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  • 1. Promoting intercultural understanding through technology

2. Is teaching English enough to integrate intercultural competence? 3. No, but interculturality needs language. If not watch this:Lost in Translation 4. What is the intercultural dimension in language teaching? 5. language culture social identities interpreting comparing relatingopeness curiosity readiness enriching experiencetranscend ones single view of the world.Intercultural communication of Europe: Eu 6. Is giving access to technology enough to promote intercultural communication? 7. No, technology is not enough, but its a step towards promoting intercultural competence.REMOTE TEACHER SURVEY Most students dont work with their netbooks in class.CLASS TEACHER SURVEY Challenge: use of technology 8. But Im still using a textbook. Why should I integrate technology anyway? 9. 2028Culturewillnolongerbeintegratedinto Culturewillnolongerbeintegratedinto units,butembeddedintosociallearning units,butembeddedintosociallearning experiences.TerryHeik experiences 10. Whatisblendedlearning? 11. SharmaPeteandBarrettBarney.2007.Blended Learning.Oxford.Macmillan.BlendedLearning ELT blended learning is the term most commonly used to refer to any combination of faceto - face teaching with computer technology (online - offline activities/materials) Dudeney-Hockly 2007 authenticaudience needforcommunication specialistsfromdifferentcultures StudentsCREATE 12. BlendedLearningPlanCeibalenInglsRT-CTVCE LMSNETBOOKSCLASS TEACHERDIGITALMATERIALSREMOTE TEACHER 13. How can I bring other cultures into my class? 14. Telecollaborative project 15. Links you may like having a look at: Developing the Intercultural Dimension in Language Teaching. h ttp:// Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation, London. British Council - ISBN 978-0-86355-706-4 at 30 WaysTechnology will change education by 2030 Webinar on game- based learning at Connecting Classrooms Tools for Creating Materials you!