Intelsat 38 at 45°E Intelsat 38 at 45°E _____ Intelsat 38 will provide Ku-band capabilities...

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Transcript of Intelsat 38 at 45°E Intelsat 38 at 45°E _____ Intelsat 38 will provide Ku-band capabilities...

  • Expanding satellite services to support the growing distribution and broadband connectivity demands of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Intelsat 38 at 45°E _______________________________________________________

    Intelsat 38 will provide Ku-band capabilities and deliver continuity of service for the Intelsat 12 satellite located at

    45 degrees East. The satellite will host leading Direct-to-Home television platforms for the fast-growing Central and

    Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. It will support the growth objectives of our customers operating in these regions.

    Intelsat 38 will also provide critical broadband connectivity for corporate network and government services in Africa.

    Ku-band Europe Beam Peak up to 56.1 dBW

    55.1 dBW

    53.1 dBW 51.1 dBW

    49.1 dBW 49.1 dBW

    47.1 dBW 45.1 dBW

    0° 5°


    Ku-band Sri Lanka Beam Peak up to 60.7 dBW

    53.5 dBW 55.5 dBW

    57.5 dBW

    59.5 dBW

    Ku-band Steerable S1 Beam Peak up to 54.4 dBW

    45.4 dBW 47.4 dBW

    49.4 dBW

    51.4 dBW

    53.4 dBW

    Ku-band Europe Ku-band Sri Lanka

    Ku-band Key Parameters Configurable Capacity: 22 (in equivalent 36 MHz units)

    Polarization: Linear – Horizontal or Vertical

    Downlink Frequency: 11.45 to 12.20 GHz and 12.50 to 12.75 GHZ

    Typical Edge of Coverage e.i.r.p.: Europe: > 47.8 dBW

    Sri Lanka: > 55.1 dBW

    Southern Africa: > 51.0 dBW

    Steerable spot: > 47.4 dBW

    Uplink Frequency: 14.00 to 14.75 GHz

    Beam Peak G/T: Europe: Up to 9.4 dB/K

    Sri Lanka: Up to 14.0 dB/K

    Southern Africa: Up to 11.7 dB/K

    Steerable spot: Up to 8.9 dB/K

    Ku-band Southern Africa Beam Peak up to 57.6 dBW

    50.6 dBW

    52.6 dBW

    54.6 dBW

    56.6 dBW

    Ku-band Southern Africa Ku-band Steerable

  • 19/06/5533-IS-38

    Intelsat Global Network

    SALES CONTACTS Africa +27 11-535-4700 [email protected]

    Asia-Pacific +65 6572-5450 [email protected]

    Europe +44 20-3036-6700 [email protected]

    Latin America & Caribbean +1 305-445-5536 [email protected]

    Middle East & North Africa +971 4-390-1515 [email protected]

    North America +1 703-559-6800 [email protected]

    About Intelsat

    Intelsat operates the world’s first Globalized Network, delivering high-quality,

    cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world. Intelsat’s

    Globalized Network combines the world’s largest satellite backbone with

    terrestrial infrastructure, managed services and an open, interoperable

    architecture to enable customers to drive revenue and reach through a new

    generation of network services.

    Thousands of organizations serving billions of people worldwide rely on

    Intelsat to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity, multi-format video

    broadcasting, secure satellite communications and seamless mobility services.

    The end result is an entirely new world, one that allows us to envision the

    impossible, connect without boundaries and transform the ways in which

    we live.