Intro to B2B corporate blogging

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This presentation was built to serve as an intro for content creators who were unfamiliar with the more common elements of blogging.

Transcript of Intro to B2B corporate blogging

  • 1. Blogging 101
  • 2. Blogging Effectively
    A Blogs Look & Feel
    Best Practices: Writing a Blog Post
    Best Practices: Using Multimedia
  • 3. A Blogs Look & Feel
  • 4. Glossary of Blog Terms
  • 5. The Anatomy of a Blog
    Main navigation & search
    Subscription options, featured content, Social Media & blogroll links
    Main Content
    Posts, Pages, etc
    FooterRepeat subscription options & links
  • 6. The Anatomy of a Blog
    Subscription options & social media links
  • 7. Best Practices: Writing a Blog Post
  • 8. A Successful Blog Post
    Provides relevant, useful and valuable information
    The audience is our customer base. Picture yourself in their shoes and take their perspective
    Uses clear, concise and interesting headlines so readers know what theyre getting (or are intrigued)
    Is typically more casual & conversational than other forms of writing. Use a personal voice.
    Is easy to skim
    Is well-written. Spellcheck. Fact-check. Proofread.
    Incorporates visual content to liven things up
  • 9. The Introduction
    When writing the introduction, here are some ideas for how to begin your post
    Pose a Question
    Open with a Quote
    Provide a Personal and Powerful Story
    Quote an Enticing Fact or Statistic
    Create Context, provide background
    Use Analogies
  • 10. Writing for the Skimmer
    Break up your post into bite-sized sections using:
    Call out box or block quote
    Short paragraphs
    Bullet points
    A short numbered list
  • 11. Linking
    Hyperlinking in Posts
    Link to content that is referred to in post
    List additional resources at the end of an article
    Hyperlinks increase Search Engine optimization and provides the reader with further research
    Ask for and respond to comments:
    Make a point to invite our readers to share their opinions in your comments on every post
    Acknowledge their comments, even when their viewpoint differs from your own.
  • 13. Best Practices:Using Multimedia
  • 14. Embedding Multimedia: Images
    Images break up text heavy post and provides visual relief.
    Images don't have to include just photos
    You can use screenshots, diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations, and more
    Best Practices:
    Use a maximum of 2-3 images per post
    Include a link to any online images in your post or send the source file to Social Media Manager
  • 15. Embedding Multimedia: Video
    Why to consider video:
    Video adds visual and audio interest to text-heavy web pages
    Video can often be more compelling
    Best Practices:
    Keep video to 2 minutes or less
    If you are writing your post in html, cut and paste the embed code from a video streaming site in to the post
    If your are writing your post in a word processor, just include a link to the webpage