Ingles terra care

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  • Beach bDiana CrdenasJessica Garca Carlos Mucio yMarian OcampoDiego Saldaa S.A.B.O.E. Corp
  • How do bea Acapulco it? Is actually veryeasy, justdeposit thetrash in ch Caleta and Caletilla: two thenearestboat,greenare ofthe more traditional ascare and respect,not beaches of Acapulco.Both to throwwaste into the have fair lyquietwaters, ocean, because the currentis respectotherforms of intercepted by the Pacific wildlifeand contribute to Roqueta island that sits the growth of the forest.justin front of them.due to its low care from tourists,these beautiful beaches becomel and fills.It is ours responsability save the beach!!!!!!!!
  • We can do it, if we try!