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2010 ALGIM Conference

Insiders Guide to: Public Information

and crisis communications1Kia ora.*DISCLAIMER: You know your stuff #justsaying

2Public Information Management :So what is it?3The objective is to promote the effective management and exchange of information to aid decision making, support and communication.Clause 66(1); Emergency information management,National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan4Information needs to be timely, relevant, consistent and reliable.Clause 66(2); Emergency information management,National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan5Public Information Management :Your role(s)6

Your PIM role:Right information at the right time

Your PIM role:Champions thecommunity

Your PIM role:Ensures an authorative voice

Your PIM role:Advise & protectthe Controller

Your PIM role:Dont follow,be a leaderPublic Information Management :The structure12Public InformationManagerPublic InformationManagerPublic InformationManagerNational ControllerGroupControllerLocalControllerNationallevelGroup (Regional)LevelLocalLevel13Public InformationManagerMedialiaisonWeb &socialmediaCallCentreInternal comms &intranetAdmin

14Public Information ManagerNATIONAL CONTROLLERPublic Information Manager 2ICWeb ManagerStake-holder Relations (internal)Stake-holder Relations (external)

Media ManagerIntl Media Liaison (3)Media briefing / VIPs (2)Media phone (2)Research(1)Writers (2)Research(2)Media monitor(1)Online Content publisher & social media(3-4)Community Relations ManagerCall Centre Manager Marketing ManagerGraphic Design (2)Mayor Press SecretaryAll of Govt CommunicationSecretary (emails)Customer Service Officers(30)Market/ Comms (2)Cmmnty Advisors(4)15Public Information Management :The media16Be timely//

17Treat all media equally

18Tailor to their strengths //

19Radio:- immediate: first and fast entirely there to help you more regular updates- tell people what you want them to know

20Television:- fixed to deadlines & production live coverage during news hours powerful film footage (sight & sound)- more in-depth interviews

21Print:- good for photos need more detailed information are there for long haul move quickly to recovery failures 24/7 online news

22media: the real oil

23Public Information Management :Media tools24media releases

Embed& attachNumber& timereleases25media stand-ups

Limit time &questionsRemember toalert EOC staff26press conferences

Live stream updates27media tours

ResourceheavyHelp peopleunderstandresponseRequirecarefulmanagement28Public Information Management :Other tools29community briefings

// communitymeetings30community briefings

Publish presentationsonline31posters at key sites

// & timeeach editionKeep track ofdistribution32factsheets & adverts

Dont forgetotherlanguages33maildrops & visits

// yourlocal welfarenetworksSome too traumatised tohear officialmessages34EQ help? Call Govt Hotline 0800779997. Water/place to stay? 0800435700 or go to Burnside HS, Pioneer Stad, Rangiora Bapt Ch. Home repairs? EQC 0800326243 text alert all networks


your call centreAssign liaison within PIM/EOCKeep Govt Helplineinformed0800 779 99736variable message boards

37your website

38your website

Make it easy toaccess & find

Update, update,update!

Provide imagegallery & timeline

Make it mobile responsive39

elected membersProvide them withconstructive rolesCommunities look toelected membersfor leadership andreassurance40internal comms in EOC

41internal displays

42daily PIM bulletin board

43rise of social media

44Twitter is #1

45authorative voice

46release tips and facts

47respond to queries

48real-time feedbackWhoever is managing the @ChristchurchCC account is showing how communication with users and announcements should be done. #chch #eqnz

49keep relevant & localised

50thank those that help

51deal to rumours

52alerts to problems

@ChristchurchCC extremely nasty pot hole on Hills Rd, right lane into Shirley Rd, any chance of fixing before car gets stuck? Thx// event hashtags

54So is this stuffjust being a twit?55

56Facebook #2

57TradeMe #3

58YouTube #4

59social media monitoringnews sitesTwitterblogsTradeMe communityYouTubeFacebookfeedback formstopic trends & emerging issuesplanning & intelligence60Public Information Management :Getting prepped61hard copy and electronic

templates for media releases public messaging scripts instructions and policies web URLs, usernames, passwords contacts directories media, staff, CDEM photos of key spokespeople radio frequencies important phone numbers utilities, Govt 62current & back-up website

WordPress is aneasy alternativeAccessible fromanywhere, anytime63know your local webbies

Open access to data, others can mash-up64know google can help

Google Public AlertsGoogle Maps &Google your local cultures

Tips for translation: Use active, positive language One idea or question per sentence Avoid phrasal verbs: hand out Avoid idioms: tip of the iceberg

Know local ethnicmedia & liaison

Places of worship &food outlets


after-hours call centreDo you haveafter-hours service?Can you upscalequickly?67media accreditation

Create processbefore eventIf possible, includephotographCreate check in &check out process68

develop key policies69Public Information Management :My lessons70Lesson #1: Set clear goals & objectives 71setting groundrules

72Lesson #2: Keep everyone informed, regularly73

74Lesson #3: Scale up early & fast,normal business resumes75

76Lesson #4: Have dedicated admin support77

78Lesson #5: Keep social media outside approvals79

80Lesson #6: Monitor, monitor, respond, monitor81

82Lesson #7: Avoid spam & sattire 83

Shakey town Christchurch I think you could do with some McDonalds #eqnz84Lesson #8: Focus your social media channels 85

// #9: Define & train spokespeople early87

88Lesson #10: Use something old & something new 89

90Lesson #11: Think about your audiences 91

// #12: Network, prepare, play, practise, fix93

94Lesson #13: Have some fun to get you through 95

// is the critical thing. If you dont do it right, you will be judged to have failed, regardless of what else you do with your fire trucks and your response.Bruce Esplin, former Emergency Services Commissioner for Victoria- Black Saturday bushfire response97Jason DawsonGeneral Manager Customer Relationships

07 838 6507 | 021 912