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  • Donald Martin
  • Picplz and instagram are both filter applications for you phone to make your pictures look retro and to share your pictures on you pick of social network websites These two applications are also used as a social network
  • Instagram is used by celebrities and civillians alike,not only as a filter application but as a socialnetwork with other people who have an account soyou can share pictures and comment on ones youlike
  • The same thing goes for Pic plz , you canchoose from a wide range of filters andupload them to a profile for others to see andcomment on
  • These two applications are more or less the same but they have very subtle diffrences For instance , instagram is only avalable to people who use apple devices like ipads and iphones and such Where as picplz is only avaleable to people who own android devices
  • Pic plz also gives you less control of how your pictures look, like less filters and other options like focusing and saturation of color Where as instagram lets you control exactly how you want your picture to look , its like having paint for an iphone. You can choose where you want to be color and where you want black and white, where you want the picture to be focused and many other cool add- ons
  • Pic plz has recently made some adjustments to the app and they have added more of those features so it is slowly becoming more like instagram
  • You also cannot access instagram , meaning you cant look at any profiles or pictures on instagram unless you have an instagram yourself. Big downfall!
  • In my personal opinion , I would rather use picplz only because I have been using picplz longer then instagram but if you are a new comer to this type of tool I would use instagram only because its social network is far bigger then picplz because more people have apple divices then android and also because instagram gives you way more room to kind of fool around on your picture
  • These are my two profiles if your intrested in checking them out Instagram : loudpackduck Picplz: