agricultural Income 21. Tax Payable on total Income 22. Surcharge 23. Education Cess 24. Total Tax Payable (Item No.21+22+23) 25. Relief U/s 89 26. Relief U/s 90/91 27. Balance Tax Payable 28. Interest Payable U/s 234 a) U/s 234 A b) U/s 234 B c) U/s 234 C -


29. Total Tax Payable 30. Taxes Paid a) Advance Tax PaidSl.N o.


Name of Bank & Branch

BSR Code 15-Sep-2007 15-Dec-2007 15-Mar-2008

Date of Deposit

Serial No. of Challan

Amount -

1 2 3

TOTAL : b) Tax Deducted At Source (As per Form No. 16 issued by the employer)Sl.N o.


TAN of the Employer

Name and address of the Employer ITD-ITD CEM JOINT VENTURE

Income Chargeable under the head 108,670

Deduction under Chapter VI-A ###

Tax Payable (including surchage) 80

Tax Payable/ Total tax deposited refundable 80 TOTAL : 80 -


b) Tax Deducted At Source (As per Form No. 16A issued by the deductor)Sl.N o.

TAN of the Deductor

Name and address of the deductor

Amount Paid/ Credit ### -

Date of Payment/ Credit

Amount claimed for this Total tax deposited year -

CLICK HERE TO FINDOUT CORRECT TAN c) Self Assessment Tax PaidSl.N o.

TOTAL : Serial No. of Challan

Name of Bank & Branch

BSR Code

Date of Deposit

Amount -


Total Taxes paid 80

31. Tax Pyable 32 Refund Receivable BANK DETAILS a) Name of the Bank b) Name of the Branch c) Account Number Do you want your refund by d) MICR Code - MICR Cheque - Select the Bank - Select the Branch -

### ###



-Select Bank Name and Branch-

deposited directly into your bank account?


NAME OF THE ASSESSEE FATHER'S NAME DATE OF BIRTH ADDRESS (Not Applicable ) (Being a Women Assessee) PAN STATUS Due date of filing Month of filing (Being a senior citizen) Since the assessee does not I. INCOME FROM SALARY: Gross Salary Received Less: Exemptions U/S 10: (i) HRA (ii) Conveyance (iii) Any Other Allowance Balance Less: Deductions U/S 16: (i) Professional Tax

: : : :

: : : :

#VALUE! #VALUE! 3/30/1972 Sex : MALE #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! Asst. Year 2007-2008 AXPPK6683B 1 INDIVIDUAL Prev. Year 2006-2007 31-Jul-08 Ward/Circle 25-Nov-08 P.Y.ended on 31-Mar-08 AMOUNT RS. 108,670 -




108,670 108,670

II. INCOME FROM OTHER SOURCE : 1. Interest Income a. Interest Income b. c. d. e. f. g. 2. Other Income a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Gross Total Income Gross Total Income Less: Deduction under chapter VIA : Gross Amount U/s 80 C : Life Insurance Premium Contribution to PF Purchase of NSC Investment in MF Investment in Pension Plan Children Tuition Fee Registration Fee of Res. House Other Savings U/s 80 D Others Taxable Income Rounded to Agriculture Income Tax on Income returned Add: Surcharge Add: Education Cess Total Tax Payable Less: Tax Deducted At Source Refund Receivable Less: Advance Tax 15/09/ 15/12/ 15/03/







12,960 -

108,670 108,670 80 80 80





1 1



Government of India

INCOME-TAX DEPARTMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Received with thanks from #VALUE! a return of income and/or return of fringe benefits in Form No. ITR - 1 for assessment year 2008-09, having the following particularsPERSONAL INFORMATION

Name #VALUE! Flat/Door/Block No #VALUE! Road/Street/Post Office DISTRICT CENTRE Town/City/District #VALUE! 1 Gross Total Income 2 Deductions Under Chapter VI-A 3 Total Income 4 Net tax payable 5 Interest payable 6 Total tax and interest payable 7 Taxes paid a b c d e Advance Tax TDS TCS Self Assessment Tax Total Taxes Paid (7a+7b+7c+7d) 7a 7b 7c 7d 80 -

PAN AXPPK6683B Name of Premises/Building/Village SAGAR TOWER Area/Locality JANAKPURI State 110058 1 2 3 4 5 6 108,670 108,670 -


7e 8 9 10 11 12 13 14a 14b 14c 15 16 Seal and Signature of receiving official

80 80 -

8 Tax Payable (6-7d) 9 Refund (7e-6) 10 Value of Fringe Benefits 11 Total fringe benefit tax liability 12 Total interest payable 13 Total tax and interest payable 14 Taxes paid a b c Advance Tax Self Assessment Tax Total Taxes Paid (14a+14b)



15 Tax Payable (13-14c) 16 Refund (14c-13)

Receipt No Date





INDIAN INCOME TAX RETURNITR-1First name [For Individual having Income from Salary/Pension/family pension & Interest] (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, 1962) (Also see attached instructions) Middle name Last name

Assessment Year

2 0 0 8PAN


0 9


AXPPK6683BName Of Premises/Building/Village #VALUE! Area/Locality JANAKPURI StateDELHI

Flat /Door/Block No. #VALUE! Road/Street/Post Office #VALUE! Town/City/District #VALUE! Email Address [email protected] Designation of Assessing Officer (Ward/Circle)

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

3/30/1972Employer Category (Tick) Others

Govt. Pin code 110058 ) Sex (Tick) Male 1



(STD Code) - Phone Number ( Return Filed Under Section[Please see instruction number-9(i)]

09310804040 2 ###


Whether original or Revised return? (Tick)



If revised, enter Receipt No and Date of filing original return (DD/MM/YYYY) Residential Status (Tick) FALSE Resident but not ordinarily Resident

### Resident ### Non-Resident 1 Income chargeable under the Head 'Salaries' 2 Income chargeable under the Head 'Other Sources' (Interest) a Family pension 2a b Interest 2b c Total (2a+2b) 3 Gross Total Income (1+2) 4 Deductions under chapter VIA (Section a 80C e 80DD I 80GG b 80CCC f 80DDB j 80GGA c 80CCD g 80E k 80GGC d 80D h 80G l 80U m Deductions (Total of a to i) 5 Total Income (3-4m) 6 Net Agricultural Income (Enter only if greater than Rs.5,000) 7 Aggregate Income' (5+6) 8 a Tax Payable on 'Aggregate Income' b Rebate in respect of Net Agricultural income 9 a Tax Payable on total Income (8a - 8b) 9a b Surcharge on 9a 9b c Education Cess on (9a + 9B) 9c d Total Tax, Surcharge and Education cess payable (9a + 9b + 9c) 10 Relief under Section 89 10 11 Relief under Section 90/91 11 12 Balance Tax Payable (9d-10-11) Do not write or stamp in this ares (Space for bar code) 13 a Interest Payable U/s 234A b Interest Payable U/s 234B c Interest Payable U/s 234C d Total Interest Payable (13a+13b+13c) 14 Total Tax and Interest PayableINCOME & DEDUCTIONS TAX COMPUTATION

1 ###


2c 3



5 6 7 8a 8b

108,670 108,670 -



1213a 13b 13c 13d


14 Seal and signature of receiving official

(12+13d) For office Use only Receipt No. Date


15 Taxes Paid a Advance Tax (from item 23) 15a b TDS (column 7 of item21+column 7 of item 22) 15b c Self Assessment Tax (from item 23) 15c d Total Taxes paid (15a+15b+15c) 16 Tax payable(14-15d)(enter if 14 is greater than 15d, else leave blank) 17 Refund (15d-14) (enter if 15d is greater than 14, also give Bank account details below) 18 Enter your bank account number (mandatory in case of refund) 19 Do you want your refund by MICR Code - MICR Cheque, or 20 In case of direct deposit to your bank account give additional details


80 -

15d 16 17

80 80 ) Current

deposited directly into your bank account? (tick as applicable Type of Account (tick as applicable) ### Savings



Details of Tax Deducted at Source from Salary [As per Form 16 issued by Employer(s)]Sl No


Tax Deduction Account Number(TAN) of the Employer (2) #VALUE!

Namee and address of the Employer (3) #VALUE!


Income Deduction chargeable Tax payable (incl. surch. under under the head And edn. Cess) Chapter VI-A salaries (4) (5) (6) 108,670 80 80

Total tax deposited (7) -

Tax payable/ refundable (8)

22 Details of Tax Deducted at Source on Interest [As per Form 16 A issued by Deductor(s)] Tax Deduction Account Namee and address of the Sl No Number(TAN) of the Amount paid/ credited Deductor Deductor (1) (2) (3) (4) Amount out of Total tax deposited (6) claim for this year (6) (7) -

Date of Payment /Credit (5)



Enter the total of column (7) of 22 in Sl.No.15b of TAXES PAID Name of Bank & Branch BSR Code

Details of Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax PaymentsSl No

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) #VALUE! NOTE Enter the total of Advance tax and Self Assessmen tax in Sl.No.15a and 15c of TAXES PAIDOther Information (Transactions reported through Annual Information Return) (Please see instruction number-9(ii) for code)

Date of Deposit (DD/MM/YYYY) 15-Sep-07 15-Dec-07 15-Mar-08

Serial Number of Challan

Amount (Rs.) -

24 Sl. a b c 25 26

Code 001 002 003

Amount (Rs.)


Code 004 005 006

Amount (Rs.)


Code 007 008 009

Amount (Rs.)

Tax-exempt interest income (for reporting purposes only) E-filing Acknowledgement Number VERIFICATION


I, #VALUE! Son of solemnly #VALUE! declare that to the best of my knwledge and belief, the information given in the return thereto is correct and complete and that the amount of total income and other particulars shown therein are truly stated and in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, in respect of income chargeable to Income-tax for the previous year relevant to the Assessment Year 2007-08 Place#VALUE!



Sign here

27 If the return has been prepared by a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) give further details as below : Identification No. of TRP Name of TRP Counter Signature of TRP If TRP is entitled for any reimbursement from the Government, amount thereof (to be filled by TRP) ### 28

Single copy ( to be sent to the ZAO)


Assessment Year 2008-2009

Parmenent Account Number AXPPK6683B Full Name #VALUE! Complete Address with City & State #VALUE! #VALUE! Type of Payment (Tick One) Advance Tax (100) Self Assessment Tax (300) Tax on Regular Assessment (400) DETAILS OF PAYMENTS Income Tax Surcharge Education Cess Interest Penalty Others Total Total (in words) Crores Lacs Thousands ZeroPaid in Cash/Debit to A/c/Cheque


Surtax (102) Tax on Distributed Profits of Domestic Companies(106) Tax on Distributed Income to Unit Holders (107) FOR USE IN RECEIVING BANK Debit to A/c / Cheque credited on DD MM SPACE FOR BANK SEAL YY

Hundreds Zero

Tens Zero Dated

Units Zero

Drawn on

Name of the Bank and Branch) 26-Nov-2008 Signature of person making payment(To be filled up by tax payer)




Taxpayers' Counterfoil PAN Received from AXPPK6683B #VALUE!


(Name) Cash/Debit to A/c/Chq. No.

For Rs. Only(Name of the Bank and Branch)


Rs.(in words) Drawn on on account of Type of Payment Assesment Year





Name of the Bank 1 - Select the Bank 2 State Bank of India 3 State Bank of India 4 State Bank of India 5 State Bank of India 6 State Bank of India 7 State Bank of India 8 State Bank of India 9 State Bank of India 10 State Bank of India 11 State Bank of India 12 State Bank of India 13 State Bank of India 14 State Bank of India 15 State Bank of India 16 State Bank of India 17 State Bank of India 18 State Bank of India 19 State Bank of India 20 State Bank of India 21 State Bank of India 22 State Bank of India 23 State Bank of India 24 State Bank of India 25 State Bank of India 26 State Bank of India 27 State Bank of India 28 State Bank of India 29 State Bank of India 30 State Bank of India 31 State Bank of India 32 State Bank of India 33 State Bank of India 34 State Bank of India 35 State Bank of India 36 State bank of Bikaneer & Jaipur 37 State bank of Hyderabad 38 State bank of Hyderabad 39 State bank of Hyderabad 40 State bank of Hyderabad 41 State bank of Hyderabad 42 State bank of Hyderabad 43 State bank of Hyderabad 44 State bank of Hyderabad 45 State bank of Hyderabad 46 State bank of Hyderabad 47 State bank of Hyderabad 48 State bank of Hyderabad 49 State bank of Hyderabad 50 State bank of Hyderabad 51 State bank of Hyderabad

Name of the Branch - Select the Branch Service Branch, Vizag Main Branch Main Branch A.U. Campus A.U. Engg. College BHPV Br Dondaparthi Dwarakanagar Gajuwaka Gopalapatnam Hindustan Shipyard Industrial Estate Kailasapuram Kirlampudi Layout Maharani Peta Malkapuram Naval Base Naval Dockyard Overseas Br. Seethammadhara Siripuram Branch Sriharipuram SSI Branch Simhachalam Steel project Ukkunagaram Sector-2 Ukkunagaram Sector-6 Venkateswara mitta Visakhapatnam Port PBB Branch-M.V.P. PBB Branch Waltair Pedagantyada VEPZ Branch Duvvada Pendurthi Br. VSP Branch Service Branch Suryabagh Branch Dwarakanagar Branch Gajuwaka Branch Siripuram Branch (FIB) Kancharapalem Municipal Complex Murali Nagar MVP Colony Sagar Nagar Saligrampuram SIB Seethammapeta Steel Project Branch SBH Lawsons Bay P&SB Br.Visakhapatnam

MICR - MICR 530002001 530002002 530002003 530002004 530002005 530002006 530002007 530002008 530002009 530002010 530002011 530002012 530002013 530002014 530002015 530002016 530002017 530002018 530002019 530002020 530002021 530002022 530002023 530002024 530002025 530002026 530002027 530002028 530002029 530002030 530002031 530002032 530002033 530002034 530003001 530004001 530004002 530004003 530004004 530004005 530004006 530004007 530004008 530004009 530004010 530004011 530004012 530004013 530004014 530004015

52 State bank of Hyderabad 53 State Bank of Indore 54 State bank of Mysore 55 State bank of Patiala 56 State bank of Saurastra 57 State bank of Travancore 58 Allahabad Bank 59 Allahabad Bank 60 Andhra bank 61 Andhra bank 62 Andhra bank 63 Andhra bank 64 Andhra bank 65 Andhra bank 66 Andhra bank 67 Andhra bank 68 Andhra bank 69 Andhra bank 70 Andhra bank 71 Andhra bank 72 Andhra bank 73 Andhra bank 74 Andhra bank 75 Andhra bank 76 Andhra bank 77 Andhra bank 78 Andhra bank 79 Andhra bank 80 Andhra bank 81 Andhra bank 82 Andhra bank 83 Andhra bank 84 Andhra bank 85 Andhra bank 86 Andhra bank 87 Andhra bank 88 Andhra bank 89 Andhra bank 90 Bank of Baroda 91 Bank of Baroda 92 Bank of Baroda 93 Bank of Baroda 94 Bank of Baroda 95 Bank of Baroda 96 Bank of India 97 Bank of India 98 Bank of India 99 Bank of India 100 Bank of India 101 Bank of India 102 Bank of Maharastra 103 Canara Bank

Sriharipuram Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam AVN College Service Centre Akkayyapalem A.U. Campus Dabagardens Dwarakanagar Gajuwaka KGH Branch MVP Colony Maharanipeta Pithapuram Colony Port Branch RK Mission Simhachalam Malkapuram Seethammadhara Special SSI Branch Steel Plant Branch Special Agricultural Br. Main Branch VSP Waltair Br. L.B. College VEPZ SVLNSVP St. Ann's School Br. Dock Labor Board Br. A.R.P. Extn. Counter A.V. Engg. College G.C.C. Extn. Counter INS Virabahu Extn. M.P.D.O.Pendurthi Dabagardens Ailmetta Junction Steel Project Br. Spec. ISED Agrl. Fin. Br. MVP Colony VMC Mahila College Seethammadhara Main Branch Gajuwaka Harbour Road Br. Over Seas Br. SSI Br. Surya bagh Br. Visakhapatnam Dabagardens

530004016 530005002 530006001 530007001 530008002 530009001 530010001 530010002 530011001 530011002 530011003 530011004 530011005 530011006 530011007 530011008 530011009 530011010 530011011 530011012 530011013 530011014 530011015 530011016 530011017 530011018 530011019 530011020 530011021 530011022 530011023 530011024 530011025 530011026 530011027 530011028 530011029 530011030 530012001 530012002 530012003 530012004 530012005 530012006 530013001 530013002 530013003 530013004 530013005 530013006 530014001 530015001

104 Canara Bank 105 Canara Bank 106 Canara Bank 107 Canara Bank 108 Canara Bank 109 Canara Bank 110 Canara Bank 111 Canara Bank 112 Central Bank of India 113 Central Bank of India 114 Central Bank of India 115 Corporation bank 116 Corporation bank 117 Dena Bank 118 Indian Bank 119 Indian Bank 120 Indian Bank 121 Indian Overseas Bank 122 Indian Overseas Bank 123 Oriental bank of Commerce 124 Punjab & Sind Bank 125 Punjab National bank 126 Punjab National bank 127 Syndicate Br. 128 Syndicate Br. 129 Union Bank of India 130 Union Bank of India 131 Union Bank of India 132 Union Bank of India 133 Union Bank of India 134 Union Bank of India 135 United Bank of India 136 UCO bank 137 UCO bank 138 UCO bank 139 UCO bank 140 Vijaya bank 141 Vijaya bank 142 HSBC 143 Bharat Overseas Br. 144 Federal Bank Ltd., 145 Karnataka Bank Ltd., 146 Karnataka Bank Ltd., 147 Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., 148 Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., 149 Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., 150 City Union Bank Ltd., 151 Lakshmi Vilas Bank 152 Lakshmi Vilas Bank 153 Lakshmi Vilas Bank 154 South Indian Bank Ltd., 155 Tamilnadu mercantile Br.

Chettivanipalem Dwarakanagar Kancharapalem Overseas Br/ Ushodaya Center MVP Steel Plant Br. Gajuwaka Br. Service Br. Main Br. Gandhigram Br. Suryabagh Visakhapatnam Br. Dwarakanagar Br. Dabagardens Dabagardens Maharanipeta Seethampeta VSP br. Jagadamba Centre VSP Branch VSP Branch Visakhapatnam Br. PNB Nedungadi bank Br. Dabagardens Chinna Waltair Kotha Road Br. Dwarakanagar Gopalapatnam Br. MVP Colony Br. SSI Finance br. Gitam VSp Br. Main Branch Hindustan Shipyard Br. Hindustan Zinc Smelter Visakhapatnam Town Ship VSP Br. Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Maharanipeta Br. CBM Compound Dabagardens Pedawaltair Visakhapatnam CBM Compound Br. Gajuwaka Br. Gopalapatnam Br. Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam

530015002 530015003 530015004 530015005 530015006 530015007 530015008 530015009 530016001 530016002 530016003 530017001 530017002 530018001 530019001 530019002 530019003 530020001 530020002 530022001 530023001 530024001 530024003 530025001 530025002 530026001 530026002 530026003 530026004 530026006 530026007 530027001 530028001 530028002 530028003 530028004 530029000 530029001 530039001 530044001 530049001 530052001 530052002 530053000 530053001 530053002 530054001 530056001 530056002 530056003 530059001 530060001

156 ING Vysya bank 157 ING Vysya bank 158 ING Vysya bank 159 ING Vysya bank 160 ING Vysya bank 161 ING Vysya bank 162 ING Vysya bank 163 ING Vysya bank 164 ING Vysya bank 165 ING Vysya bank 166 ING Vysya bank 167 AP Mahesh Coop Urban Br. 168 The maharaja Coop Bank Ltd., 169 UTI Bank Ltd., 170 UTI Bank Ltd., 171 ICICI Bank 172 ICICI Bank 173 Global Trust Bank 174 Global Trust Bank 175 Centurion Bank 176 Indusind Bank 177 Indusind Bank 178 Indusind Bank 179 HDFC bank 180 The Kanakamahalakshmi Coop Bank Ltd 181 IDBI 182 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 183 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 184 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 185 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 186 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 187 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 188 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 189 The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank 190 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 191 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 192 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 193 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 194 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 195 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 196 Sri Visakha Grameen bank 197 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 198 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 199 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 200 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 201 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 202 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 203 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 204 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 205 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 206 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 207 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd.

Regional Collection Centre Br. Suryabagh br. Gajuwaka Br. Lalithanagar Ramnagar Br. Shanthipuram Venkojipalem Dwarakanagar Seethammadhara Br. General Post office Head Post Office Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Dabagardens Visakhapatnam Br. VSP Br. MVP Colony VSp Br. Gajuwaka Br. VSP CDR Hospital Extn. Counter Gajuwaka Br. VJF Extn. Counter VSP Br. Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Main Br. Kotha Rd. Akkayyapalem Gajuwaka Br. Nakkavanipalem Gopalapatnam Pendurthi Seethammadhra Marripalem Dabagardens Allipuram Baji Junction Seethammadhara Sriharipuram Chinagantyada Kancharapelm Srvice Centre Visakhapatnam br. Dwarakanagar Gajuwaka Gandhiplace br. Kancharapalem Maharanipeta Marripalem MVP Colony Branch Railway New Colony

530064001 530064002 530064004 530064005 530064006 530064007 530064008 530064009 530064010 530111001 530111002 530142002 530142251 530211000 530211002 530229001 530229002 530230001 530230002 530233002 530234001 530234002 530234003 530240001 530259002 530259002 530469002 530469003 530469004 530469005 530469006 530469007 530469008 530469009 530515001 530515002 530515003 530515004 530515005 530515006 530515007 530519001 530519002 530519003 530519004 530519005 530519006 530519007 530519008 530519009 530519010 530519011

208 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 209 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 210 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. 211 Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd.

Seethammadhara Sriharipuram Visakha Coop Dairy branch Visalakshinagar branch

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-Select Bank Name and BranchState Bank of India , Service Branch, Vizag State Bank of India , Main Branch State Bank of India , Main Branch State Bank of India , A.U. Campus State Bank of India , A.U. Engg. College State Bank of India , BHPV Br State Bank of India , Dondaparthi State Bank of India , Dwarakanagar State Bank of India , Gajuwaka State Bank of India , Gopalapatnam State Bank of India , Hindustan Shipyard State Bank of India , Industrial Estate State Bank of India , Kailasapuram State Bank of India , Kirlampudi Layout State Bank of India , Maharani Peta State Bank of India , Malkapuram State Bank of India , Naval Base State Bank of India , Naval Dockyard State Bank of India , Overseas Br. State Bank of India , Seethammadhara State Bank of India , Siripuram Branch State Bank of India , Sriharipuram State Bank of India , SSI Branch State Bank of India , Simhachalam State Bank of India , Steel project State Bank of India , Ukkunagaram Sector-2 State Bank of India , Ukkunagaram Sector-6 State Bank of India , Venkateswara mitta State Bank of India , Visakhapatnam Port State Bank of India , PBB Branch-M.V.P. State Bank of India , PBB Branch Waltair State Bank of India , Pedagantyada State Bank of India , VEPZ Branch Duvvada State Bank of India , Pendurthi Br. State bank of Bikaneer & Jaipur , VSP Branch State bank of Hyderabad , Service Branch State bank of Hyderabad , Suryabagh Branch State bank of Hyderabad , Dwarakanagar Branch State bank of Hyderabad , Gajuwaka Branch State bank of Hyderabad , Siripuram Branch (FIB) State bank of Hyderabad , Kancharapalem State bank of Hyderabad , Municipal Complex State bank of Hyderabad , Murali Nagar State bank of Hyderabad , MVP Colony State bank of Hyderabad , Sagar Nagar State bank of Hyderabad , Saligrampuram State bank of Hyderabad , SIB Seethammapeta State bank of Hyderabad , Steel Project Branch State bank of Hyderabad , SBH Lawsons Bay State bank of Hyderabad , P&SB Br.Visakhapatnam

State bank of Hyderabad , Sriharipuram State Bank of Indore , Visakhapatnam State bank of Mysore , Visakhapatnam State bank of Patiala , Visakhapatnam State bank of Saurastra , Visakhapatnam State bank of Travancore , Visakhapatnam Allahabad Bank , Visakhapatnam Allahabad Bank , AVN College Andhra bank , Service Centre Andhra bank , Akkayyapalem Andhra bank , A.U. Campus Andhra bank , Dabagardens Andhra bank , Dwarakanagar Andhra bank , Gajuwaka Andhra bank , KGH Branch Andhra bank , MVP Colony Andhra bank , Maharanipeta Andhra bank , Pithapuram Colony Andhra bank , Port Branch Andhra bank , RK Mission Andhra bank , Simhachalam Andhra bank , Malkapuram Andhra bank , Seethammadhara Andhra bank , Special SSI Branch Andhra bank , Steel Plant Branch Andhra bank , Special Agricultural Br. Andhra bank , Main Branch VSP Andhra bank , Waltair Br. Andhra bank , L.B. College Andhra bank , VEPZ Andhra bank , SVLNSVP Andhra bank , St. Ann's School Br. Andhra bank , Dock Labor Board Br. Andhra bank , A.R.P. Extn. Counter Andhra bank , A.V. Engg. College Andhra bank , G.C.C. Extn. Counter Andhra bank , INS Virabahu Extn. Andhra bank , M.P.D.O.Pendurthi Bank of Baroda , Dabagardens Bank of Baroda , Ailmetta Junction Bank of Baroda , Steel Project Br. Bank of Baroda , Spec. ISED Agrl. Fin. Br. Bank of Baroda , MVP Colony VMC Mahila College Bank of Baroda , Seethammadhara Bank of India , Main Branch Bank of India , Gajuwaka Bank of India , Harbour Road Br. Bank of India , Over Seas Br. Bank of India , SSI Br. Bank of India , Surya bagh Br. Bank of Maharastra , Visakhapatnam Canara Bank , Dabagardens

Canara Bank , Chettivanipalem Canara Bank , Dwarakanagar Canara Bank , Kancharapalem Canara Bank , Overseas Br/ Canara Bank , Ushodaya Center MVP Canara Bank , Steel Plant Br. Canara Bank , Gajuwaka Br. Canara Bank , Service Br. Central Bank of India , Main Br. Central Bank of India , Gandhigram Br. Central Bank of India , Suryabagh Corporation bank , Visakhapatnam Br. Corporation bank , Dwarakanagar Br. Dena Bank , Dabagardens Indian Bank , Dabagardens Indian Bank , Maharanipeta Indian Bank , Seethampeta Indian Overseas Bank , VSP br. Indian Overseas Bank , Jagadamba Centre Oriental bank of Commerce , VSP Branch Punjab & Sind Bank , VSP Branch Punjab National bank , Visakhapatnam Br. Punjab National bank , PNB Nedungadi bank Br. Syndicate Br. , Dabagardens Syndicate Br. , Chinna Waltair Union Bank of India , Kotha Road Br. Union Bank of India , Dwarakanagar Union Bank of India , Gopalapatnam Br. Union Bank of India , MVP Colony Br. Union Bank of India , SSI Finance br. Union Bank of India , Gitam United Bank of India , VSp Br. UCO bank , Main Branch UCO bank , Hindustan Shipyard Br. UCO bank , Hindustan Zinc Smelter UCO bank , Visakhapatnam Town Ship Vijaya bank , Vijaya bank , VSP Br. HSBC , Visakhapatnam Bharat Overseas Br. , Visakhapatnam Federal Bank Ltd., , Visakhapatnam Karnataka Bank Ltd., , Maharanipeta Br. Karnataka Bank Ltd., , CBM Compound Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., , Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., , Dabagardens Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., , Pedawaltair City Union Bank Ltd., , Visakhapatnam Lakshmi Vilas Bank , CBM Compound Br. Lakshmi Vilas Bank , Gajuwaka Br. Lakshmi Vilas Bank , Gopalapatnam Br. South Indian Bank Ltd., , Visakhapatnam Tamilnadu mercantile Br. , Visakhapatnam

ING Vysya bank , Regional Collection Centre Br. ING Vysya bank , Suryabagh br. ING Vysya bank , Gajuwaka Br. ING Vysya bank , Lalithanagar ING Vysya bank , Ramnagar Br. ING Vysya bank , Shanthipuram ING Vysya bank , Venkojipalem ING Vysya bank , Dwarakanagar ING Vysya bank , Seethammadhara Br. ING Vysya bank , General Post office ING Vysya bank , Head Post Office AP Mahesh Coop Urban Br. , Visakhapatnam The maharaja Coop Bank Ltd., , Visakhapatnam UTI Bank Ltd., , Dabagardens UTI Bank Ltd., , Visakhapatnam Br. ICICI Bank , VSP Br. ICICI Bank , MVP Colony Global Trust Bank , VSp Br. Global Trust Bank , Gajuwaka Br. Centurion Bank , VSP Indusind Bank , CDR Hospital Extn. Counter Indusind Bank , Gajuwaka Br. Indusind Bank , VJF Extn. Counter HDFC bank , VSP Br. The Kanakamahalakshmi Coop Bank Ltd , Visakhapatnam IDBI , Visakhapatnam The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Main Br. Kotha Rd. The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Akkayyapalem The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Gajuwaka Br. The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Nakkavanipalem The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Gopalapatnam The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Pendurthi The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Seethammadhra The Visakhapatnam COOP Bank , Marripalem Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Dabagardens Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Allipuram Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Baji Junction Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Seethammadhara Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Sriharipuram Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Chinagantyada Sri Visakha Grameen bank , Kancharapelm Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Srvice Centre Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Visakhapatnam br. Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Dwarakanagar Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Gajuwaka Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Gandhiplace br. Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Kancharapalem Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Maharanipeta Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Marripalem Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , MVP Colony Branch Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Railway New Colony

Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Seethammadhara Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Sriharipuram Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Visakha Coop Dairy branch Dt. Coop Central bank Ltd. , Visalakshinagar branch DATA FORM'!A1