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Federal Internships Find and Apply for Summer 2011 October 20, 2010


Internships Summer 2011 Slides

Transcript of Internships Summer 2011 Slides

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Federal Internships

Find and Apply for Summer 2011

October 20, 2010

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Your Hosts:

Jennifer Close

Amanda Davis

Your Panelists:

Michael Mrozowski

• Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Julie Saad

• Office of Personnel Management

Laura Williams

• Department of State

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Housekeeping Items

We will open up the phone lines for questions at the end of the call. In the meantime, we encourage you to type questions into the Q&A box.

The recording of today’s presentation, as well as the accompanying handouts, will be emailed to all registered participants early next week.

• This information will NOT be posted on Partnership Connect.

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Finding a Federal Internship

2010-11 Sample Internships

Resources Handout

Department of State Internships Guide

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Partnership for Public Service

Why Federal Internships?

Now What?

How to Apply

Next Steps


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Partnership for Public Service

Nonpartisan and nonprofit organization

Good government starts with good people

Revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works

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PROFILED: Real Federal Interns

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Facts about Federal Internships

Excellent pay and benefits

High levels of responsibility

Valuable work experience

Ability to make a difference

Flexible schedules

Training and professional development

Opportunities to travel

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Straight from the Source

What unique opportunities and experiences do students at your agency have as part of their internships?

What do you believe are the most important or best benefits associated with federal internships?

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Now What?

Do your homework

Start your search

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Do Your Homework

Department Department Department Department Department Department

Independent Agencies and Government Corporations




Agency 1 Agency 2 Agency 3 Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Agency 1

Agency 2

Agency 3

Agency 4

Tip: Start your federal internship search during the early fall!

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Start Your Search: Student Programs

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

What: • Similar to a traditional internship • Summer or short-term experience

Who: • Students in high school, college, vocational or graduate school

More information: • Always paid • Length of the experience is set by the agency • Not required to be posted on

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Start Your Search: Student Programs

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)

What: • A student works in an area related to what she or he is studying

Who: • Undergraduate- or graduate-level students • An agency must form an agreement with the student’s


More information: • Always paid • If a student works 640 hours, she or he may be eligible to be

hired into an agency non-competitively • Not required to be posted on

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Start Your Search: Resources

Use these resources to target agencies of interest:






• Individual agency websites

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Start Your Search: Resources

Third-party internship providers

• School-based “in Washington” programs

• The Washington Center

• Washington Semester

• Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

• National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO)

• Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)

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Straight from the Source

What types of opportunities do you have available for students this summer?

When is the deadline to apply?

Where do you post your internships?

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Get Ready to Apply

Familiarize yourself with job vacancy announcements

Build your federal résumé and update your non-federal résumé

Prepare for assessments

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Job Vacancy Announcements

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Résumé Tips

Create an account on

• Store up to 5 federal résumés, each tailored to a different internship opportunity!

• Upload your non-federal résumé to the Saved Documents folder

Carefully review the job vacancy announcement or position description

• Focus on the “duties” or “responsibilities” section, and customize your résumé accordingly by identifying and including key words and phrases

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Federal and Non-Federal Résumés

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Prepare for Assessments

Application Questionnaires

Essays (KSAs)

Cover Letters

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Application Questionnaires

Length: 25-125+ questions

Type: Varies and can include yes/no questions as well as those meant to determine your level of experience in different areas

Tip: Preview questions using a link found in the job vacancy announcement

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Federal Essays

What: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities essays (KSAs)

Length: ½ page to a full-page in length

Tips: Address key words and phrases mentioned in the position

description, use rich and substantive examples, tie your personal experiences to each KSA, focus on outcomes to which you directly contributed, and avoid acronyms

Specifically address each KSA in your

application, providing examples of how your

experiences have prepared you for a


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Straight from the Source

What do you look for in résumés?

Which assessment tools does your agency use?

What do you look for in cover letters?

What other advice do you have for students filling out federal internship applications?

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Impact of Hiring Reform on Your Application

As per a memorandum issued by President Obama in May, agencies are required to implement the following changes by November 1, 2010: • Eliminate KSAs from the

initial application process • Allow individuals to apply

with a résumé and cover letter • Improve the quality and speed

of hiring • Notify applicants about their

status during the process

Visit for additional information

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Next Steps

Stay on top of your application

Prepare for federal interviews

Navigate the security clearance process

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Stay on Top of Your Application

• Track your status using the Application Manager

Agency Websites

• Contact the agency within two weeks after submitting your application to confirm its status

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Prepare for Federal Interviews

To make the most of your federal interview, be sure to do the following:

• Do your homework;

• Prepare answers to common questions in advance;

• Have questions ready to ask interviewers; and

• Dress the part.

Bonus: Arrive early and demonstrate your passion for public service!

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Security Clearances

Many internships will require security clearances

Begin gathering relevant information now

• Check out the SF-85 and SF-86 to determine what you should be collecting

Tip: Be honest!

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Straight from the Source

How do you prefer that students follow up with your agency after submitting their applications?

Do you have any advice for students that are preparing for federal interviews?

Do you have any recommendations for students going through the security clearance process?

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Don’t forget …

Fill out our brief survey online!

Visit for more information about finding and applying for federal opportunities.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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Good luck with your search.

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