Investment banking analyst bonuses

Do you know which is the most considerable aspect of Investment Banking Analyst ?


For full text article go to : impression after hearing the word Investment Banking Analyst made is about his salary and the bonus. This video will brief you about the structure and the processes involved in calculating the bonuses of Investment Banking Analyst.

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Do you know which is the most considerable aspect of

Investment Banking Analyst ?

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Page 3: Investment banking analyst bonuses

Yes, Analyst’s Salary and


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Compensation of an analyst is structured as a salary plus year-end

bonus. Also for new employees it includes a signing bonus.

Bonus is decided on the basis of one’s own performance and the

entire team’s performance. That is, though everybody is putting their

effort, but the team is unsuccessful in closing the deals then it is

definitely going to affect the revenue. In such cases, employee

bonuses will suffer.

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Process of Allocating Bonus

Division into


1. Group heads are given with the responsibility of dividing their juniors in the tiers. Based on the reviews and the feedbacks from the people who have worked with them; filtration is carried out.




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Second level

Third level

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Second level

Third level

Process of Allocating Bonus

2. The higher management then decides about the, bonus amount to be allocated.

3. Also for those who are at senior positions, the amounts differ based upon the deals that became successful. Whoever you are, your own contribution and performance in work is counted.

4. As per this the MDs discuss internally about the ranking of each analyst.

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Start and End are the Indicators

Do Your Work Smartly and Effectively

Attend All The Meetings.

How one should be prepared for getting appropriate Bonus?

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• For the Investment Banking analysts in the first year, generally receives $10 k or so as a signing bonus with base salary of $60K-$70K.

• The first year Investment Banking Associates out of an MBA program will receive a $30k signing bonus and $95-105k salary depending on the bank.

• Along with bonus you also get other perks for your dinner and other facilities for the cases when you have to work in the night as well.

General Bonus Figures

Page 9: Investment banking analyst bonuses




Pay Below Average

Average Above Average

1st Year Analyst

$70 k

$30k-$40k $45k-$60k $50k-$80k $100k-$150k

2ndt Year Analyst

$80K $30k-$50k $55k-$75k $65k-$85k $110k-$165k

3rd Year Analyst

$90k $35k-$60k $65k-$80k $90k-$120k


Investment Banking Analyst’s compensation figures

Page 10: Investment banking analyst bonuses

The figures shown are generalized figures. Real

figures however may vary as per the :

• Geographical location

• Experience

• and Organizational level

Page 12: Investment banking analyst bonuses

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