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Market Applications And PracticesINTERNET

Afshan Hirji -50Rajendra Hiwale -51Rameez Iraqi -52Adhithi Iyer -53Aditya Iyer -54Dinesh Jadhav -55

Internet2/17/2014Internet Marketing2Global NetworkWho owns the Internet?Internet & World Wide WebCommunication

Worldwide Users2/17/2014Internet Marketing3

Internet trends in India2/17/2014Internet Marketing4In a span of four years (2008-2012) India added 88 Million internet users reaching to total of 137 Million internet, growing 26%

In 2013, there are 67 million smartphone subscribers, which is 6% of the total subscribers in India, growing at the rate of 52% .

More than 50% of Indians share almost everything or most things online in comparison to 15 % in US and 24% Globally

Challenges & Problems faced by internet marketing

2/17/2014Internet Marketing5Creating ContentConverting leads to salesReliability And Security IssuesTechnical skills Keeping pace with market and technological changeAbiding by laws and legislationsEnsuring maximum access

Contribution to GDP2/17/2014Internet Marketing6Internetservices and devices industry has potential to increase its contribution to up to 3.3 per cent to India'sGross domestic productby 2015, a report by McKinsey& Company. "The Internet currently contributes a modest 1.6 per cent to India'sGDPin line with most aspiring countries.

This could grow to 2.8-3.3 per cent by 2015, if India achieves its potential for growth in the number of Internet users and Internet technology related consumption and investment over this period

2/17/2014Internet Marketing7

SNAPCHATMay 2009 | Co-founders Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel meet at StanfordFebruary 2011 | Version 1.0 of the Snapchat Prototype is testedJune 2011 | Version 2.0 (official) of Snapchat is testedSeptember 2011 | Initial Launch of Snapchat AppJune 2012 | Over 100 million photos have been shared over SnapchatSeptember 26, 2012 | Snapchat celebrates its 1-year birthdayOctober, 2012 | Snapchat releases version for Android platform


Evan SpiegelDavid KravitzBobby MurphyDaniel Smith

Photos shared through Snapchat are known as SNAPS.Time limit for view of snaps then that snap will be hidden and deleted from server.Began under the name of PicabooApps mascot is "Ghostface Chillah

2/17/2014Internet Marketing12

2/17/2014Internet Marketing13

Brand Milestones2/17/2014Internet Marketing14Dosomething.Org Taps Snapchat For Teen-Centric Valentines CampaignSnapchat to Celebrate 1 Billionth Snap Shared withMassive Group Snap in Times SquareSnapchat Named Best Mobile App | Crunchies Awards2013

2/17/2014Internet Marketing15

2/17/2014Internet Marketing16

2/17/2014Internet Marketing17Unique approachFunctionalitySimplisticControversies Inability to retain messages Monetize the appAbsent On Windows , BlackBerryTeenage segmentAdditional featuresLegal ramifications Press coverage and public opinion


Logo : Change in Logo Tagline : Real-Time Picture Chatting

2/17/2014Internet Marketing18Distribution Of SnapChat :Available on Android , iOS , Absent onWindows and BlackBerry

Promotional Strategies2/17/2014Internet Marketing19Contests


3. Send Insider Marketing

4: Preview A New Product

2/17/2014Internet Marketing20

5. Event

6. Gain Followers With A Giveaway

2/17/2014Internet Marketing21

7: Take People Behind The Scenes

2/17/2014Internet Marketing22

Pricing StrategiesAPPLICATION :Free of Cost!

COMPANY : Snapchat CEO Reveals Rejected FaceBook's $3 Billion Offer Google reportedly offers Snapchat with $4 billiondeal.

2/17/2014Internet Marketing23

Competition Analysis2/17/2014Internet Marketing24DIRECTCOMPETITION : 1.Poke 2. Instagram 3.Flickr

2/17/2014Internet Marketing25


Whatsapp Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger






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InstagramInstagram is a photo sharing app that connect users.Instant photo uploads with real time comments and feedbacks.Launched in October 2010.150 million users worldwide.3 million photos uploaded daily.

Swot analysis of Instagram

WeChat2/17/2014Internet Marketing29It is a mobile text and voice messaging application.Launched in October 2010 by Tencent naming Weixin.Rebranded as WeChat in April 2012 for international market.Had 300 million users by January 2013.

Who uses WeChat?2/17/2014Internet Marketing30

Swot analysis of WeChatStrengthAllows to send videos,voice notes, pictures.Profile Picture FacilityNo need to add friendsAvailable for all platforms

WeaknessNot diversifiedWeak distribution of network

OpportunitiesAdvanced technologyRecognized applicationModernization of peopleIncreased demand for smartphones

ThreatsCompetitionProduct substitutionSimilar applications for free too.

Business Plan for India2/17/2014Internet Marketing33 ObjectivesEstablishing the brandPenetrating the big Indian youth marketSegmentationMainly targeting the teens and the 20's usersPsychographic Segmentation PositioningCreating a brand image of SnapChat through Celebrity Endorsements

2/17/2014Internet Marketing34

4Ps2/17/2014Internet Marketing35ProductDirect addition of a friend listProfile Picture and with a Status Facility.Conversation (self destructive in nature) featuresMore Security Options to curb Sexting Issues

PlaceMetropolitan Cities, Followed by Other Major CitiesRural India

2/17/2014Internet Marketing36PromotionsSocial Media ForumsCelebrity EndorsementsFree Recharge offers And Discount CouponsWeb Banners on Websites

Price Free of Cost

2/17/2014Internet Marketing37