Investor Repellers: gli Errori da NON Fare con gli Investitori

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Workshop Girls in Tech - Italy #3 Andrea Baldini e Tomaso Rodriguez rivelano dalle loro esperienze personali e con un po’ di humor cosa (non) fare nel preparare e presentare pitch e business plan ad investitori. by Junior Jedi Workshop

Transcript of Investor Repellers: gli Errori da NON Fare con gli Investitori

  • Workshops Investor Repellers 10 mistakes to avoid when you present to investors Andrea Baldini Tomaso Rodriguez
  • WHATS THIS? THIS? WHATS GONNA HAPPEN? HAPPEN? Short workshop on some things you should (NOT) do when presenting to investors with a bit of humor and theatrics for all the startuppers out there! FORMAT: MISTAKE RULE Presented to you by Junior Jedi 2
  • Its a story I want to believe in RULE # 0 GOOD COMMUNICATIONS 4
  • 5
  • What are you going to tell me? RULE # 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 7
  • FIRST THINGS FIRST Golden rule: Tell me what you are going to tell me, then tell me, then summarize (= tell me again) 8
  • What is it? What is it for? RULE # 2 ITS THE PRODUCT, STUPID! PRODUCT, STUPID! 10
  • Source: 11
  • Financials will come RULE # 3 BUSINESS MODEL FIRST 13
  • BUSINESS MODEL Razor Blade Reverse Razor Blade 14
  • SOME EXAMPLES Advertising Add On Razor Blade Freemium Low Cost Pay as you Go Subscription model Brick & mortar vs Digital Distribution Virtual goods 15
  • BUSINESS CASE New product/service addressed needs Breakthrough innovation nearest comparable Business case: the reasoning for switching from the existing to the new Always consider: Pros Cons Laziness of people Fear of the unknown BE CONVINCING! ... ... 16
  • investors MANAGE risk RULE # 4 SUPPORT WITH METRICS 18
  • METRICS Follow business model and strategy Financials should reflect them VCs love measurable things Make their job easier Help in proving the value of a concept Can validate an idea that sounds good 19
  • METRICS FOR A WEBCO (OLD SCHOOL) SEM CAC Lead Lifetime Customer Acquisition Cost Churn Rate Recurring Sales MWA SEO Retargeting Affiliation LTV Lifetime Value Mob Ads LTV > CAC ??? 20
  • YOUR OWN STRATEGY, YOUR OWN METRICS old school vs. start up VCs dont like buying user bases Key: acquire quality users at the lowest cost possible 21
  • So you got an idea? That dont impress me much RULE # 5 EXECUTION 22
  • EXECUTION Idea is NOTHING without execution No plan = No money from an investor Go-to-market plan coherent with strategy Measurable performance 23
  • How to segment and identify my segments RULE # 6 FIND THE MARKET BEFORE IT FINDS YOU 24
  • THE OLD WAYS segment = people with the same buying motive Judging what people will buy based on: Job Salary Level of employment Largely irrelevant as: people do not conform to stereotypes people from all classes and occupations share similar aspirations. Prof. Paul Fifield 25
  • THE NEW SCHOOL The best (real) segments comprise people with the same needs & motivations these change depending on the time, place and event People share the same needs and motivations, not because of who they are, but what brings them together Prof. Paul Fifield 26
  • IN WHICH BUSINESS ARE YOU IN? Product led Company Motor Cycles Watches Electric Motors Electronics Watches Cosmetics Coffee Shops Leather/Luggage Encyclopedias Harley Davidson Swatch B&D Sony Rolex Revlon Starbucks Louis Vuitton Britannica Our Product? Our Company Prof. Paul Fifield Market led Big Boys Toys Fashion Accessories DIY = Do It Yourself Entertainment Jewelry Hope The Third Place The Art of Traveling Parental guilt Our Business 28
  • MARKET ADDRESSABLE MARKET Sector / niche Segmentation Geography Distribution Legal constraints Competition Barriers to entry 29
  • Where does taht number come from RULE # 7 VALUATION 30
  • SHOW ME THE MONEY For VCs and investors valuation comes out of many elements (strategy, focus, market, metrics, biz model, etc., etc., etc.) Investors are (usually) in for the long term Market (usually) wins VCs reason BACKWARDS (exit and dilution) Incentives needs to be aligned CAVEAT: be certain to know what you are buying with a certain valuation 31
  • We are gonna find it out anyway RULE # 8 BE TRANSPARENT 33
  • SECURITY BY OBSCURITY IS NO GOOD Be transparent on TEAM, dont hide missing pieces, be practical Be transparent on COMPETITORS, which one keeps you awake at night? Be transparent on LOCK-IN, how you avoid losing ground and user base or customers? Be transparent on anything, there is going to be a Due Diligence if everything goes well 34
  • Feedback is good, secrets are not RULE # 9 GET CHALLENGED BEFORE PRESENTING 35
  • IRIDIUM CASE 66 low earth orbiting satellites Allowing subscribers to make phone calls all over the world Cost of the project over $6 bln IPOed in June 1997 for $20 / share, in less than one year price increased to $ 72.19 / share In November 1998 the service was launched 36
  • IRIDIUM CASE (cont.) (cont.) In May 1999 share price was just $ 3.06 Bankruptcy in August 1999 Were a classic MBA case study in how not to introduce a product. First we created a marvelous technological achievement. Then we asked how to make money on it. Iridium Interim CEO John A. Richardson, August 1999 Source Hey! Did somebody tell these guys that the product is too bulky??? 37
  • One size doesnt fit all RULE # 10 GET INFO ON VC BEFORE PRESENTING 40
  • GET INFO ON VCs BEFORE PRESENTING VCs will provide smart money for your business But every VC has its own expertise in terms of: Geographies Sectors Network Markets Stages of growth Getting financed by a VC is like getting married, you have to choose accurately! 41
  • One size doesnt fit all RULE # 10+ DONT BE (TOO) BULLISH 42
  • THERE ARE NOT MANY GOOGLES AND FACEBOOKS OUT THERE Need of cash 500 k Planning to sell the company at 15 x EBITDA in 4 years at 1,2 B 43
  • Feature 8 Feature 7 Feature 6 Feature 5 Feature 4 Feature 3 Feature 2 Feature 1 COMPARISONS SHOULD BE FAIR ENOUGH MyProduct 44
  • Thank You! You! Investor Repellers 10 mistakes to avoid when you present to investors Andrea Baldini Tomaso Rodriguez
  • Francesco Inguscio Matteo Panfilo Matteo Scarabelli Matteo Faggin Tomaso Rodriguez Andrea Baldini Emil Abirascid Giusy Cannone Anna Sargian Alessandra Giuffranti Marina Calcagno Federica Pasini Francesca Brescia Pierantonio Luceri Umberto De Feo Eugenia Di Somma Raffaele Mauro 46
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  • GUERRILLA MARKETING Drastic Goodwill Humorous Guerrilla Marketing Cheap One shot Completely Unexpected 50
  • EXAMPLE OF BAD EXECUTION Ben-Gay is a cream to relieve pains very successful in US When the company decided to launch the Aspirin it was a flop It was just a naming problem would you swallow a Ben-Gay? 51