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This handy little slide pack takes you through how to start an Instagram account, the types of content that work, how to host an Instameet.

Transcript of Instagram 101: How to use Instagram for Business

  • 1. in your business How to use
  • 2. How to use Instagram in your business This SlideShare presentation was prepared with tourism businesses in mind While most of the examples are related to tourism and leisure businesses, this guide can be used by businesses in most industries We are going to break into Practical Moments throughout the SlideShare to give you a moment to give it a go Remember, Instagram is lots of fun, so its good to play around and get comfortable with the app and the community Now lets get into it!
  • 3. What well cover What is Instagram Whos on Instagram How to use Instagram Instagram photography tips Instagram video & Hyperlapse How to interact with the Instagram community How can I build Instagram into my (daily) social routine What is an Instagrammer Whats an Instameet How to run an Instameet Apps Measuring success
  • 4. What is Instagram? Instagram is a free smartphone app used to capture and share the worlds moments Instagram is a fast, beautiful & fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures and videos (and timelapses with the new Hyperlapse app!) Source:
  • 5. What is Instagram? Instagram users LOVE to create new content daily The community of Instagrammers globally like (double-tap) and comment even more frequently than they upload content The community is also generally positive and friendly with comments Source: Highly engaged community
  • 6. What is Instagram? Mobile is at the core of Instagram You can only create an Instagram post on your phone (not on desktop) Instagram desktop is not as user friendly as the Instagram mobile app Its made to be mobile, so that you take people with you everyday Source: Instagram is mobile
  • 7. What is Instagram? Source: Instagram is NOT link heavy The only live link in Instagram (where people can click and leave Instagram) is in your bio You can add URLs into your image descriptions, but people wont be able to click on them You need to sell what you do within the image, not rely on links Instagram encourages users to stay within Instagram, rather than leave to learn more about a product or location
  • 8. What is Instagram? Source: Instagram is all about taking people with you. Instagram is great for showing a moment or a snapshot Great instagram accounts take their followers with them on the road behind the scenes sneak peaks into new products or events
  • 9. Whos on Instagram? Source: at September 2014,; Photo: @andrewtallon 200 million monthly active users 65%+ of Instagram users are based outside of the US 13% of internet users use Instagram 51% of the Class of 2014 use Instagram
  • 10. What are they doing on Instagram? EVERY DAY 60 million photos are uploaded 84.4 million comments are posted 1.6 billion likes on photos Source:;
  • 11. Why should you work with Instagram? CONSUMER CHANGE Consumer behaviour and shift towards visual content 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual procession CONTENT IS KING! Instagram allows you to create and publish content easily Its also a great place to source content > get influencers and locals (including photographers) to help build your content bank by introducing your own #hashtag and republishing content (and giving credit) to your content creators (when they use your # or give you approval) Source: & Image credits: @garry_norris & @jewelszee_ @jewelszee_
  • 12. Instagram & the stages of travel planning 5 Stages of travel Source:
  • 13. How to use Instagram Download the Instagram App to your smartphone Set up your account Add a profile picture that followers will understand Write a profile: What do you offer and why is it worth following you. Link to your (mobile friendly) website Communicate your hashtag Image credit: @christinagz_
  • 14. How to use Instagram Newsfeed > just like Facebook where youll find images from the instagrammers you follow Explore > find instagrammers and topics using #hashtags Take a pic or video or upload an existing image or video file Your notifications > See whos followed, liked or commented on your pics Your profile > Check out your bio, followers, who youre following & all your pics Image credit:
  • 15. How to use Instagram Newsfeed > just like Facebook where youll find images from the instagrammers you follow Once you Follow instagrammers, the images you find in your newsfeed will increase (as will the number of contributors to your newsfeed) Image credit:
  • 16. How to use Instagram Image credit: Explore > find instagrammers and topics using #hashtags Explore from the images that appear on the Explore tab or select the magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner & search for Instagrammers by selecting Users or hashtags by selecting Tags
  • 17. How to use Instagram Take a pic or video or upload an existing image or video file by selecting the Instagram icon in the middle of the tab options Line up your pic (turn on the grid lines!) and shoot a photo by selecting the blue dot in the middle Upload existing photos by selecting the 9 square icon to the left of the blue dot Take 15 second video or upload existing videos by clicking the video icon on the right of the blue button Image credit:
  • 18. How to use Instagram Edit your image within Instagram Straightening tool great for fixing non-straight horizons Filters & borders you can now select the impact of the filter (rather than just on and off) Tilt shift add a point of interest & blur Saturation & brightness increase or decrease colour saturation and brightness Image credit:
  • 19. How to use Instagram Tag people in your shots Add your location Image credit:
  • 20. How to use Instagram Notifications Following tab See what people you follow are doing in terms of liking and commenting and following You tab See whos followed you, liked or commented on your pics Image credit:
  • 21. How to use Instagram Your profile Check out & edit your profile. This is the only place where you can have a clickable link. Its also the best place to communicate your #hashtag if you have one and use it for curating images to republish. Followers Who youre following All of your pics Locations of your pics