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Introduction and Syllabus

Lecturer: Devon Du Fur


1. 2. 3.

Introduction to your Lecturer Syllabus Review Case Study Presentations


Executive Director, Quality Systems, CACI Federal Systems National University San Diego, BBA Aviation Mgmt & Troy State University, MS Educational Leadership USMC retired Air Support Control Officer Former Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Deputy Commandant of Cadets, State University of NY Maritime College, NYC 25 years of Project Mgmt, QA, and PI Projects (and problems) of all shapes & sizes3

IT 343 IT Resources - 3 credit course Lecturer: Devon Du Fur 703-678-3902 Office Hours: PW Campus, BRH 102e, by appointment only.


Text: Information Technology Project Management 6th ed, Kathy Schwalbe. Case Studies: Case studies from the Harvard School of Business electronic version. Instructor Presentations: Material presented in class will be posted to Blackboard the day of class. Assignments: ALL assignments will be submitted through the University s Blackboard system. Assignments are due in accordance with the syllabus. Late assignments will not be accepted!5

Writing IntensiveMemos - Week 4 & Week 9 Research Paper Draft due Week 7 advice only, not graded Final Paper due Week 14

Microsoft Project Exercise Presentations of Case Study Exams are timed events, i.e., once you start an exam

you cannot stop: 2 Midterms: 20 to 25 multiple-choice . Final will be open book and notes. There will be no makeup exams.6

Course Objectives: 1. Understand the importance of project management in improving the success of information technology projects. 2. Understand the constraints of project management. 3. Learn about project lifecycle methodologies and the Project Management Institute's knowledge areas and process groups. 4. Learn tools and techniques of project management 5. Appreciate the importance of good project management and share examples of good and bad project management.


Grading: Course scores are computed as follows: Participation 15% 2 Memo Questions 5% each MS Project Exercise 5% Case Presentation 10% 2 Midterm exams 10% each Paper 30% Final exam 25% Total 100% Grading is more stringent as semester progresses, especially for Paper and Final. Must get a grade of C or better.8

Case Presentation and Major Paper Approach


1) Fact Set - Who, What, When, Where 2) Four or Five Key Issues In order of impact 3) What would you have done to avoid this? a) In order of priority b) Action and Implementation 4) What should you do now? a) In order of priority b) Action and Implementation10


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Read Text Chapters 1 (Introduction) and Chapter 5 (Scope) Review Lecture 2: Introduction to Program Management