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“Healthy blood in healthy cities”

How to promote a strong transitivity between the blood flowing in the veins and the blood care (donated and transfused), in order to build, since from the adolescence, a pro-active conscious and responsible culture of donation, in relation to healthy lifestyles.

For the first time, the healthy cities Italian network has received a financial contribution - not coming from city members - from both a public (the National Blood Centre) and a private (a bank foundation) partner, in order to realize a new project.

The Italian Healthy Cities Network and the National Blood Centre (CNS -(an office of the Ministry of health): ), on June 14th, 2011, signed an agreement aimed to implement initiatives and projects on issues of health, solidarity and prevention.

Brief description of the project

A museum exhibit that, through a path-sensory adventure, leads to the discovery of the blood, stimulating the learning of the concepts of biology, history of medicine, pharmaceuticals, favoring a conscious choice to the blood donation as an indicator of health and a "extraordinary habit ".

The idea is based on the “Fun Theory” which carries out the link between information and entertainment: the willingness to learn from what entertains us is increased when we are called to play an active role in the game.

The presentation is based on the narrative of the 5 senses using an high technological level to ensure the involvement of a teenage audience, sensitive to the special effects.


2. SMELL: construction of a station (iron smelling air freshener) to try a "Blood scent experience", maybe in the jaws of the most famous predator that "sniffs" the blood of its victims as a position indicator. “Ladies and gentlemen, in the mouth to the sharks!”

1. TASTE: Twilight construction of a soft bar, where a handsome vampire offers the Blood Energy Potion, an exclusive drink cranberry - live from USA - and served in a bag of blood. Meanwhile on the screen behind the balcony are broadcast images of "Life Blood" movie-collection produced to show as the seventh art (cinema) uses, and tells the blood.

3. HEARING: a “bump – bump” show, performance of percussionists and dancers of "Heart Dance", who perform on the notes of the first music heard by human ear, heart rate, in the versions, the heart of the fetus, mother's heart, the heart is sleeping, racing heart, loving heart, crazy heart.

5. SIGHT: the idea is to develop a movie in 3D stereo HD journey inside an artery. That project is expected to involve some students of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography, or possibly replace with appropriate audio-visual effects and popular movies on the human body.

4. TOUCH: keep in touch! A blind test that tries to recognize the vital fluid, touching the contents of some tubes of oil, wine, fruit juice and other fluids with a viscosity comparable to that of blood, in a challenge to the last fingertip, listening to the voice of a physician trained in sports medicine that tells what changes in the blood when the athlete is subjected to environmental challenges (depth, high altitude, extreme sports) and the risks of doping.


From 8 classes / day of 30 students aged 12 years and over, for a duration of 40 minutes on route, while in the case of coffee, or meetings with scientific experts / performance, the audience can be extended, of course after evaluation of the location.

To evaluate the effects on the behavior of young people visiting the exhibit with respect to blood donation, a form will be provided to fill out by the oldest boys (classes fourth and fifth of secondary schools) and to be delivered to the representatives of the local transfusion system that will provide to maintain active monitoring.

Partners involved:

• Sport Committees (UISP, CIS, and other CONI);• Associations and federations of voluntary blood donors;• Institutions of the territory (Region, Province, Other Municipalities);• Department of Education;• Educational institutions (schools);• Health Authorities;• National blood system, regional and local level.

The tensile external structure to be placed in the centres of the hosting town

Road map of the project

The exhibit will be hosted by several cities of the Network, each one organizing an own local event during about 2 weeks, under the brand of the National Healthy Cities Network, from north to south.

The cities are:

Modena Torino Milano Padova Udine Massa Ancona Foggia

Lesson learnt that can be shared

- The importance to stress on the close relationship between healthy life-style and solidarity through the blood donation

- The great result that can be given by the collaboration between public (both local and National boards and organization) and private sectors under the name of NN

- The great efficacy of the use of new technologies to bring messages especially among young people

Thank you for the kind attention

Daniele Biagioni

Italian Healthy Cities Network Coordinator

[email protected]