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Sherwin Williams Innova8 Paint Minh Phuong and Muna Mohammed

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Sherwin Williams

Innova8 Paint Minh Phuong and Muna Mohammed

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Identified Pain Points• Painting tools– Handle size

• Application– Fabric shedding on painted surface– Time consuming– Small area coverage– Inconsistency

• Clean-up Process– Dry paint and dirt trapped in fabric – Disposal of dirty water

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• 55% of Applicator market sales are from DIY. • Customers focus on value and efficiency.• Customers looking for ease of use and faster

results.• Industry moving towards all water based

paints and away from solvents.• 85% of sales revenue comes from house


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Value Proposition

• Our product will make the whole painting process easier and more efficient by providing less shedding, speed, consistency, full area coverage and a simple cleanup!

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Our Solution – Versatile Roller

• Adjustable Frame• Microfiber Fabric• Pump • Removable Fabric• Adjustable Grip size

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Adjustable Frame

• Double rollers attached to frame.– Distance between rollers can be adjusted

according to user needs.• 3600 Rotation for application• Extendable handle • Speed, consistency, full coverage

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Removable Microfiber Fabric• Microfiber fabric is used to prevent shedding. – Lint is one of the most often mentioned problems by

end-users.– Pump attached to roller to provide constant coating.

• Fabric can be removed from the core.– Velcro material attached to fabric and core– Easier clean up process. – Customization: Fabrics with various patterns.– Fabric and Core could be sold separately– Can be applied to traditional rollers as well.

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• Adjustable grip size– Fabric – Velcro material used for adjustment according to

end user needs.

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Next Steps

• Further develop the prototype.• Production of materials.• Market for in-home as well as industrial use.– Double roller tools can be adjusted in size for both

DIYers and professional painters.

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The simplest solutions are often the cleverest!