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interior design student work

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  • Presented to- Dezyne Ecole College,Ajmer Presented by- Anandita Portia MSC ID 2nd Sem. ESTIMATION
  • What is Estimate? An estimate is the anticipated or probable cost of a work and is usually prepared before the construction is taken up.. Preliminary or (Approximate) Estimate Detailed Estimate Types of Estimate
  • `Purpose of Estimation To find out probable cost. To know the budget. To know the time required. To obtain technical sanctions. Helping in making tenders. To control the expenditure.
  • Estimation of a wall painting
  • ` Introduction Paint are thin coating useful to surface in a liquid form. Paint have many uses- Protection of surface Sunlight dampness Dust Weathering etc. Paint can change the interiors by the use of colour, light or darkness
  • `Process to calculate Calculate height & width of all walls. And get sq. footage area. Room to be painted LxBxH 20x20x10
  • Choose the type of paint and colour that you like , each paint say the label and sq. Feet you expect to cover . asian paints
  • List of what we need , like- rollers, brushes, tape, drop cloth and drip pans Roller Drop cloth Drip pan Brushes Tape
  • Finally the estimation of the total paint and supplies of the room S.NO Product Quantity Rate/Unit Amount(Rs) 1. Paint Tin 2 Tins Rs 250 250x2=500 2. Brushes 2 In numbers Rs 50 50x2=100 3. Paint bucket 2 Rs 2500 2500x2=5000 4. Tape 3 Rs 50 50x3=150 5. Drop cloth 3 Rs 20 20x3=60 6. Extra Cost Rs 5000 5000 7. Labour Cost 4 Days Rs 500/ Day Total = 500x4=2000 12810