Introduction to Fashion Blogging

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Brief introduction about how to start a fashion/lifestyle blog.

Transcript of Introduction to Fashion Blogging

  • 1. Junior at University of Houston Studying Event Management, Minoring in Non-Profit Management Certified Wedding Planner Barbie Collector Advisory Panel Houston Fashion Bloggers Houston Bloggers

2. A blog is basically a journal that is available online. The activity of updating a blog is blogging and someone who keeps a blog is a blogger. Source 3. Creative outlet Missed writing, improve writing skills Employers look for this skill 4. What youll write about Copyright/ Trademark Infringement Unique and memorable 5. Blogger Free Limited HTML Knowledge Needed Limited Plugins Subdomain Free Limited Plugins Limited Themes Subdomain-limited sponsored content Pay for hosting Thousands of plugins Thousands of themes You own this site 6. Write consistently Take good photos Edit photos Watermark photos Share your content Comment on other blogs 7. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Plus Tumblr Youtube LinkedIn 8. Designer DIY packages at Wal-Mart, Office Depot 9. Join Blogger Groups Houston Fashion Bloggers Houston Bloggers Houston Blogger Social Club Texas Bloggers Hello Houston Media Join Online Blogger Groups Independent Fashion Bloggers Bloggers Like Me Style Bloggers of Color Clever Girls Collective SITS Girls 10. Houston Bloggers Social Club Katy Mills Mall Fashion Bloggers Reception Qwashae Boutique Fashion Bloggers Night Houston Fashion Bloggers Holiday Party 11. Fashion Houston Houston International Fashion Week Boutique Openings Make-Up Shows In-Store Events 12. Place relevant ads on your site 13. Place company ads on your site and get commission off of purchases made 14. Paid/given free product to write about a product or service 15. I was an Ambassador for the Salvation Army. 16. Model on Great Day Houston 17. Fashion Houston International Fashion Week Simon Fashion Now 18. Porsche Designs Reception Bath and Bodyworks Preview Henri Bendel Swarvoski Crystal Event 19. Make goals Research best practices Reach out to brands Stay consistent Write well Good Photos are Key 20. Ive got answers!