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  • AGM - 28th June 2018

    Innovative mineralprocessing solutionsfor a high tech world

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  • Innovative mineral processing solutions for a high tech world

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  • IntroductionInnovative mineral processing solutions for a high tech world

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    London based AIM traded (code: AXM) mining and mineral processingtechnology company.

    Strong technical management with financial markets expertise and experience.

    Business objective is to become a successful company in the mining sectorfocused on the mining and processing of the technology metals of the future.

    Achieved by the commercialisation of proprietary mineral processingtechnologies and potential strategic partnerships in producing mines andthrough equity positions in advanced projects.

    Our core asset is our intellectual property.

  • Alexander Mining plcCorporate data

    Shares issued 1,888,730,149

    Management, directors, consultant options @ [email protected] [email protected] 0.15p

    Warrants (22/11/2019) @ 0.225pBrokers warrants (22/11/2020) @ 0.15p



    Recent: share pricemarket capitalisation


    AIM code AXM

    Finances Placing for 600,000 gross in Nov. 2017

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  • Highlights

    Revolutionising the recovery of the technology metals of the future

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    Placings to raise 750,000 and 600,000 to fund business development and working capital.

    Accudo Metals Pty Ltd. proposes to proceed with a definitive feasibility study on the potential use ofAlexanders leaching technology, subject to completion of its funding arrangements.

    Continued granting of important patents for leaching of oxides using AmmLeach and sulphides usingHyperLeach in key mining jurisdictions, including Canada and USA respectively.

    Broad mining industry interest in using AmmLeach for base metals recovery from amenable depositsas the focus on limiting capital deployment and reduction in All in Sustaining Costs (AISC).

    Exciting potential for leaching technologies in the recovery of cobalt, the key and currentlyirreplaceable component for delivery of thermal stability of most electric vehicle lithium ion batteries.

    New research and development (R&D) initiatives for the recovery of metals lithium and vanadiumwhich have important use in high technology energy storage equipment and solutions.

  • Highlights

    Revolutionising the recovery of the technology metals of the future

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  • An additional c.4.1Mt of copper (18% of 2017 supply), c.1.1Mt of nickel(55% of 2017 supply) and 314kt of cobalt (332% of 2017 supply) areforecast to be required to enable 30m Electric Vehicle (EV) sales by2030.

    Source: Glencore/CRU, March 2018Nb: includes use for electricity generation/grid infrastructure, grid storage, charging infrastructure & EV.

    BackgroundOur world will be ever more dependent upon high technology metals

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    Courtesy of Tesla Motors

    The Electric Vehicle Initiatives (EVI a multi-government policy forum of16 major global economies) target isfor 20m EVs by 2020, and for 30% EVsales market share by 2030.

    Lithium global demand forecast toincrease from c.240kt LithiumCarbonate Equivalent (LCE) in 2017to >500kt LCE by 2025.

  • Aluminium aerospace, transportation, construction, packaging

    Copper construction, transport, infrastructure, equipment

    EV & Energy - metals use for electric vehicles and energystorage:

    Cobalt - ~ 50% of worlds resources and supply from DRC

    Lithium - Li-Ion batteries

    Vanadium - vanadium flow batteries

    Zinc - Zinc Air battery technology for grid storage applicationsfrom a solar generation station.

    Nickel - Li-Ion battery cathode combination of Ni-Mn-Co.Demand for high-purity class 1 nickel may increasesignificantly from 33Kt in 2017 to 570Kt in 2025.

    BackgroundOur world will be ever more dependent upon high technology metals

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    Source: Rio Tinto

    Overarching this, the best method, in our opinion, for extracting these metals whereores are amenable is .

    Hydrometallurgy - an efficient and environmentally friendly leaching technology

  • The background

    Hydrometallurgy processes have major benefits

    Higher returns by increasing mine-site metal product value.

    Can makes uneconomic ore bodieseconomic.

    No associated concentrate costs, ie:transport, smelter & refinery charges(which can be > 40% of containedmetal value).

    Valuable metal by products can becredits, unlike concentrateproducers.

    Environmental benefits significant

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    Alkaline/ammonia leach process at ambient pressure and temperature

    Proprietary two