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  • 1. In reference to The Number 23, The Lovely Bones, and Shutter island

2. Themes - The past repeating its self, the unknown enemy, the psychologicalaspect, obsession, murder, coincidence, madness, fantasy becoming reality.Sanity VS Insanity.Characters Walter Sparrow, main male character, shows his demise throughthe film. Walter is played by Jim Carrey who is a very well known actor makinghim the USP, however, this is risky as he has a completely different fan base.The trailer also introduces his wife and his son, making it a family setting.Shots Started with long shots, with very slow cuts and editing. However, bythe end the shots were extreme close ups to show characters emotion. Theshots follow the protagonist.Sounds Atmospheric Music. Soft introduction music, dialogue of characters,music built as more was revealed in trailer, by the end it was fast paced actionmusic to reflect the images.Mise en scene Lots of references to the title of the film through everydayobjects such as books, blackboards, graffiti. Family home, emphasis onkitchen and bedroom as knives are used in kitchen. In the flashback sectionsthe objects change due to the time zone changes, for example fashionchanges. The lighting tends to be darker in the kitchen area when therestudying the book more. 3. Themes Afterlife, murder, perverts, serial killer, obsession, investigation,surrealism, hate, pursuit, curiosity, memory, detective, family relationships, hope,Characters Protagonist: Susie. Trailer introduces parents and other familymembers such as the siblings and grandparents. It also introduces her love interestray. And the villain, however his face is not shown till the end of the trailer to createtension and interest.Shots There is an inverted over the shoulder shot, which creates depth to the shotas instead of only seeing one characters expression, we see both characters due tothe use of a mirror. There is also close ups to show emotion and long shots toestablish the setting.Sounds Use of voice ( introduces us to the character she says Im 14), andbackground music(Brian Eno famous musical producer). School bells realisticsounds of a school girl. Pedestrian Sounds. Stormy sounds, gives a more eerie andhorror feel. Uses songs from a soundtrack, with words with differentiates from otherhorror films.Mise-en-scene Sunny start to show happy start. Main field is emphasized in trailersense of being secluded. Villains house and safe are shown meaning they must playan important part in the story line, Villains house is dark compared to the childshouse showing the difference. Significant object that links the character to themurder is a little hat which is shown as its personal and been knitted by her Mothermaking it more horrific. 4. Themes Islands secluded, disappearance, insanity, institution, memories, surrealism, massacre, medical testing, trauma, illusion.Characters Main character teddy Daniels, is played by Leonardo DiCapriowho is a famous American actor which could act as the USP for the film. Weare also introduced to Chuck. Nothing is mentioned about Teddys family.Shots Close ups on Teddys face to emphasize that it is Dicaprio. There is anestablishing shot of the island and the location/set to emphasize that its a keypart of the plot. There is not much character development in the trailer.Sounds Dramatic rain and storm sounds. Voice to carry the narrativeforward. Voice of DiCaprio, to carry narrative and emphasize its him. Striking ofa match emphasized. Steel doors are used to make big crashing noises tomake everything sound more dramatic.Mise-en-scene Lots of views of the island, it is grey rocky looks empty andsecluded/dirty. The hospital is an off white colour making it more creepy. Thecostumes are all boring and dull colours, nothing bright is used suggesting theplot is more serious and the inmates of the hospital is institutionalizedemphasizing the theme. 5. The shots linger anytime the number 23 is on screen Flashbacks (really vital to the story all about flashbacks and past life, the past catching up with you) Cross cutting goes between the present and the past to the point where your unsure which is which anymore The cuts were very fast suggesting a high speed story. The past repeating itself is quite a common inhorror. For our trailer, we could use newspapersand articles or a radio news broadcast. The fast cutting creates tension and would work reallywell in any horror film as it makes the story seem more interesting. 6. Cross cuts to the in-between where your not alive or dead (Susies Narrative) Cross cuts to the current time and this carries the dads narrative forward along with Susie where she is in both places. Flashbacks to the parents talking to the murderer, this is emphasized as its the first meet with the killer.The use of hindsight when Susie walks home adifferent way or wishes she hadnt accepted the offerof a drink, the audience dont want her to do it andthis creates tension. This is shown in the flashbacksand could definitely be used in our Trailer. 7. The cross cut which goes from reality to one shot where Teddy is hugging a woman made of ash. This is unexpected and develops themes of insanity. It is randomly put in a group of action shots, which makes it random yet really effective. Really quick cutting to build suspense and add excitement and gives lots of different shots of scenes.The random cut of the scene is subliminalmessaging and it makes you jump and rememberit, which is something we would like to look intowhen creating our trailer. The quick cutting is alsovery effective and we noticed this in all 3 trailers. 8. The use of Jim Carrey was a risk for the film, as the target audience areused to seeing him doing a comedy film. However, if they were hisfans, they would have gone anyway. As the close ups are all of him thisattracts the fan base.Horror lovers are also going to be attracted to the movie due to the killingand story line. The inter titles colour scheme is always red and blackwhich is typical of the horror genre which will also attract the horror fans.We will take onboard the colour scheme used in The number 23s trailer, as it suitsthe conventions and will attract the right audience. 9. More intellectual horror, as it is taken from the book so literature fans may go to see this. It would appeal to a younger audience as it is not gory, and due to the younger main character this attracts younger teenagers. The actors are quite well known so their fan bases will also watch the film.As our film is based on a true story we will alsorequire a more intellectual audience. However, asour storyline is based on a true story from the80s, our target audience will perhaps not be asyoung as the lovely bones, however we will updatethe story to make it more modern. 10. Leonardo DiCaprio has a huge fan base which are mainly girls. meaning the film will have a guaranteed audience, who are DiCaprios fan base. In the trailer we see a lot of action and adventure, and is more hands on than the other trailers, therefore it could also attract Action fans such as teenage boys. This film is more mainstream meaning the advertising would have been better also attracting anyone to see the film.We dont have access to any well known actors, sowe cannot use this in our film. As our film is apsychological horror we will not show any action asthe film itself wont contain much. 11. Both Shutter Island and The Number 23 focus on male protagonistswho are over 30, trying to discover their pasts while protecting theirpresent state. They are both white Americans and both middle class.The Lovely Bones focuses on a 14 year old girl as the protagonist.This goes against the conventions of a standard horror films as thenarrative of horror films are not usually this young and vulnerable.She is white American and middle class. The film is set in the 70swhich changes the representation of character. We like how the Lovely Bones goes against the standard horror conventions, and we are goingto use this in our trailer by focusing on a Womanas the villain instead of a male like in Shutterisland and The Number 23.