iPhone Video Marketing-The Missing Manual

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If you are in business then Video Marketing can be powerful way to win more leads and sales. Rather than spend a lot of money on video equipment why not use the video camera in your pocket - your iPhone. In this ebook you’ll discover why your iPhone Video Camera is the best camera you own, discover some of the best iPhone Video apps on the Appstore and find out how to change your iPhone into a Video Marketing machine. Your iPhone (or iPad) sports a high quality HD camera, your i-device is connected to the web and you can leverage it to shoot, edit and distribute marketing videos fast. To unlock the power of your iPhone Video Camera please download this ebook written by former TV Director turned Video Marketer, Jules Watkins.

Transcript of iPhone Video Marketing-The Missing Manual

  • 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • BackstoryHi, before I get started I first need to tell you how we came tomeet and why we find ourselves here talking about the iPhonefor video.My name is Jules. I live in London, UK with 2 iPhones, an iPad,an i-wife and 2 i-kids! I wasnt born with an iPhone stuck to myface, even though it does make a good picture :) I actually started out as a Photographer, firstly assisting an Advertising Photographer in his studio in London. I then got itchy feet and moved into News (thats News not Nude!) Photography, and even ended up in the Balkans covering the break up of former Yugoslavia for the International Press - which was hair raising to say the least!When I started out in Photography I had to carry a colorchemical processing kit with me everywhere and develop filmsin hotel bathrooms that I would blackout with fabric!How times have changed. When photography went digital andthe internet exploded, my life got easier and I got fascinated bythe power of the Web for content distribution. I also got tired ofchasing people with my camera who didnt always want to bephotographed!I became convinced my future was in online content. I took timeout to do an MA in Interactive Media at University and this bychance landed me a job inside a TV Production company who 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • also delivered Web based projects to go alongside broadcastTV shows for the major UK Channels.But .. I got itchy feet again! Seeing other people in the officehaving such fun making TV made me really want to make TVtoo. I wanted to learn to produce and direct the moving imageand see my work broadcast to millions. It was a young, highlycompetitive industry and for me to have any chance of a sneakyside move into TV it was now or never.Cut a long story short and 10 years of hard, but fun, work gotme up the ladder to become a Shooting TV Producer/Director. What does that mean? In short, total multi-skilling. Aswell as managing the contestants, Presenter and experts(known as the talent), organising complicated shoots, scriptingvoiceover, directing crews, sitting in a suite with a pro-editor forweeks - I also had to shoot part or all of TV shows myself on bigcameras! Thats where my photo skills came in handy.Thats me behind the camera, Directing & Shooting for BBC1 - back breaking! 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • I Directed some big hit shows like The Biggest Loser MTVsPimp My Ride, the insanely popular BBC reality show DontTell The Bride and the Primetime Cop show Drunk andDangerous Were you ever on it?Now this might sound glamorous but it was a very poor job interms of leveraging my time. I was working 70 hour weeks,running from one contract to another, each lasting 10 weeks orso on average, always trying to secure the next contract duringmy downtime meant I could never really relax.Also another negative was I hardly saw my first child Natashagrow up, I was always running off to far ends of the country tocover some reality TV crisis that always seemed to flare up atweekends. It was hard to plan family time.I remember wasting hours of a holiday stuck on top of a hill inCrete (where I had found mobile reception) waiting to hear froman unreliable Production Manager if I had got a new contract.The call, though promised, never came!Around that time I fell in love with .. online video. For the second time I felt my future was online! With the epic rise of YouTube I could see people creating their own video content, content that they actually owned, unlike any of the TV shows or formats I had Produced overthe years. Being a gun for hire meant I had zero long termbusiness assets. I was just hiring out my time for money, thenback to square one. 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • I witnessed people were building valuable online assets andusing video to drive people to visit their own sites and sell theirservices 24/7 on the web.This blew my mind. I started downloading every useful free e-book I could find. Signing up to people lists and devouring theirback catalogue of audio and video content on, you guessed it,my iPhone! In fact, ironically I gave up watching TV so I couldmake the time to do this. Giving up over-consumption of TV andNewspapers is something Tim Ferris recommends in hisinfluential book The 4 hour work week if you want to find thetime to create your own online empire.The people who inspired me the most online included: YaroStarak, Gideon Shalwick, David Risley, Pat Flynn, JamesWedmore,Tim Conley, Andy Jenkins, Eben Pagan, JamesSchramko, David Siteman Garland and Andrew Warner. Isuggest you Google them if ever you get the time!Its amazing to me that less than 2 years later I have created myown hit online product called iPhone Video Hero and I nowknow several of these entrepreneurs personally and have eitherswapped emails or chatted on Skype with them!Yours truly on The Rise To The Top Podcast with David Siteman Garland! 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • Looking back I now realise that working in TV has given me agreat positioning in the world of Video Marketing.TV is in essence powerful Video based marketing, from thetitle and description of the show which is the Web equivalent ofthe copy, the techniques I would use to grip people at the topof the show to stick with the episode, how I ensured theaudience was compelled to stick watching the Channel duringthe ad breaks, so the monetisation could occur, and then the call to action at the end to keep them coming back week after week. It was fascinating how a TV show could make the cast, often ordinary folks, famous offline and online by building their personal brand and creating a feeling that you actually knew them, just like online video can for you.Even though I had a lot to bring to the table, I also knew I had tolearn Internet Marketing to make a splash online. I invested intraining courses and mentoring so I could add a new skillset tomy existing ones.Moving on, I experimented with affiliate blogging, YouTubemarketing and product creation. I also love producing videos forentrepreneurs and businesses that I choose to work with.So now you know how I got here .. Lets talk iPhone! 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • Well in just a sec ... you see inthe beginning was .. the FlipCamera.I used to love the Flip I evenblogged about the Flipexclusively for a while when Iwas experimenting with AffiliateMarketing.I once sold $23,000 of Flip gearin a year as an Amazon affiliate!This low cost, easy to usecamera was groundbreaking butflawed. The lack of an audioinput jack was a huge weakness. Sure there were ways aroundit by recording the audio separately and synching it up later inthe edit but that was a pain in the rear.Bad audio will have people clicking away from your Videosfaster than Usain Bolt late for a date! More about audiolater.Then one day Cisco, the tech company who had bought the Flipbrand decided to make the Flip extinct and pull put of themarket. In my view buying a Flip now is a very poor investmenteven if you can find one.Then along came the Kodak Zi8 (later upgraded to thePlaytouch.) These were and still are massively popular amongstbusiness owners and marketers. 2012 iPhone Video Hero
  • The fact the Zi8 has an audio input socket is a huge plus, but Ifind the auto only functions limiting. For example filmingyourself against a white or black background fools the cameraand it compensates by increasing the exposure or reducing it and you become over bright or over dark. Also, except for the ultra close- up feature (using the macro switch) the Kodak, like the Flip, wont give you a sharp image in the 0.0m to 0.8m range due to the limitations of the lens. Around 0.6 to 0.8 m is a sweet spot when filming yourself or shooting interviews so in some videos you will notice the subject is not in focus but the background is pin sharp!Another disadvantage with the Kodak is you cant monitor theaudio as you film, so you are shooting blind, so to speak. If theaudio is terrible or if your mic has run out of batteries you canbe recording zero sound, but have no way of telling until youstop and play it back.Ive heard horror stories about crucial