Internship do's and don'ts

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  • Majority of programs require it btwn 2 years

    Expand current skills set Learn a new functional

    area or different (literal) area

    Show willingness to learn Professional dev.

  • Look at: Size Type

    Location Functional area

    Benefits But remember: Its

    2-3 months!

  • Pinpointing the job: ACUHOI NACA NODA NASPA Individual


  • Pros: structured, regard, benefits Cons: Fee$, structured

    ACUHOI: College & University Housing Officers - Intl NACA: Association for Campus Activities

    NODA: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Ed

    NASPA National office Theres an org for everything

  • Pro: Free to customize Con: Uncertainty Look at resources first to know (non)

    negotiables Reach out to SA Division or indv. office Facebook, Twitter Use your network (professors,


  • Think of your search as a trinity.

    You have: Materials Interview Offer

  • In order of importance:

    Resume References

    Cover letter** (unless switching functional areas)

  • Resume: Are you qualified? (Undergrad v. grad

    position) Check internship specifics for formatting SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY Include relevant undergrad experience Be results-oriented (what did you achieve

    in your role v. what you do)

  • Resume donts: Bad grammar/

    mechanics Avoid jargon

    (especially in a diff area)

    Not PDF format More than 2 pages

  • I look for a clear streamlined resume thats easy to read and highlights major

    points from experiences

    If you can tell me how your current

    experience relates/attributes to the

    experience, you are considered hirable

  • Grammar mistakes automatically put them in the no pile

    Resume is the first place I look. I want to see if you have the

    initial skills set Im looking for in my


  • References Always provide 3 on resumes 3-5 if schools separately ask for a

    references page Talk to references beforehand! You choose them make them count! Side note: social media clean it up

  • Make a reference sheet for references Include all schools youre applying to Tier I, Tier II, Tier III Job description Reasons for applying Reservations Why youre a fit

  • Reference donts: Not telling them youre

    applyinglet alone internship searching

    Not keeping them aware of schools

    Choosing new references

  • Choose a reference that knows you well

    Also, prepare your references.

    I may check with a colleague to see if I

    should extend an interview if I see

    that a student has worked in their

    office. Do not burn bridges when you leave an office.

  • Cover Letter: Internship programs: Not necessarily

    required, but good to have if transferring areas

    Shows your personality and interest by example/anecdotes

    ADDRESS IT TO THE RIGHT SCHOOL Mention work dates = your comfort level

  • Cover Letter donts: Bad grammar/

    mechanics School specifics Not tailoring letter Not PDF format More than 1 page Too thorough

  • I look at the resume first then skim the

    cover letter to see if they took the time to adjust it to my specific position

    I will head to the cover letter/supplemental

    materials to see if that will help fill in


  • If you honestly know you dont want to work there, politely decline

    Most have second rounds, few have only first or go onto third rounds

    Skype & Google Hangouts ARE popular (second round interviews, usually)

  • 1st round: Basic skills set and interest 2nd round: Possibly Skype/Google Hangout

    With supervisor over the summer Situational questions Finding fit between the two of you

    3rd round: Narrowing down top choices Remember: This is a two-way street!

  • Interview in a quiet area (is your room near the dumpster? Go to an office)

    Leave a note on your door saying youre interviewing

    Landline, is possible Practice (dont rehearse) those tough

    questions about coworkers, supervisors

  • Questions to ask interviewers What keeps you at XYZ School? What is the office culture? Are there a lot of students in the area? What do you think is the best part about this

    position? What do you think is the greatest challenge about it?

    (To the supervisor) What qualities are you looking for in your intern?

    How would you define success in this internship?

  • Interview donts: Overschedule (consider the

    rounds of interviews) Choose to interview for the

    internship youre especially interested in first Give yourself time to

    get into a groove Hold back enthusiasm Not do your research (its a

    great way to ask questions)

    Be afraid to ask for feedback pros are willing to do that!

    Not know 1 theory (grads, pick something besides the 7 vectors)

    Be too brief or too through; think CAR Frame your answers as


  • I am looking for someone who is a

    good fit. Asking appropriate

    questions leads me to believe youre interested in the


    Be personable, confident (but not cocky) and speak

    about their relevant experience and

    make it known they know the office.

  • Again, FIND YOUR FIT!

  • You got the offer! Or, offers! Now what? Thank every professional for their offer Be upfront ASAP, as other interns are

    waiting, too Always, always, always ask for full 24 hrs Internship programs have to give you

    the full day to decide

  • You didnt get the offer. Now what? BREATHE. Youre getting an internship The process is a 2-way street you and a

    school need to fit, and youll find that match Possibility of multiple interns Dont discourage yourself by looking on

    SoMe! This isnt a race or competition

  • If you have any lingering questions, ask! Professionals will be attentive those 24 hrs of waiting

    Great prep for job searching Be consistent with reasoning (If you decline a

    job in the Southeast because of location,, dont accept one in Florida)

    If you dont know how to verbally decline an offer, email back the hiring manager

  • Hi Emmett, Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview for the XYZ position at Podunk State. I appreciate you taking

    the time to help me learn about your office and summer in Whatever City. It was a difficult decision to make, but I

    have decided to accept a position at another institution. I sincerely appreciate your time and sharing information on this opportunity. I wish you the best of luck with finding a

    candidate. Thank you again for your consideration.

  • Most importantly, FIND YOUR FIT (again) What are your values? Office culture, experience needs

    What do you need in a work environment? Supervisor, office, 9-5

    Is the city manageable for you? Do you have a car? Is there a transit

    system? Friends? Other young professionals


  • Be honest. My feelings arent going to be hurt, as I realize there are a variety

    of things to considerBe

    respectful of my timeline.

    To decline, simply thank the provider and tell them that

    you have decided to explore other opportunities.

  • The first few weeks of your internship: ASK QUESTIONS. There are so many things going

    on at once. Ask questions right then or process & ask later

    Meet professionals across campus, not just your area

    Ask about conferences or intern meetups Never compare institutions

  • Meet people. You have plenty of time to do work. Get to

    know your colleagues. First

    impressions will set the tone for the


    Look into the city youre heading to as well! Youre not just

    taking a job, but youre exploring new


  • BREATHE! Take a chance on

    something new. You never know what youll find! This is your chance to

    work anywhere for a summer. Challenge


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