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Transcript of Instagram: About it & How to Use it

  • 1.About InstagramIts a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr its all as easy as pie. Its photo sharing, reinvented.-Instagr.amIts really simple. First you set up your Instagramaccount, then you link to various social sites and find your friends.

2. Instagram StatisticsOnly nine months after the application was launched, Instagram already had 150 million photos uploaded. For comparisons sake, it took Flickr nearly two years to hit 100 million total photos on their service.On Nov. 1, 2011, Instagram reported reaching 12 million users globally. 3. Instagrams Role on Public RelationsNews organizations are taking advantage of Instagram,and several are leading the way in communicatingthe latest news through photos to the public. Example: NBC NewsGet offers a peek inside 30 Rock. @nbcnews shares great photos of the NBC news rooms, the guests that drop by NBC Studios, and off-site photos such as this one of Brian Williams, the host of NBC Nightly News, on the scene in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where a tornado had just passed through.Found Via: 4. Instagrams Role in Public RelationsNonprofit organizations are using Instagram to connectwith their supporters and share their missionsthrough photos. Example: OceanaToday is World Oceans Day, and Oceana (@oceana) is encouraging Instagrammers to share their photos of the ocean. Tag them #ocean to include them among the more than 12,000 ocean photos already on Instagram. Check out @oceana to see beautiful ocean photos and learn more about this fantastic organization that describes itself as: Hating on offshore drilling, destructive fishing, and pollution. Loving up turtles, sharks, and clean energy.Found Via: 5. Instagrams Role in Public RelationsBands are also starting to share photos from backstage, on the tour-bus and more to give fans an inside look at their lives. It gives fansyet another way to connect with artists.According to Josh Riedel, head of business development at Instagram, more and more bands are getting hip to the site. The most popular is undoubtedly The National (@ntnl).Found via: 6. How to Create an Account1. Go to the app store and 2. Enter the Instagram app 3. Enter your personaldownload the freeand click .information and pressInstagram app.. 7. How to Create an Account4. Choose friends to connect 5. Pick from Facebook and 6. If interested,with by clicking on theTwitter friends and press choose fromoptions listed. .suggested/popular profiles to follow too. 8. You can also Follow Celebrities6. Use the option to find celebrities to follow. 9. How to Navigate through InstagramUse thetab to view images Use the tab to view theposted by those you follow. most liked and commented onimages on Instagram. 10. How to Navigate through InstagramUse the tab to find Use thetab to edit To make your profileout what the people you your account settings. private, switch on thefollow are 11. How to Share an Image on InstagramBlur edgesRotate Choose a FilterPress thetab to Use the editing optionsEdit the caption and chooseopen up your adjust the picture to which other socialPush the camera image your liking. Then push the network(s), if any, you wantto take a check. to share the image on, then push . 12. How to Share an Image on InstagramYou will then see the finished product, and your image will be uploaded to your feed, your followers feeds and the social network(s) you selected. 13. For More InformationCheck out Twitter: @Instagram or @InstagramHelp @Instagram typically posts users images orimages of current events. Every post includes atleast one image from the app. @InstagramHelp is an account that users cantweet questions to and receive feedback on howto solve the problem. This Twitter account isextremely helpful for users! 14. For More InformationCheck out the Blog: On the Instagramblog, the main focus isplaced on images posted using the app. The posts include topics such as, a featuredweekly instagrammer, holidays, current eventsand more. 15. For More Information:Check out these videos to learn even more: 16. Personal Learning Network!/instagram