ISLMA 13: Get Your Game On! Making Online PD Fun!

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Transcript of ISLMA 13: Get Your Game On! Making Online PD Fun!

  • 1. Lisa Perez, Network Library Coordinator Chicago Public Schools Dept of Libraries 2013 ISLMA Conference

2. Why PLUS Tech? Move to online delivery methodsFree resources vendor partnershipsShifting priorities Less time for face-to-face professional developmentBudget challenges Personalized Libraries to Uplift Students 3. What is PLUS Tech? development CAN be fun! 4. The Site 5. Gamification ElementsDigital Badges 6. Vendor Partnerships 7. Technologies support wide range of standards Acceptable Terms of Service Shallow learning curveWhich Technologies to Teach? Adaptable to K-12Free or low costStaying powerSafe 8. Personalized Learning a menu of challenging learning robust blended learning opportunities a method of tracking student progress wide variety of learning and assessment options 9. Mentor Connections 10. The Point System 11. Treat yourself to aScreencast video!Video editor Videos can be a bit longer Upload to a common channel 12. 13. Personalize the learning experiencePDFs 14. The Quizzes Google Forms with notifications 200 points per question Multiple choice Flubaroo script: No answer key provided Email must entered correctly Basic information collected Three tries Downloaded spreadsheets each time; stored in Google Docs Regular, timed release of modules Timestamp for high-pressure eventsMake the questions a bit hard! 15. Watch a Video | Make a Google Form Google Forms 1 Forms 2 16. Flubaroo: Google Form Script to Make Self-Grading Quizzes Learn how: See the Flubaroo website: 17. Offering CPDU creditMake it worth their while.. 18. Communicate EXCITEMENT 19. The Great Google Sites Cook-Off 20. RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Screencast videos PDF tutorials Quizzes w/Flubaroo script 21. Vendor PartnershipsWhat motivates and rewards your learners? 22. CHALLENGE:.........THE MOVING TARGET! 23. Notify the Principal 24. Modify this for your school/district 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.Design the game elements Select the technologies Secure prizes/partnership Build your site Create your learning objects Make your quizzes Promote the game regularly; update and build excitement 25. Q&A Lisa Perez @leperez1