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  • 1. My name is Alicia Chambers and I am an English teacher atHello! Oak Hill High School, which is a small school located in Wales, Maine. Outside of the classroom, I serve as an advisor for the Oak Hill Student Council as well as the local chapter of Future Business Leaders of America; which keeps me very busy. This is is my 4th class in the UNE Literacy Program and I am excited meet and have the opportunity to work with all of you!

2. I live in Portland, Mainewith my husband Reed andmy sweet dog Bella.I love living in Portland andduring my free time I takeadvantage of all it has tooffer like the greatrestaurants, concerts, andmuseums; as well asgetting outside to enjoythe beaches & trails.Although this has been apretty mild ME winter, I amdefinitely looking forwardto the spring sunshine andgetting the garden going!