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Transcript of (Instagram Photo Slideshow) Home Project - DD1 Instagram ... · (Instagram Photo Slideshow)...

  • Home Project - DD1(Instagram Photo Slideshow)Instagram: snhslogan

    - Logan DieterStart 1/15/2019Finished 3/1/2019

  • Background

    Backgrounds can make a Great 1st

    impression on someone or something.

  • Sky's The Limit

    You Can Go As far In Life as you want.

    The Only Boundary is the skies.

  • Photoshop

    I Photoshopped this picture

    on my phone

    in my free time.

  • Another photoshopped photo I took and edited in my free time

    This Photo symbolizes what you could be

    and where that Could end you up .

  • Stop Bullying!! What is the point

    Bullying is what a terrible person does

    And shouldn't do. Don't be a bad


  • This Picture is One of My instagram Pictures

    This is an ok picture i would keep because

    this was one of my first pictures

  • This Picture is my least favorite probably

    I Captured this in the ag shop and

    Put it on my instagram

  • This is one of my photos that i photoshopped in my own time

    I Made this for someone that i really

    Wanted to know i care about them.