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Transcript of Instrumental & Choral Music ... INSTRUMENTAL AND CHORAL MUSIC Concerts There are four major concert

  • An Independent Public School

    FERNY GROVE State High School

    Instrumental & Choral Music

    Acting Head of Department Mr Shannon Rogers

    3550 5804

    Ferny Grove State High School McGinn Road, Ferny Grove Qld 4055 Ph 3550 5777 Fax 3550 5700

  • I N S T R U M E N T A L A N D C H O R A L M U S I C


    Ferny Grove State High School has one of the most highly regarded instrumental and choral music programs in Queensland, with around 20 ensembles performing regularly at school and public cultural events. While many of its ensembles have won awards in major music competitions, the program’s main emphasis is on developing students’ sense of the social interaction and emotional expression possible through music.

    The Instrumental and Choral Music (ICM) program at Ferny Grove State High School, offers a wide range of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a supportive environment and culture of music making and learning. The implementation of the updated Instrumental Music Curriculum across Queensland provides students learning a string, woodwind, brass and percussion instrument with a framework to grow as musicians through their participation in an ensemble, such as an orchestra or band. The ICM program at Ferny Grove SHS also offers opportunities for students learning guitar and voice to receive the same quality and rigor of music education as those instruments listed the Instrumental Music Curriculum. For more information on the current curriculum or ICM syllabus, please visit the Ferny Grove SHS website.

    Instrumental and Choral Music is built on a combination of learning styles and experiences, through which students

    develop increasing confidence and musical sensitivity throughout their years of learning as they engage with progressively complex techniques, musical ideas and a broadening range of genres and styles of music.

    Fundamental to Ferny Grove SHS ICM program is a strong, supportive and empathetic culture with a very high value on relationships. The focus is on building an environment where students feel safe and supported, where trust and respect amongst staff, students, parents and the community is valued, and a place where students are willing to take responsible risks.

  • I N S T R U M E N T A L A N D C H O R A L M U S I C


    There are four major concert every year: • Music Concert 1 • Music Concert 2 • Music Concert 3 • Gala Concert Series

    These major concerts form the majority of assessment and are the result of the weekly ensemble rehearsal/s. These performances are fundamental to student’s musical success in the ICM program and are a product of their commitment to ensemble.

    Percentage of marks allocated to each component for all instruments except vocal:

    Performance Ensembles 70% Group Lessons 25% Home Practice 5%

    Vocal students will be assessed 100% on their performance ensemble, which includes

    weekly rehearsals.

    End results are distributed via an ICM report card, in which the final achievement mark will reflect the culminative success of the above course components.


    Students are expected to attend all relevant rehearsals, lessons and concerts. The weekly contact time required includes at least 1 x 1hr ensemble rehearsal and 1 x 35min group lessons, as well as regular personal preparation/home practice. It is essential to contact the music staff if you have any problems with attendance. If students do not manage to attend their allocated rehearsal/s and have three or more unexplained absences, their involvement in the program will be collaboratively reviewed via a three- way conversation between parent, student and head of department.Ensembles

    Ensemble rehearsals usually take place before or after school.

    Ensembles include: • Symphony Orchestra • Ferny Chamber Orchestra • String Ensemble • Wind Symphony • Concert Band • Big Band • Stage Band • Brass Ensemble • Percussion Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 • Big Choir, Chamber Choir, Boys’ Choir • Guitar Ensemble

  • I N S T R U M E N T A L A N D C H O R A L M U S I C


    Students are encouraged to provide their own instrument. The larger and/or more expensive instruments such as tuba, euphonium, French horn, double bass, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon and baritone sax are available for hire. All percussion instruments are provided by the school and are not subject to a hire fee, but percussionists are required to own a variety of sticks and mallets, and encouraged to purchase a snare drum and xylophone for home practice.

    Music Levy

    The music levy enables the program to function, helping to fund conductors, accompanists, tutors, sheet music, administrative and technical support and the purchase, replacement and repair of instruments. It is our main source of income, without which many of the opportunities we offer would not be possible.

    All instrumental students and members of Chamber Choir are required to pay the levy. There is no levy to join the non-auditioned choirs, but students will be encouraged to make a small voluntary contribution.

    Facebook Group

    The Ferny Grove State High School Instrumental Music Facebook Group is a very important communication tool used by the department to keep students

    and families up-to-date with rehearsal schedules and vital information. All students and care givers are encouraged to request to join the group to stay connected with the daily news and events

    of the Instrumental Music Program. To find this group simply search:

    Ferny Grove SHS Instrumental Music

  • I N S T R U M E N T A L A N D C H O R A L M U S I C

    Auditions - In Catchment

    Auditions will be held in late November for students from local feeder schools entering the program in the following year. They will take place at the high school and will last approximately 10 minutes each, times and dates will be sent out soon after the audition form return date. Students from schools other than feeder schools, but are still located within catchment, will also be auditioned at Ferny Grove State High School. Limited places are available for piano in Big Band and Stage Band.

    Audition packs for most instruments are available from the ICM department upon request.

    Students are required to play: 1. Scales 2 scales 2. Two contrasting pieces (percussion to

    play xylophone and snare drum)

    The FGSHS ICM audition form, which can be found on the school website, must be completed and returned to Ferny Grove State High School by 22 October 2018. Students will be notified of audition times soon after.

    Auditions - Out of Catchment

    Auditions out of catchment entry will be held earlier in the year. The criteria for acceptance is based around the premise that the student must show the potential to enter a senior ensemble.

    For example: • Woodwind & Brass - equal standard of -

    Wind Symphony • Percussion - equal standard of -

    Percussion 1 • Drum Kit - equal standard of - Big Band

    Following the audition, the FGSHS music staff will review the audition footage in order to determine the potential of the auditionee to meet the minimum entrance level for a senior ensemble at FGSHS. However, successful audition does not guarantee entrance into a senior ensemble for grade 7. On acceptance into the Instrumental and Choral Music Program, students may be asked to attend a second audition to perform some prepared senior ensemble repertoire.


    Students who are successful with their auditions and are granted enrolment at FGSHS will be expected to participate in the Instrumental and Choral Music Program for the full extent of their time at the school. Active and continued participation in lessons, rehearsal and all performances is a requirement of all students in the program.


    Lesson attendance is a vital part of participation in the Instrumental and Choral Music Program at FGSHS. Weekly attendance at lessons is required by all students in the program. Lessons occur on a rotating timetable so that students are not missing the same subject each week. Lesson times are set by the instrumental music teachers and posted at the start of each term on the music notice board. During peak times for academic assessment, students should negotiate with their instrumental teacher in advance to arrange alternate lesson times for that week.


    All students participating in instrumental music lessons are required to participate in an ensemble for that instrument (or a secondary instrument where students may double). Attendance at rehearsals is critical in order for students to learn repertoire and understand all aspects of the music making process. Knowing your part and how it fits into the bigger picture is all developed during weekly rehearsals for your ensemble/s. During each term, ensembles are scheduled for a minimum of one rehearsal per week, before or after school. Approaching major concert events, rehearsals and workshop days will be added for all ensembles and revised rehearsal schedules will be produced in advance and posted daily on the Instrumental and Choral Music Facebook group.

  • I N S T R U M E N T A L A N D C H O R A L M U S I C