Is Your Brand a Noun or a Verb? How to Build a Memorable Brand Experience

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Marketing your business yourself? Here's how to create a brand that communicates a complete vision of what your business represents. It's all about your brand experience. It goes way beyond your logo, and it's much more than your tagline. It's about making your brand go from being a noun to a verb.

Transcript of Is Your Brand a Noun or a Verb? How to Build a Memorable Brand Experience

  • IsYourBrand aNounoraVerb?
  • QUESTION: Whatdothese bigbrandshave incommon?
  • ANSWER: Theyresorecognizable, theycanusetheirlogo symbolonly,andyouknow exactlywhatcompanyitis.
  • Mustbenice,huh?
  • Thesecompaniesaremore thanjusttheirlogos. Theyve spent millions on ads that promise anexperience
  • Nikepromises health, vitality, and an active lifestyle
  • McDonaldspromises quick, consistent food at a reasonable price
  • Applepromises sleek, user-friendly technology that empowers your life
  • Howaboutyou? Do you have piles of money sitting around that you can spend on helping people associate your brand with a feeling?
  • Yeah,meneither ;-)
  • Heres how to build a memorable brand experience in just five steps. (No multi-million dollar budget necessary.) Ready?
  • STEP 1: KnowYour Audience
  • Discover your ideal customer: understand who they are, and what motivates them.
  • Choose language and messages that resonate with them. Now, the fun part ...
  • STEP 2: PinpointYour BrandPersonality 2
  • Every brand has a personality. Dont know yours? Use the Brand Personality Quiz to pinpoint it. Its free, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • With your target market and brand personality in hand, you can start thinking about your message.
  • STEP 3: WriteYourStory 3
  • For every piece of marketing you create, think about the story youd like to tell.
  • Heres the most important question: How will your product or service empower, delight, entertain, or solve a problem?
  • STEP 4: Communicate YourBrandwith Multimedia 4
  • Bootstrapping your marketing? No worries. ere are lots of tools available that will deliver your marketing message as a multimedia experience. And they wont break the bank.
  • Share your story: With a deck on SlideShare Via a YouTube video rough Pinterest pins With audio on your website On Vine and Instagram And dont forget to ...
  • STEP 5: BackUpYour BrandStory withActions 5
  • Using multimedia to tell your brand story is great, but it wont have a lasting eect unless its backed up by actions. at means
  • You should oer top-quality services and products at a fair price. Your customer service needs to be every bit as good as your marketing.
  • Whenyoucommunicate yourbrandthroughactions, youllcommunicatea completevisionofwhat yourbusinessrepresents.
  • Yourbrandwillgofrom beinganountoaverb. Still hungry?
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