Interview Do's & Don'ts

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Transcript of Interview Do's & Don'ts

  • Interview Do's & Don'ts

    Charlotte Flatley International Recruitment Specialist

  • Introduction

    Having recruited internally for some of the best companies worldwide including Chevron, BHP Billiton & ANZ below are my top do's and don'ts when it comes to doing a successful interview!

  • Dos Be prepared for the telephone interview with the Recruiter, have a saved copy of the advert and your resume at hand Ask the Recruiter for a better time to discuss the role if you are not in a position to speak with them, but be sure to call them back at the exact time you say you will Ask the Recruiter appropriate questions about the recruitment process and nature of the interview Prepare for your interview thoroughly, using the information provided by the recruiter and the description of the position on the advertisement Consider the STAR technique when preparing your examples which you may use in the interview

  • Dos Prepare notes for your interview but do not be reliant on them, you may not be able to use them in the interview. Ask the recruiter if it is ok if you refer to them. Be sure to listen to the interview question, jot down notes and consider the main criteria Be engaging, make sure you engage with everyone in the room not just the hiring manager. All of the interviewers will be provided their thoughts and feedback on your skills, experience and culture fit. Practice your examples and time them, remember; do not waffle, do not go into too much detail, be relevant and consider the STAR technique Be honest and respectful at all times during the recruitment process, no matter who you are liaising with

  • Donts Do not ask the Recruiter or panel inappropriate questions about remuneration, benefits or about other candidates Do not be late for your interview, always arrive early to the general interview location and approx. 5 minutes early to the actual interview Do not attend the interview in non-appropriate clothing, if unsure ask the interviewer if it is smart business, business casual or casual Do not make jokes, you never know the full background of the panel and who might be offended

  • Also Important Be aware of body language, this can speak louder than words so make sure to sit upright and be present and engaging with the room

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