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Acapulco’s Conservation Plans Project Terra Care: Starting with your Advanced English Class 3 A Teacher: Nora Alin Guzmán Pelagio Team: Diana Laura Cervantes Cárdenas #8 Jessica Jazmín García Piza #19 Carlos Daniel Mucio Cuevas #32 Marian Ocampo Castrejón #34 Diego Saldaña Pineda #43 S.A.B.O.E. Corp.

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Acapulco’s Conservation PlansProject

Terra Care:Starting with your city

Advanced English Class3 A

Teacher: Nora Alin Guzmán PelagioTeam:

Diana Laura Cervantes Cárdenas #8Jessica Jazmín García Piza #19

Carlos Daniel Mucio Cuevas #32Marian Ocampo Castrejón #34

Diego Saldaña Pineda #43

S.A.B.O.E. Corp.

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The answer to this question is very simple: We see day by day how Acapulco is turning on in a city where the crash and disgusting things are in everywhere.We see our beaches dirty

everyday and our gobernators always says that acapulco is still a paradise, Acapulco is not a paradise anymore.

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Marian OcampoGeneral ManagerLogo, the written, jingle

Jessica GarcíaPoster, Power Point, Slogan

Carlos D. Mucio:Brochure and pictures

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Diana CervantesTechnical Support; reality video and t.v. spot, radio spot.

Diego SaldañaInvestigation about the subjects and he created the social network

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• We are going to do a camping about cleaning the beach so one day we are going to go to a beach with crash bags to pick up all the crash in the beach. • Organizing clean-up brigades made by young people with parents to achieve familyintegration and the environment.• Provide didactic triptyches tourists entering the beach area, so remember to pick up the trash they produce and keep the beaches clean.• Write a letter to the government to tell them about the serious problem that exists on the beaches.• Follow up on progress and make a record of progress.• Send letters of awareness to chemical industries that spill their waste on beaches.

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Logo and Slogan

LogoS l o g a n

Terra care, starting

with your city

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Diana CárdenasJessica García Carlos Mucio

Marian OcampoDiego Saldaña

S.A.B.O.E. Corp

B r o c h u r e

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Caleta and Caletilla: two ofthe more traditional

beaches of Acapulco.Both have fair lyquietwaters, because the currentis

intercepted by the Pacific Roqueta island that sits

justin front of them.due to its low care from tourists,these beautiful beaches becomel

and fills.

It is ours responsability save the beach!!!!!!!!

How do it?Is actually veryeasy, justdeposit thetrash in thenearestboat,greenareascare and respect,not to throwwaste into the ocean, respectotherforms of wildlifeand contribute to the growth of the forest.

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Social Network


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T.V S p o t

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Radio Spot

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We can do it, if we try!

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