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Irene Dameskoshuis Irene Dameskoshuis Irene Dameskoshuis Irene Dameskoshuis 2012 2012 2012 2012 Irene Ladies’ Residence Irene Ladies’ Residence Irene Ladies’ Residence Irene Ladies’ Residence Dames Met Styl Dames Met Styl Dames Met Styl Dames Met Styl Sedert 1963 Sedert 1963 Sedert 1963 Sedert 1963
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Transcript of Irene DameskoshuisIrene Dameskoshuis 20122012 Irene Ladies ... · Irene DameskoshuisIrene...

  • Irene DameskoshuisIrene DameskoshuisIrene DameskoshuisIrene Dameskoshuis 2012201220122012

    Irene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies Residence

    Dames Met StylDames Met StylDames Met StylDames Met Styl Sedert 1963Sedert 1963Sedert 1963Sedert 1963

  • History of Irene Irene opened its doors for the first time in 1963. It was the 9th ladies residence that was originally built to house 169 students. It increased the amount of students that Stellen-bosch University could accommodate to 2883 people. The opening of Irene was celebrated with a formal dinner ceremony. Guests of honour such as the rektor, Professor H.B. Thom, the resident head, Ms. De Lange, and the archi-tect, Mr. Collins, attended. Thereafter, the opening of the rec-reation room was celebrated at a function with neighbouring mens residence, Eendrag. The ceremony was rounded off with another formal dinner at which all residents of Irene were present.

    Geskiedenis van Irene Irene het haar deure vir die eerste maal in 1963 geopen. Die negende dameskoshuis van die Universiteit van Stellen-bosch is gebou om 169 studente te huisves. Dit het die totale getal student wat deur die Universiteit Stellenbosch gehuis-ves kan word, vermeerder tot 2 883. Die inlywing is gevier met n dinee waar verskeie eregaste o.a. die rector, Prof. H.B. Thom, die inwonende hoof, Mev. De Lange, en die argitek van die koshuis, Mnr. Collins, en sy vrou teenwoordig was. Hierna is die inwyding van die ontspanningsaal ook gevier deur n gesellige funksie saam met Eendrag. Die inlywing van die

  • Our Values I Integriteit (integrity) R Respek (respect) E Eenheid (unity) N Nederigheid (humility) E Entoesiasme (enthusiasm) This is what Ireners represent and what we strive to apply in our daily lives. This is what all new residents are taught during the orientation period.

    Our Vision - I will practice personal integrityand excellence of character and expect the same from others. - I will respect the dignity, value and worth of all persons while learning from the differences in people, ideas and opinions. - I will respect the rights and property of others, their feelings, and our communal need for conditions that promote personal growth and academic success. - Through my actions, I will honour and contribute to the rich heritage left by those who precede us and work

    Language Policy Irene is primarily a bilingual residence and we encourage appli-cants who speak English and/or Afrikaans. In general, most residents are Afrikaans speaking because Stellenbosch Uni-versity was originally an Afrikaans University, but the number of English speaking students in Irene is increasing yearly.

  • HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012

    Challenge AcceptedChallenge AcceptedChallenge AcceptedChallenge Accepted

    Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012

  • PrimariaPrimariaPrimariaPrimaria Leanne Pienaar BEng (Electrical & Electronic)

    082 225 0467

    [email protected]

    Castle Windsor Room Allocations


    Media Queries

    Leadership Development

    Project Management


    OnderOnderOnderOnder----PrimariaPrimariaPrimariaPrimaria Madeleine Sieberhagen BSc (Agriculture Wine & Vineyards)

    082 951 7786

    [email protected]

    Castle Dunderave

    Risiko en veiligheid





    Anti-Drinking Campaign

  • Alexa Van Tonder BA Taal en Kultuur

    084 512 2778

    [email protected]

    Castle Canterburry



    HK Sitkamer

    Die Posduif


    March for MADness

    Liesl Mauermann BA in Visual Communication Design

    072 601 0862

    [email protected]

    Castle Warwick




    Sound System

    MAD2 Admin and MAD2 Sponsors

    Critical Thinking

  • Dalene Britz BRekeningkunde

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    [email protected]

    Castle Glamis Social


    MAD2 Tour


    Marianza Theron BEd

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    Castle Tantallon




    Irene Week

  • Corn Pool BRekeningkunde

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    [email protected]

    Castle Belmanno

    Second Years



    Vending Machine

    Mar Coetzee BA Taal en Kultuur

    082 941 7000

    [email protected]

    Castle Rowallan




    MAD2 Borge


  • Juliene Terblanche BA Omgewing en Ontwikkeling

    072 867 0729

    [email protected]

    Castle Sherborne




    Reunie en Irenebond

    Ou Tannies

    Michelle Laubscher BRekeningkunde

    084 232 1708

    [email protected]

    Castle York

    First Years


    Big Bleed


  • Dear First Year It is an absolute honour to welcome

    you to the Irene-family. Congratu-

    lations on being selected to be a resi-

    dent at the most beautiful ladies resi-

    dence on the Stellenbosch Campus!

    You are now entering one of the most

    exciting phases of your life and I am

    so happy to have the chance to meet

    you and be your Irene sister. I know

    that you may be feeling unsure or

    afraid of leaving home, but I promise

    that we will try our absolute best to

    make Irene a warm and loving home

    for you.

    We are expecting approximately 60

    first years in 2012 with a total of 175

    Ireners next year. An action-packed,

    fun-filled orientation programme

    awaits you from the very first day that

    you arrive. I want to encourage you to

    come here with an enthusiastic and

    positive attitude I assure you that if

    you do, you will make great friend-

    ships and memories that will last a


    All University residences open earlier

    for first years to move in and partici-

    pate in the welcoming programme. I

    strongly advise participation in our

    programme as it will greatly improve

    your overall residence experience.

    The House Committee, locally known

    as HK, will guide you through the pro-

    gramme and show you around cam-

    pus. The 10 HK members are respon-

    sible for managing all aspects of Irene

    and each of us has our own portfolios

    to manage. We are students just like

    you and we understand many of the

    challenges and problems that you will

    face. I want to assure you that we are

    here to help you and answer any

    questions that you may have.

    During MAD2 (period formerly known

    as JOOL), we will be interacting with

    many male residences too. Irenes

    partner for participating in all MAD2

    activities (such as Vensters, March for

    MADness and Bondelsport) is mens

    residence, Huis Marais. We are ex-

    tremely excited to be working with

    these gentlemen and I can guarantee

    that you will love skakeling (mixing)

    with them too.

    First years will also be allocated a

    Mentor in Irene and you will be

    grouped with your Mentor according

    to faculty. Your Mentor will help you

    with your academic orientation. This

    means that she will guide you through

    the registration process, teach you

    about HEMIS and take you to faculty

    orientation. You may also contact the

    SSVO if you need any help with career


    Letter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the Primaria

  • All first years will have a roommate in

    2012, but you will only meet your

    roommate when you move in. I ask

    that you please fill in the attached

    personality quiz to help us match you

    with your roommate. You are invited

    to move into Irene on Tuesday, 24

    January 2012 from 14:00-16:30. Dur-

    ing this time, you may bring your lug-

    gage to your room, but you are unfor-

    tunately not permitted to sleep at

    Irene on 24 January. The second op-

    portunity to move in will be on

    Wednesday, 25 January from 08:00-


    The parents lunch will commence at

    12:00, so I ask that all first years must

    be moved in by this time. Please also

    notify us as soon as possible how

    many parents will be accompanying

    you to the lunch. The orientation pro-

    gramme will kick off after the lunch

    and you will thereafter sleep in Irene.

    You will unfortunately have very little

    free time during the welcoming pro-

    gramme because we have a very full

    schedule, so I respectfully request

    that your parents do not visit Irene

    during orientation. You will be given

    free time on Sunday, 29 January from

    14:00-17:30. You may then use this

    time to interact with friends and par-

    ents. The welcoming programme

    ends on Saturday, 4 February at 15:30

    and you are thereafter free to do as

    you please.

    I want to ask you to make 2012 a

    memorable and successful year. Grab

    every opportunity that comes your

    way and live your student life to the

    fullest! Best of luck with your Matric

    results and have a fantastic holiday.

    Lots of Irene love

    Leanne Pienaar

    Primaria 2011/2012

    Letter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the Primaria

  • Liewe Irener Dit is n absolute eer om u te ver-

    welkom by die Irene-familie. Baie ge-

    luk dat jy gekies is om n inwoner te

    wees van die mooiste dames koshuis

    op die Stellenbosch-kampus! Jy is nou

    in een van die mees opwindende

    fases van jou lewe en ek is so gelukkig

    om die kans te h om jou te ontmoet

    en jou Irene-suster te wees. Ek weet

    dat jy voel miskien onseker of bang

    om die huis te verlaat, maar ek be-

    lowe dat ons sal ons absolute bes

    probeer om Irene n warm en liefde-

    volle huis vir jou te maak.

    Ons verwag ongeveer 60 eerstejaars

    in 2012 met n totaal van 175 Ireners

    volgende jaar. n aksiebelaaide, pret-

    tige orinteringsprogram wag vir jou

    van die heel eerste dag af wanner jy

    aankom. Ek wil u aanmoedig om hier

    aan te kom met n entoesiastiese en

    positiewe gesindheid - ek kan jou

    verseker dat as jy dit doen, sal jy baie

    goeie vriendskappe en herinneringe

    maak wat n leeftyd sal duur.

    Alle koshuise maak vroer oop vir

    eerstejaars om in te beweeg en deel

    te neem in die verwelkomingspro-

    gram. Ek wil u sterk aanmoedig om in

    ons program deel te neem, want dit

    sal jou totale verblyf ervaring baie

    verbeter. Die Huiskomitee, plaaslik

    bekend as HK, sal jou lei deur middel

    van die program en wys jou rondom

    die kampus. Die 10 lede van die HK is

    verantwoordelik vir die bestuur van

    van alle aspekte van Irene en elkeen

    van ons het ons eie portefeuljes om

    te bestuur. Ons is studente net soos

    jy, en ons verstaan baie van die uit-

    dagings en probleme wat jy sal in die

    gesig staar. Ek wil u verseker dat ons

    hier is om jou te help en beantwoord

    enige vrae wat u mag h.

    Gedurende MAD2 (tydperk voorheen

    bekend as JOOL), sal ons interaksie

    met baie manskoshuise h. Irene se

    vennoot vir deelname in alle MAD2

    aktiwiteite (soos Vensters, March for

    MADness en Bondelsport) is die man-

    skoshuis, Huis Marais. Ons is baie op-

    gewonde om saam te werk met hier-

    die here en ek kan waarborg dat jy sal

    dit baie geniet om met hulle te skakel.

    Eerstejaars sal ook n mentor in Irene

    kry en jy sal met jou mentor ge-

    groepeer word volgens fakulteit. Jou

    mentor sal jou help met akademiese

    orintering. Dit beteken dat sy jou sal

    lei deur die registrasie proses, jou oor

    HEMIS leer en jou tot fakulteit orin-

    tasie neem. Jy kan ook die SSVO kon-

    tak as jy enige hulp nodig het met


    Brief van die PrimariaBrief van die PrimariaBrief van die PrimariaBrief van die Primaria

  • Alle eerstejaars sal n kamermaat h

    in 2012, maar jy sal net jou kamer-

    maat ontmoet wanneer jy aankom. Ek

    vra dat jy asseblief die aangehegte

    persoonlikheid quiz invul om ons te

    help met kamermaat parings. U word

    genooi om op Dinsdag, 24 Januarie

    2012 vanaf 14:00-16:30 te beweeg in

    Irene. Gedurende hierdie tyd, kan jy

    jou bagasie bring na jou kamer toe,

    maar jy sal ongelukkig nie toegelaat

    word om in Irene te slaap op 24 Janu-

    arie. Die tweede geleentheid om in te

    beweeg, sal op Woensdag, 25 Janu-

    arie vanaf 8:00-12:00 wees.

    Die ouerete sal om 12:00 begin, so ek

    vra dat al die eerstejaars moet teen

    hierdie tyd ingetrek word. Laat ons

    asseblief ook so gou as moontlik weet

    hoeveel ouers sal na die middagete

    gaan kom. Die orinteringsprogram

    skop af na die ouerete en jy sal

    daarna in Irene slaap. Jy sal ongeluk-

    kig baie min vrye tyd tydens die ver-

    welkomingsprogram h, want ons het

    n baie vol skedule, so ek vra met re-

    spek dat jou ouers nie Irene besoek

    tydens orintering nie. Jy sal vrye tyd

    gegee word op Sondag, 29 Januarie

    vanaf 14:00-17:30. Jy kan dan hierdie

    tyd gebruik om jou vriende en ouers

    te sien. Die verwelkomingsprogram

    eindig op Saterdag, 4 Februarie om

    15:30 en jy is daarna vry om te doen

    wat jy wil.

    Ek wil vra dat jy 2012 n onvergeetlike

    en suksesvolle jaar maak. Gryp elke

    geleentheid wat oor jou pad kom en

    leef jou studente lewe ten volle!

    Sterkte met jou Matriek uitslae, en

    geniet jou vakansie.

    Met baie Irene liefde

    Leanne Pienaar

    Primaria 2011/2012

    Brief van die PrimariaBrief van die PrimariaBrief van die PrimariaBrief van die Primaria

  • Letter from the HK of First YearsLetter from the HK of First YearsLetter from the HK of First YearsLetter from the HK of First Years Dear First Year Congratulations on your placement in

    Irene Girls Residence. It is a huge privi-

    lege to be placed in any res, and an even

    bigger privilege to get placed in one like


    I want to assure each one of you from the

    beginning that there were NO mistakes

    made during your placement in Irene.

    Each and every one of you was sent to

    Irene with a specific purpose and for that

    reason we do not only have a BED for

    you, but also a special PLACE.

    As HK of first years, you are my first prior-

    ity and responsibility during the first two

    weeks of welcoming and I cant wait to

    get to know each of you on a personal

    level. During welcoming it is also my duty

    to give you all the necessary information

    and teach you all the needed skills to be-

    come a Matie student. Therefore we are

    going to be following a very strict sched-

    ule and I want to encourage you to get

    enough rest during the holidays.

    You are welcome to move in and get your

    room ready on 24 January 2012 between

    14:00 17:00, but you are only allowed

    to sleep in res from the 25th of January.

    The official moving in will be on 25 Janu-

    ary from 08:00 to 12:00, followed by

    lunch with your parents at Irene. I will be

    waiting excitedly with the rest of the HK

    on both of the moving-in sessions to wel-

    come you and answer any questions you

    might have.

    Breakfast, Lunch and Supper will be sup-

    plied every day from 25 January (from


    A list of necessities is included in the

    booklet and includes everything that you

    are going to need during welcoming. Each

    one of you also received a room place-

    ment form that must be sent back to

    Irene as soon as possible / completed on

    the website.

    Regarding the welcoming period: I hope

    youve all received information from the

    University which includes important dates

    and sessions presented by the university.

    Irenes program works together with the

    universitys academic program as well as

    with the MAD2 committees MAD2 pro-


    You are very privileged to be the first first

    years to participate in MAD2 (Making a

    Decision 2 Make a Difference). The suc-

    cess of the first MAD2 will rest in your

    hands and I am sure that you will arrive at

    the Huis met Hart with enough positiv-

    ity and enthusiasm to make it an unfor-

    gettable experience. The purpose is to

    raise as much money as possible for MGD

    (Maties Community Service) so that we as

    students can make a difference in the


    If you have any questions, problems,

    stress or even just excitement that can-

    not wait until 25 January 2012, please

    dont hesitate to call or Facebook or sms


    I know you are experiencing a lot of

    mixed emotions while reading this letter,

    but I can assure you that EXCITEMENT is

    the only one you should be feeling! It is

    the start of BIG differences in each of

    your lives new friends, new swottings,

    new challenges, a new home but all I

    can say is CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! (A

    little more on this later)

    Irene is waiting with open arms and a

    warm heart to meet her new sisters.

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new

    year to you and your family.

    Kind regards

    Michelle Laubscher

  • Brief van die HK van First YearsBrief van die HK van First YearsBrief van die HK van First YearsBrief van die HK van First Years Beste Eerstejaar Baie geluk met jou plasing in Irene Dames

    -koshuis. Dit is n ongelooflike groot eer

    en voorreg om in enige koshuis geplaas te

    word en selfs nog meer in een soos Irene!

    Ek wil reeds van die begin af vir elkeen

    van julle waarborg dat daar GEEN foute

    gemaak is tydens jou plasing in Irene nie.

    Elkeen van julle is met n spesifieke doel

    na Irene gestuur en daarom is daar nie

    net n BED vir jou nie, maar ook n spesi-

    ale PLEK.

    As HK van eerstejaars is elkeen van julle

    my eerste prioriteit en verant-

    woordelikheid tydens die eerste twee

    weke van verwelkoming en ek kan nie

    wag om julle elkeen persoonlik te leer

    ken nie. Tydens verwelkoming is dit my

    werk om julle toe te rus met die nodige

    inligting en ondersteuning vir die lewe

    van n Matie student. Ons gaan dus n

    baie besige program volg en daarom wil

    ek julle aanmoedig om goed uit te rus die


    Julle is welkom om reeds op die 24ste

    Januarie 2012 vanaf 14:00 - 17:00 in te

    trek en uit te pak, maar daar word egter

    eers slaapplek voorsien vanaf die aand

    van die 25ste Januarie. Die amptelike

    intreksessie is Woensdag, 25 Januarie

    2012, vanaf 08:00 12:00. Ek en die res

    van die HK wag opgewonde by albei in-

    treksessies om julle te verwelkom en sal

    enige vrae dan beantwoord as daar nog

    onsekerheid is.

    Alle etes (oggend, middag en aand) word

    voorsien vanaf middagete op Woensdag

    25 Januarie.

    n Lys van benodigdhede is ingesluit in die

    boekie van alles wat ons tydens ver-

    welkoming gaan gebruik. Elkeen het ook

    n kamerindelingsvraelys ontvang wat

    asb. so gou as moontlik terug na Irene

    gepos moet word of op ons webtuiste

    voltooi kan word.

    Met betrekking tot die die ver-

    welkomingtydperk self: Julle het hopelik

    alreeds n inligtingstuk van die Univer-

    siteit ontvang wat die datums van ver-

    welkoming weergee - hierdie tydperk

    sluit in sessies aangebied deur die Univer-

    sitiet in. Die koshuisprogram werk hand

    aan hand met die Universiteit se akade-

    miese program, sowel as die MAD2 ko-

    mitee se MAD2 program.

    Julle is in n baie bevoorregde posisie om

    die eerste eerstejaars te wees wat deel-

    neem aan MAD2 (making a decision to

    make a difference). Die sukses van MAD2

    l dus in julle hande en ek is seker dat

    elkeen met die nodige positiwiteit en

    entoesiamse by die Huis met HART sal

    arriveer om MAD2 n onvergeetlike ervar-

    ing te maak. Die hoofdoel is om soveel as

    moontlik geld in te samel vir Maties Ge-

    meenskapsdiens (MGD) sodat ons as stu-

    dente n verskil in ons gemeenskap kan


    Indien daar enige probleme, stres, vrae of

    selfs net opgewondenheid is wat nie kan

    wag tot 25 Januarie 2012 nie, kan julle my

    enigetyd kontak / SMS / Facebook.

    Ek weet dat daar nou gemengde

    gevoelens in julle harte is soos julle die

    brief lees, maar ek kan julle verseker dat

    OPGEWONDENHEID die belangrikste een

    is. Dis nou die begin van GROOT ve-

    randeringe in elkeen van julle se lewens

    nuwe vriende, nuwe kursus, nuwe uitdag-

    ings, nuwe huis al wat ek kan s is:

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! (n bietjie meer

    hieroor later)

    Irene wag met ope arms en n warm hart

    om haar nuwe sussie te ontmoet.

    Gesende Kersfees en n voorspoedige

    nuwe jaar vir jou en jou familie.

    Vriendelike groete

    Michelle Laubscher

  • Letter from the Head MentorLetter from the Head MentorLetter from the Head MentorLetter from the Head Mentor

    Dear New First Year Welcome to the house with style, on

    the corner of Victoria Street. Irene is

    more than just a residence: it is your

    second home, where you make great

    memories, share special moments,

    and make lifelong friends.

    I hope that your final exam was suc-

    cessful and that you are as excited as

    we are about the upcoming year. The

    idea of a new environment with new

    people can be overwhelming. Perhaps

    Stellenbosch is far from your home,

    or you are wondering whether you

    will adjust to this new living environ-

    ment. The reason I am writing you

    this letter, is to let you know that you

    do not have to worry, as the mentors

    will be there to make this adjustment

    easier for you.

    Each residence on campus has men-

    tors, which are appointed by the uni-

    versity. Irene has 12 senior students

    that are mentors for the upcoming

    year. The first years are divided into

    groups, according to their courses,

    and each group has a mentor. The

    first few weeks of the year may have

    many uncertainties, but your mentor

    will be there to walk the path with

    you. Your mentor will support and

    guide you on academic, personal and

    social levels. She is like an older sister

    who really cares for you and who as-

    sists you with your registration,

    course, timetable, textbooks and

    other aspects of being a Matie. Your

    mentor is someone whose door is

    always open, and who you can go and

    talk to about any of your worries and


    In this new chapter of your life, aca-

    demics will be your first priority, but

    this will also be a time of great per-

    sonal development and growth. Hav-

    ing experienced first year ourselves,

    we as mentors will try out best to

    help you balance everything, so that

    you get your degree and grow as per-

    son as much as possible. We cannot

    wait to meet you, so be calm and

    know that you mentor will be there

    for you when you move in!


    Courtney Odendaal

    Head mentor 2012

  • Brief van die HoofmentorBrief van die HoofmentorBrief van die HoofmentorBrief van die Hoofmentor

    Beste Nuwe Eerstejaar Welkom in die huis vol dames met

    styl op die hoek van Victoriastraat.

    Irene is meer as net n koshuis, dit is

    n tweede huis waar jy ongelooflike

    herinneringe maak, spesiale oomb-

    likke deel lewensvriendinne maak.

    Ek glo jou finale eksamen was n suk-

    ses en dat jy saam met ons opge-

    wonde is oor die jaar wat voorl. Die

    idee aan n nuwe omgewing met

    vreemde mense en dinge kan baie

    skrikwekkend wees. Dalk is Stellen-

    bosch ver van jou huis af, of jy was

    nog nooit in n koshuis nie, en jy won-

    der of jy sal aanpas. Ek skryf hierdie

    brief om jou gerus te stel. Die men-

    tors is hier om jou aanpassing in die

    nuwe, onbekende omgewing vir jou

    te makliker te maak.

    Elke koshuis op kampus het mentors

    wat deur die universiteit aangestel

    word. In Irene is daar 12 senior stu-

    dente wat as mentors dien. Die eer-

    stejaars word in groepies opgedeel

    volgens hul kursus en elke mentor kry

    dan n groepie eerstejaars. Die eerste

    paar weke van die jaar bring veral

    baie onsekerhede en jou mentor is

    hier om die soms wankelrige, tog op-

    windende pad saam met jou te stap.

    As mentors ondersteun ons jou op

    akademiese, persoonlike en sosiale

    vlak. Jou mentor is soos n ouer sussie

    wat jou met enige vrae en bekom-

    mernisse van registrasie, jou kursus,

    klasrooster, handboeke en vele ander

    aspekte van Matie-wees sal help. Sy is

    iemand wat regtig vir jou omgee en

    wie se deur altyd oop staan vir jou.

    Soos jy hierdie nuwe hoofstuk van jou

    lewe is akademie jou eerste prioriteit,

    maar daarmee saam is dit n tyd van

    persoonlike groei en ontwikkeling.

    Ons was almal ook deur eerstejaar en

    verstaan die uitdagings en aanpass-

    ings wat vir jou voorl en wil jou

    graag help om die balans te vind so-

    dat jy jou akademie onder die knie

    het en optimaal groei en ontwikkel as

    mens. Die mentors kan nie wag om

    julle te ontmoet nie! Wees rustig en

    weet dat jou mentor hier vir jou sal

    wees as jy intrek.


    Courtney Odendaal

    Hoofmentor 2012

  • MGD (Matiesgemeenskapsdiens)MGD (Matiesgemeenskapsdiens)MGD (Matiesgemeenskapsdiens)MGD (Matiesgemeenskapsdiens)

    Liefste nuwe Irene dame As n matie en n awesome Irener sal

    jy met jou aankoms op Stellenbosch

    kampus besef dat Maties Gemeen-

    skapsdiens oftewel MGD vir ons n

    saak van uiterse belang is. In die ge-

    woel en werskaf waarin ons onsself

    daagliks as studente bevind, is dit

    maklik om afgestomp te raak met wat

    in die regte wreld buite die Stellen-

    bosch bubble aangaan. MGD bied n

    geleentheid vir ons as Ireners om in-

    teraktief deel te neem in die omlig-

    gende kampus areas en Irene gryp

    hierdie geleentheid met albei hande

    aan. Daar word byvoorbeeld vir julle

    as eerstejaars n spesiale gemeen-

    skapsdag gehou in orinteringsweek

    waarin julle bekendgestel gaan word

    aan hoe dinge werk in hierdie opsig.

    Ons as Ireners wil egter nie slegs net

    opdaag en verdwyn in die massas nie,

    maar n daadwerklike verskil maak.

    Dus is daar n geleentheid vir die

    Irene eerstejaars om n deeltjie van

    julself te gee en n klein dog daad-

    werklike verskil in iemand se lewe te

    maak. Met jou aankoms by jou nuwe

    huis ( JA!) sa ldaar die PAY IT FOR-

    WARD boks in die voorportaal wees

    waarin jy asseblief n geskenk pakkie

    kan gee met die volgende beno-

    dighede in:

    n NUWE tandeborsel en tandepasta

    n Waslappie/-sponsie en badseep

    n Pakkie sanitre doekies

    n Vroue kledingstuk (n large

    grootte trui sal byvoorbeeld die ding


    n Pakkie Cup A Soup/ Two Minute

    Noodles/Blikkieskos wat as n

    maaltyd kan dien

    n Lekkernytjie soos n sjokolade of

    nie-bederfbare lekker

    n Vroue tydskrif

    Dit sal gaaf wees as jou pakkie elkeen

    vn hierdie items bevat, maar doen

    slegs wat vir jou moontlik is, solank

    dit met liefde uit jou hart kom. Dankie

    vir jou omgee hart, kan nie wag om

    jou te ontmoet in 2012 nie, mag jy dit

    geniet om deel te raak van die beste

    Huis met Hart.


    Mar Coetzee

  • MGD (Maties Community Service)MGD (Maties Community Service)MGD (Maties Community Service)MGD (Maties Community Service)

    Dearest new Irene lady As a Matie and an awesome new

    Irener you will soon realize that

    Maties Community Interaction is a

    campus-wide passion. In our busy

    lives as students it is hard to stay con-

    nected to what happens outside the

    Stellenbosch campus bubble. There-

    fore MGD is an amazing platform put

    there by the university to interact

    with our surrounding communities,

    and Irene uses this platform with vig-

    orous joy. In orientation week you

    will not only take part in an overall

    interaction day, serving as an intro-

    duction to this part of Matie-life but

    as an Irener you will also receive the

    opportunity to give a little of yourself.

    As you arrive at your new home (yes!)

    you will find the Pay It Forward box in

    the foyer and in it you can place a gift

    containing the following goods:

    A NEW toothbrush and toothpaste

    A washcloth/-sponge and bath gel/-


    A packet of sanitary towels

    A piece of womans clothing (a size

    large jersey for instance)

    A packet of Cup A Soup/Two Minute

    Noodles/ canned food serving as a


    A sweety or non-perishable some-

    thing to be enjoyed

    A womans magazine

    If your gift could contain each of

    these items it would be beautiful but

    do only as much as you can and out of

    a loving heart and this will be enough.

    Thank you so much for your kind

    heart, cant wait to meet you in 2012!

    May you find great joy in becoming a

    part of the best House with Heart.


    Mar Coetzee

  • AkademieAkademieAkademieAkademie

    Welkom by Irene en al die geleenthede wat vir jou wag. Jy is sekerlik baie op-

    gewonde om Stellenbosch te ontdek en deel te neem aan Irene se aktiwiteite.

    Dit is egter baie belangrik dat mens n goeie balans handhaaf tussen buite-

    muurse aktiwiteite, sport, kultuur, sosiale gebeure en akademie. As HK van

    Akademie wil ek enige vrees wat jy dalk mag h gerus stel. Ireners is bekend

    daarvoor dat hulle hardwerkend en gemotiveerd is. Ons respekteer en mo-

    tiveer mekaar om seker te maak dat elkeen van ons akademies byhou tot die

    beste van ons vermo. Ons bou mekaar ook op en maak ten alle tye seker dat

    die emosionele kant die afgeskeep word nie. Daar is ruimte om jou kennis te

    verdiep in jou gekose kursus, vele strukture in plek (onder andere eerste-

    jaarsstudie-sessies, mentors en tutors-sessies) om te verseker dat jy optimaal

    aanpas en nie net leer nie, maar waarlik as mens ontwikkel. Geniet die vakan-

    sie en ek sien uit daarna om na al jou akademiese behoeftes om te sien in die

    nuwe jaar.

    Welcome at Irene and to all the opportunities coming your way. Surely you

    cant wait to explore Stellenbosch and participate in Irene and on campus.

    However, it is very important that you maintain balanced attitude regarding

    sport, culture, outdoor activities, social events and academics. As HK of Aca-

    demics, I want to put any fears you might have at ease. Ireners are known for

    being hardworking and motivated. We respect and motivate each other to

    make sure that each of us cope academically, as well as emotionally, to the

    best of our abilities. There is room to expand your knowledge in your chosen

    course, many structures in place to make sure you adjust properly ( firstyear

    study sessions, mentor and tutor sessions ). Besides just learning, it is also

    important to us you grow as an individual. Enjoy the holiday season and Im

    looking forward to meet your every need in regards with academics in the

    new year.


  • SosiaalSosiaalSosiaalSosiaal

    As jy gedink het jou matriekjaar was opwindend, dink WEER ! Jy is op die punt

    om mense te ontmoet van verskillende skole, provinsies, kulture en fa-

    kulteite. Tydens jou verwelkoming in Irene gaan jy reeds met paar mansko-

    shuise, sowel as koshuise in jou Cluster skakel dit gaan jou die geleentheid

    bied om reeds bekend te raak met van jou mede klasmaats. Gedurende die

    jaar neem Irene aan vele sosiale aktiwiteite deel op kampus. Dit behels trein-

    toere na Kalkbaai, wyntoere, danse en vele meer ! Ek wil jou solank entoesi-

    asties en opgewonde maak oor al die lekker aktiwitiete wat die jaar vir jou

    voorl ! Ek wil jou aanmoedig om uit jou boks uit te klim, nuwe mense te ont-

    moet en om die pragtige dorp van Stellenbosch te ontdek en ervaar. Geniet

    die res van jou vakansie, ek sien uit daarna om goeie herinneringe saam met

    jou te maak.


    Dalene Britz

    If you thought your matric year was exciting, THINK AGAIN ! You are about to

    meet awesome new people from different schools, provinces, cultures, facul-

    ties ect. During your welcoming in Irene you are already going to be socializ-

    ing with mens residents, as well as residents in your cluster, Wimbledon. This

    will offer you the opportunity to meet your fellow classmates. Throughout

    the year, Irene takes part in social events on Campus. Activities include train

    tours to Kalkbay, wine tasting, dances and much more ! I want to make you

    very excited about all the fun activities that lie ahead of you in your future at

    Irene. I want to encourage you to climb out of your box, meet new people

    and to explore the beautiful and exciting town of Stellenbosch. Enjoy the rest

    of your holiday, Im looking very forward to make many memories with you.


    Dalene Britz


  • KultuurKultuurKultuurKultuur

    Over the years culture has become a very important part of the Irene life-

    style. Every year Ireners participate in various Cultural activities which include

    various in-house activities and other which take place right around Campus.

    Kicking off early in the year with Molassaser, which is always a highlight and

    great fun. It involves the learning of songs to serenade to some of the Mens

    residences on Campus. Anyone in Irene can participate, and it is a perfect op-

    portunity to meet friends, and have a great time, showing off the Irene talent.

    Further Campus activities include events such as Kleinser, a Competition

    which is now established nationwide between Universities; Toneelfees,

    hosted by the ATKV, debating and many others. Internal activities such as Cul-

    ture evenings, is where students can showcase their talents in front of their

    own res and others, and is usually hosted at least once a term.

    Cultural activities in Irene aim at creating opportunities for students to in-

    crease in sociability and personal development. They are given the opportu-

    nity to learn new things, share ideas and talents. It is not something for the

    residence but something for you, to partake in, build self-esteem and a

    chance to become involved and make new friends.

    If you have any questions, any concern regarding the Cultural sphere in Irene

    or on Campus, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Looking forward to meet you all.

    Liesl Mauermann

  • KultuurKultuurKultuurKultuur

    Kultuur het groot deels n belangrike rol binne Irene begin speel in die af-

    gelope paar jaar. Dit is n gebied wat aanhoudend aan die groei is en n n plat-

    form skep vir Studente om hul talente uit te leef. Ireners neem jaarliks aan n

    verskeidenheid aktiwiteite deel, insuitend interne aktiwiteite sowel as ander


    Na MAD2 skop die jaar af met Molasse Ser. Hierdie is n lekker geleentheid vir

    1e jaars en Seniors om mekaar te leer ken en nuwe pelle te maak. Enige ie-

    mand kan deel neem aan Molasse ser. Ons leer en oefen saam liedjies, en op

    die groot aand gaan Serenade koshuise oor kampus vir mekaar. Dit is werk-

    lik geesbouend en n ongelooflike ervaring. Ander Kampus aktiwiteite, onder

    andere die jaarlikse KleinSer, is n kompetisie nou al Nationaal gevestig, waar

    Koshuis Sergroepe maande vooraf oefen vir die groot kompetisie. Toneelfees,

    elke jaar geborg deur ATKV; debat en Kultuur aande is nog aktiwiteite wat

    elke jaar plaasvind.

    Kultuur binne Irene mik op Studente die geleentheid te bied om sosiaal, sowe

    as persoonlik te groei. Hierdie is n platform vir student om hulle talente uit te

    leef, mense te leer ken, en nuwe idees te kan deel met ander.

    Indien jy enige vrae het aangaande Kultuur in Irene of op Kampus kan jy my

    gerus kontak.

    Sien uit om julle te ontmoet.

    Liesl Mauermann

  • KlusterKlusterKlusterKluster

    Die kluster inisiatief is deur die universiteit begin om interaksie tussen stu-

    dent van verskillende huise en PSOs te laat plaasvind. Koshuise word in

    groepe verdeel en binne die kluster vind daar dan n groot verskeidenheid

    aktiwiteite plaas. Die hoof doel van die kluster inisiatief is akademiese onder-

    steuning. In die clusters is daar mentors wat die eerstejaars akademies onder-

    steun en lei deur hulle eerste jaar van universiteit. Die eerstejaars kry ook n

    kans om ander student van hulle fakulteite te leer ken.

    Die Wimbledon kluster bestaan uit Irene, Helshoogte, Eendrag, Sonop,

    Aristea en Vesta. Die kluster se waardes is omgee, vriendskap, vryheid en ver-

    troue. Wimbledon kluster se waardes is daarop gerig om n gelukkige en ge-

    balanseerde student te verseker wat met vrymoedigheid en vryheid hulle

    drome en ideale kan uitleef en ook die nodige ondersteuningsbasis het om

    hierdie drome ten volle na te streef.

    The cluster community is an initiative by the university to ensure between

    students from different residences and PSOs. Residences are divided into

    groups within each one of the clusters a wide range of activities takes place

    throughout the year. The main purpose of the cluster initiative is academic

    support. In the clusters there are mentors who support and assist the first

    years academically. The firstyears also gets a chance to meet other students

    of their faculties.

    The Wimbledon cluster consists of Irene, Helshoogte, Eendrag, Sonop, Aristea

    and Vesta. The cluster values are caring, friendship, freedom and confidence.

    Wimbledons values aim to provide a happy and balanced to ensure that stu-

    dents grow and develope with confidence and have the freedom of living out

    their dreams


  • Irene is GroenIrene is GroenIrene is GroenIrene is Groen

    Die Groen inisiatief l Irene werlklik na aan die hart. In die ver-

    welkomingsprogram skep ons geleentheid vir Ireners om die natuur te beleef

    en om omgewingsbewus te word. Dit stop ook nie daar nie, Irene mik om ons

    koolstof voetspore te verminder in Irene deur bv. Meat-Free-Mondays en


    The Green initiative has become a significant topic around campus and truly

    important to Irene. Our new Welcoming programme aims at getting first

    years involved in creating green awareness and includes activities to help im-

    prove the environment. Irene aspires at reducing our carbon footprints in

    Irene with various initiatives such as Meat-Free-Mondays and recycling.

    Irene is GreenIrene is GreenIrene is GreenIrene is Green

  • SportSportSportSport

    Sport speel n belangrike rol in die balans van Irene wees en maak Irene net

    soveel meer spesiaal. Daar is geen beter gevoel as om Irene op die sportveld

    te verteenwoordig nie. Ons neem met trots deel aan alles sportsoorte wat op

    kampus aangebied word. Irene bied netbal, sokker, tafeltennis, muurbal, hok-

    kie, tennis, snooker, dames touchies en skaak aan. Daar is waarlik n groot

    verkeidenheid vir elke meisie.

    Irene het n baie suksesvolle jaar gehad, aangaande die sport in ons koshuis.

    Beide die eerste spanne van ons netbal en tafeltennis het deelgeneem aan

    die finale van die koshuisligas.

    Elke jaar bied Irene n sportweek aan waar ons teen n ander koshuis kompet-

    eer vir pret. Daar is n verskeidenheid van pret sportsoorte wat gespeel word

    soos snoeker, vlugbal, fooseball en sokker. Die aand word afgesluit met n

    ladies night waar ons fliek kyk, springmielies eet en hot chocolate drink.

    Ons het hierdie jaar teen monica gespeel sowel as ons buurmanne Eendrag,

    wat groot pret verskaf het. Interseksiesport in Irene week is ook n groot

    hoogtepunt waar die meisies binne die koshuis teen mekaar kompeteer. Daar

    is n kombinasie van boeresport en nuwe gunstelinge soos 30secondes. Dit is

    die perfekte geleentheid vir die meisies om mekaar beter te leer ken, n breuk

    te vat van die akademie en jou vermo om n toffee appel tee eet te wys.

    Irene sport is die perfekte manier om nuwe vriendskappe op te bou en vir jou

    om bytedra tot die Irene. Ons kan nie wag om jou op die sportveld te sien nie.

  • SportSportSportSport

    Sport is a vital part of what makes Irene so special. There is no feeling quite

    like representing Irene on the sports field. We take great pleasure and great

    pride in our sport. Irene offers netball, soccer, table tennis, squash, hockey,

    tennis, pool, dames touchies and chess. There is truly something for every-

    one. Irene had a very successful year regarding the sport in our residence.

    The first netball team went to the finals were they lost with a few points, as

    well as the table tennis first team who were in the finals.

    Every year we host a sports week against another residence where we

    enjoy a variety of sports within a fun, social atmosphere. This year Irene com-

    peted against Monica and our neighbours Eendrag, which evolved a lot of

    fun. We compete in sports like soccer, foosball, pool and volleyball, before

    ending it off with a girls night: movies, popcorn and hot chocolate. Intersec-

    tion sport is another highlight in the sporting calendar. Sport takes place

    within Irene week and combines a bit of traditional Boeresport with mod-

    ern favourites like 30 seconds.

    It is the perfect opportunity to take a break from the academics, bond with

    your neighbours, and show off your unique toffee apple eating ability. Irene

    sport is the ideal way to get to build friendships and make a contribution

    to Irene. We cant wait to see you on the sports field.

  • Belangrike Dinge om the OnthouBelangrike Dinge om the OnthouBelangrike Dinge om the OnthouBelangrike Dinge om the Onthou 8 x ID fotos (dit word gebruik vir akademiese en koshuis


    Mediesefonds Nommer

    2 x kombinasie slotte (een vir die kamerdeur en een vir jou kas)

    Multiplug (BELANGRIK! Dit moet een wees waarvan elkepunt n

    aparte skakelaar het en dit kan uitskop indien daar n kortsluiting


    Musiek instrument (indien jy een kan speel)

    Jou kamer het gordyne, maar indien jy jou eie gordyne is die

    mates 1.2m x 1.5m (lengte maal breedte)

    Ons het n beperkte aantal parkeer plekke. Seniors kry voorkeur,

    maar daar is n oop area voor die koshuis waar eerstejaars op eie

    risiko kan parkeer

    Jou mymaties wagwoord en studente nommer

    Electrical Items you may bringElectrical Items you may bringElectrical Items you may bringElectrical Items you may bring Refrigerator


    Hair Dryers / Straighteners / Curling Tongs

    PCs / Laptops / Printer


    Fan Heater


    Radio / CD-Player

    Desk Lamp

    Elecrical Items you may Elecrical Items you may Elecrical Items you may Elecrical Items you may not not not not bringbringbringbring Electric blanket

    Open element / Gas Heaters

    Microwaves (there are 6 kitchenettes available with microwaves)


    Toaster / Sandwich Machines / Hot Plates

  • Wat is dit? / What is that?Wat is dit? / What is that?Wat is dit? / What is that?Wat is dit? / What is that?

    Bondelsport: Lekker boeresport en ander aktiwiteite

    Fun sport, games and other activities

    Vensters: Straatteater aangebied deur elke JOOLpaar

    Street theatre presented by each RAG pair

    Skakelings: n Onmoeting met n manskoshuis

    A social gathering / mixer with a mens residence

    Castle Warming: Elke seksie versier n stalletjie en lewer n kort

    vertoning volgens n spesifieke tema

    Each section puts on a show, decorates a stall and

    dresses up according to a theme

    Huisfondsdans: n prettige informele dans waar daar volgens a

    tema aangetrek word

    A fun, informal dance where you dress according

    to the theme

    Eerstejaarsdans: n semi-formele dans slegs vir eerstejaars

    A semi-formal dance only for first years

    Huisdans: n formele dans vir die hele huis

    A formal dance for the whole residence

  • MADMADMADMAD22222012201220122012

    Every year, new first year students have the opportunity to take part in

    JOOL. A new initiative called MAD2 (Making a Decision to Make a Differ-

    ence) will be taking its place in 2012. Each one of you will be given the

    opportunity to take part in Vensters (street theatre) and the March for

    MADness (street parade) as well as many other activities. MAD2 is a time

    when youll meet lots of new people, making long lasting memories, and

    have once in a lifetime experiences. It is truly one of the highlights of stu-

    dent life.

    Everyday brings with it a new challenge, but by the time you collapse

    onto your bed after MAD2

    ends with tired muscles, you will realize it was

    worth every bit of effort. We, as Irene, and our MAD2 partners Huis

    Marais mens residence, have taken up the challenge of making this

    years campaign an unforgettable one. Our theme this year is I am

    HoMe and it falls within the general theme of Glocal. All the funds

    raised will go to Maties Community Service. We are already hard at work

    with preparations and planning, and we look forward to working with


    To make a success of MAD2

    we would like you to bring with you the fol-

    lowing items. It is not necessary to buy everything listed, but please bring

    along everything which is available to you:


    Neat clothes for the University Opening (black dress)

    White shorts / skirt

    Black shorts / skirt

    Denim shorts / skirt

    Black JT/Strappy top

    White JT/Strappy top

    Groen t-hemp

    Any colour crpe paper

    An old t-shirt and shorts that are allowed to get dirty

    Black & Green Plastic Bags (and any other plastic bags)

  • Probeer asseblief om die volgende te bring:



    Ogiesdraad/Chicken Wire

    Enige kleur crpe papier

    Swart kopband & Kleurvol kopband

    Wit hemp wat vuil/geskeur kan word


    1m (of meer) bont lint


    Cellofaan papier


    Gesig verf


    Plastiek prinses kroon


    Tinsel en glitter

    Vuvuzela (net as jy een het)

    Hair Elastics

    make-up and hairspray

    Safety Pins

    Enige helder vests/t-hempies/strappy tops (Lumo geel, groen,pienk orange

    of blou/rooi etc)

    Pastel / Candy coloured tops / skirts / shorts

    Helder kouse / leggings

    Ou swart kouse

    Stywe swart toppies

    Hotpants / Cycling shorts

    Leotards / Ballet shoes / Tutus

    Enige hip hop klere: kettings, caps, tekkies

    Enige blink / helder material

    Wit leggings/White leggings

    Afrika hemde/Africa shirts

  • Cotton Wool

    Karate pakke (indien het) / Karate suits (if you have one)

    Blom hair haarstuk/Flower hairpiece

    Red or black skirt/rooi of swart romp

    Red jt strappy top

    Donker groen hemp

    Donker blou hemp

    Geel hemp

    St Patricks day hoed (of enige ander soortgelyke groen hoed)/St Patricks day

    hat (or any similar green hat)

    On arrival at Irene, you will receive a set of Irene clothing. These are

    items which you will wear throughout MAD2 and are issued at a cost of R350.

    This amount must be paid when you arrive. If you have any further questions,

    dont hesitate to contact us.

    Important Things to Remember

    Email us 2 clear pictures of yourself (1 head & shoulders & 1 full length) to

    [email protected] with the subject line as First Year 2012 Photo

    Medical aid number

    2 combination locks (one for your bedroom door and one for your cupboard)

    Multiplug (NB! It must be a multiplug that has separate switches for each

    socket that can trip if a short circuit occurs)

    Musical Instrument (if you can play one)

    Your room has curtains, but if you would like to bring your own, the measure-

    ments are: 1.2m x 1.5m (length x breadth)

    Irene has a certain number of parking spaces, but Seniors get preference. How-

    ever, there is a gravel area in front of the park across the road where you may

    park at your own risk. Due to the building plans for Irene in 2012, we will unfor-

    tunately be losing 22 of our parking spaces and seniors will also be parking in

    the gravel area. We therefore cannot guarantee you a parking spot and bringing

    a car to Stellenbosch is not advised. Everything you need is within walking dis-


    You may bring bicycles as we have a very secure bicycle shed.

    Remember your student number and mymaties password

  • Electrical items you may bring



    Hair Dryers / Straighteners / Curling Tongs

    PCs / Laptops / Printer


    Fan Heater


    Radio / CD-Player

    Desk Lamp

    Electrical items you may bring Electric blanket

    Open element / Gas Heaters

    Microwaves (there are 6 kitchenettes available with microwaves)


    Toaster / Sandwich Machines / Hot Plates

  • Algemene InligtingAlgemene InligtingAlgemene InligtingAlgemene Inligting

    Posadres en Fisiese adres:

    Student se volle naam en van

    Irene Dameskoshuis




    Pos word elke week uitgehaal en aan die betrokke student besorg

    Studente is self verantwoordelik vir die afhaal van pakkies/ posstukke

    by die poskantoor (Neelsie Studentesentrum)

    Geen verantwoordelikheid word deur die koshuis se bestuur aanvaar

    vir pakkies wat by die koshuis vir studente afgelaai word nie. Slegs

    geregistreerde aflewerings, waarvoor geteken word, kan deur die in-

    wonende hoof of een van die HK lede in ontvangs geneem word.

    Visiting hours during orientation week:

    The US and Irenes various orientation programs are taking place parallel to

    one another and are therefore rather structured and busy. Participation in

    the residences program is not compulsory, but we would still like to invite

    and encourage all first years to participate as much as possible to adapt

    well to the residence environment and build relationships. JOOL really is an

    amazingly fun time.

    So as to ensure that the program runs smoothly we would like to request

    from all parents and/or first years to please let Michelle (HK First Years)

    know a day in advance if any of the next days activities can not be at-



    The closest shopping centre (with SPAR, pharmacy and doctors) is within

    walking distance from Irene. The HK members will explain exactly where it

  • Etes:

    Alle etes gedurende die verwelkomingstyd word voorsien sonder be-

    spreking, maar wel teen n kosteverhaling teen die studenterekening.

    Vir middag- en aandete is twee opsies beskikbaar, nl. Normale ete en

    Gesondheidsopsie (Net normale ete is beskikbaar gedurende JOOL).

    Alle etes, behalwe ontbyt, moet 2 dae voor die tyd bespreek word

    (hierdie geld nie vir verwelkomingsweek nie).


    Navrae oor die betaling van koshuis- en kursusgelde moet aan US Ad-

    ministrasie A, Victoriastraat, gerig word.

    Eerstejaars word in dubbelkamers gehuisves wat gemeubileer is met

    n bed, lessenaar, stoel, ingeboude boekrak en ingeboude klerekas.

    Irene se waskamer beskik oor wasmasjiene en tuimeldroers. n Volle

    wassiklus kos R5 en studente aktiveer die program met hul studente-


    Kamers word twee keer n week gestofsuig teen geen ekstra koste nie.

    Studente word vriendelik versoek om op die betrokke dae hul kamers

    in n redelike ordelike toestand te laat sodat die diens optimaal gele-

    wer kan word.

    Indien n kamer te deurmekaar is, word dit nie skoongemaak nie.


    Parents/students are asked to please inform Ilse if the student has any

    serious allergies, or suffers from a sickness or falls ill at any stage.

    The US health centre is within walking distance from Irene. In extreme

    cases the resident head can be asked to help out. Contact details for

    docters is in the US welcoming brochure.

    No medication may be provided to students by Irenes management.

    Every student is kindly urged to bring along basic medical stock, for


    Headache pills, plasters and chronic medication.