Initiating behaviour change

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Behavior Change

Initiating Behavior Change

Vijaya Sawant

Awareness changes thinkingWillpower is good for short term goal not for long term goal.Which face do you like? Happy or Sad

Take baby steps for successIt takes time to build massive structure

Change thinking of environmentChange context & life will change Pay attention to 90-95% of population

Focus on change and take actionMove forward to achieve beautiful life

Set priority

Build habit of daily routineNo behaviors change happens without a trigger

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Knowledge without action is worthless

Remember action not just goal

Start working for fixed periodRemember tree grows from a seed or branch

Behavior change is easy when right processes are in place

Communication Strategy (Tools and Processes)Key Business IssuesStrategy ExecutionInnovationEngagementCompetitivenessCommunicationsCreativityCollaborationConnectionsKey People Enablers

CompetenciesOrganizationalProfessionalPersonalCreate Organizational ValueCommunicate ExpertiseTake a Strategic ApproachLeverage the networksDevelop trusting relationshipsCommit to networking identityIncrease social acumenEngage others