Internet Market Magic of Getting Found Pt.II

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Transcript of Internet Market Magic of Getting Found Pt.II

  • 1. The Magic of Getting Found 2nd Half
    Bob Bradley

2. Added features
Tips and Tricks
3. Google Analytics
Monthly trends
Overall Data
Total visitors and where they came from
4. Analytics A Closer Look
Search queries
On the Blog
5. The XML Sitemap
Provides a roadmap to help the Google search engine crawl a website more effectively.
Good for sites with AJAX or FLASH or a site that does not have good internal linking
HTML Sitemap
Can only be read by Google
There are Pro and Con arguments
6. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Programming style that adds fonts, colors, spacing, navigation to web documents one time rather than on all pages.
Good for SEO
Search Engine friendly layouts
Can eliminate tables
7. Websites
When did GoogleBot last visit and what did it see?
Click on Cached
8. Put the F in Your Site
Heatmaps from user eyetracking studies of three websites.
9. Navigation rules
10 seconds

  • Dontmake me think

10. Two Clicks to Action 11. Tell me where I am and 12. How to get back 13. Make stuff clickable 14. Call(s) for actionBread crumbs
15. Google Rules
Black Hat Techniques-Beware

  • Keyword stuffing- puttingkeywords and phrases all over a page to make sure it gets indexed to those words

16. Cloaking- showing one page to Googlebot and a completely different page to real human visitors. Google despises this aplenty. 17. Invisible Text- Creatinga white on white page that only the bots, crawlers and spiders can see with keyword all over them 18. Doorway Pages- Pagesmade up for particular search terms for search engines that clutter the search resultsGoogle Jail
19. Images Dont Rule
Oh, yea, I remember, its called the Alt Tag Workaround

You can also put ordinary descriptive text adjacent to the image
20. Neither do these!
So Mr. Googlebot now you have me scared, are there other things you CANT do?
Yea there are some
Have a hard time with FLASH
Have some difficulty with JAVA SCRIPT
CSS, cascading style sheets, I can see the best
21. Get Listed Locally
There are criteria for order of rankings

  • Keywords

22. Description 23. Categories 24. Photo 25. Location 26. Linking 27. Website