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PowerPoint for ISTE 2012 Apps Apps Everywhere session - Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

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  • 1. Apps, Apps Everywhere: Top iPad Appsfor Digital Age Learning Kimberly LaPrairie Marilyn RiceDaphne Johnson

2. BACKCHANNEL 3. How do you decide what tech tools to use in theclassroom & when? 4. Blooms Taxonomy (Revised 2001) 5. RememberingExhibit memory of previously-learnedmaterials by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers. 6. Understanding Demonstrate comprehensionby explaining ideas or concepts 7. ApplyingUsing new knowledge.Solve problems to new situations byapplying acquired knowledge, facts,techniques and rules. 8. AnalyzingExamine and break information intoparts by identifying motives or causes.Make inferences and find evidence tosupport generalizations. 9. EvaluatingPresent and defend opinions by makingjudgments about information, validity ofideas or quality of work based on a setof criteria. 10. CreatingGenerate new ideas, products, or ways of viewing things 11. APPLICATIONOF BLOOMSREVISEDTAXONOMYExample 12. BloomsAppRemember Describe where the 3 little pigs livedDoodlelicious Summarize what the 3 little pigs storyUnderstand Animoto** was aboutConstruct a theory as to why the wolfApplyShow Meblew down the housesDifferentiate between how the pigs iCard SortAnalyze reacted and how you would react to theeventsAssess whether or not you think thisEvaluate PaperHelperreally happened to the 3 pigsCompose a song, skit, poem, video, etc. Puppet PalsCreateto convey the 3 little pigs story in a newform 13. Apps: Not just for kidsTeachers want to have fun" too! 14. How Do You Find All TheseAMAZINGApps? 15. 16. 17. And Dont ForgetAbout Your PLNWhat are yourfavorite APPs for teachingand learning? 18. @DrLaPrairie 19. Questions? Prizes 20.