Intersection of Faith and Economics

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Conversation with a pastor of a small liberal church in Washington, DC on how he interprets the bible's teaching on wealth, capitalism and individual responsibility.

Transcript of Intersection of Faith and Economics

  • A radio Program Expanding Your Knowledge of Important Issues in Todays Workplace. Todays Program: Intersection of Faith and Economics Guests: Brian Hamilton, Co- Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC [email protected]/@theworkforces how
  • Brian is co-pastor with his wife, The Reverend Ruth Hamilton, of a progressive and "funky" church known for its jazz and blue ministries. Brian shares his thoughts on how his faith and religion help define his values and what he believes are some of the defining issues in today's economy that are influenced by our individual and collective values. Although we know that values are an important element in defining individual goals and career strategy, we ask how important are they, and what are they, in defining national economic policy, education policy, fairness in the workplace and much more. [email protected]/@theworkforces how
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