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Transcript of Information Technology Job Market

Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities

IT Jobs Overview

Opportunities and Challenges


Glenn McKnight




Strategy for implementation


Canadian IT Sector

IT Growth

Industry Canada reported 600,000 Jobs in ICT

32,000 companies

76% service

12% wholesale

7.6% manufacturing

Canadian IT Sector

80% of companies employ 1-9 employees

14.8% of companies employ 10 to 50 employees

2.7% of companies employ 50 to 100 employees

2.5% employ 100 or more people,

120 companies employ over 500 people

16% to 20% of ICT workers are self employed

IT Market Overview

In 2005 contribution of $52 billion to the Canadian GDP

Unemployment rate for IT workers is 1.6% compared with 6.1% national average

Section Two: Future Trends in IT


Growing demand for IT professionals

Homesourcing reduces outsourcing

IT Crisis?


(Chicken Little)

Recession impacts employment opportunities

Out sourcing to off-source companies

Good News


Net growth of some 58,000 jobs over the next 3-5 years.

Shortage of 100,000 skilled workers is expected by 2009; 1 million by 2016

2004 through the year 2014, Labor foresees computer support specialist and systems administrator jobs growing 18 percent to 26 percent
: "Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2007-07 Edition").

IT Hot Jobs

Projected increases in demand specifically

IT Security,

Systems Infrastructure Software

Telecommunication Services

Hosted Application Management

DICE Report

Linux Jobs growth by 330%

Ajax growth by 100%

PHP and Python by 72%

MySql 50%

Ruby on rails 121%

Perl 22%

Top Certification Salaries

IC2 Security, 100,000+

Certified Information Systems Security Management Professional $116,000+

Certified Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP) earning $111,870.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), with $104,020

Source ICTC: March 2006: IT/Software Salaries Growing in Last Four Years and Certification Magazine

Bad News

Winds of Change

By 2015, a shakeout will have occured and millions of the best knowledge-based jobs in the world will become unfettered
Forbes Magazine Jobs 2.0


The serious subprime mortgage meltdown in the US of 20% of mortgage market

Collapse of thousands of jobs financial sector ie. Countrywide laided off 10,000

US trade deficit near one Trillion dollar and growing, national debt over $9 Trillion, debt grows by $1.25 billion per day

North American Educational Market

Declining interest in science, math, and engineering

From 2004-5 to 2008-9 predicted that colleges will see a general decline of 21 per cent in total enrollment in technology programs.
Information Technology and Communication Council(April 2007

Barriers to Employment

70% of newcomers trying to enter the workforce confront at least one problem regarding transferability of foreign qualifications.

Canada receives 220,000 to 245,000 International Educated Professionals per year

Only one in four are women in IT

Experience Matters

Job and Business Strategy

Obtain job ready multiple skills

Secure well respected accreditation

Expand core skills to include business skills, communication skills, leadership,project management and interpersonal effectiveness

Linux Statistics

Linux market growth by 27% to a market of $11.8 Billion

Mobile market saw growth by 31%, 60% of phone built on Linux

Government adoption of Linux

15% of business considering Linux Desktop, Vista problems

Microsoft and Novell cooperation deal

Dell, IBM, Novell etc have a Linux strategy


LPI $71,350

Redhat RHCE $73,240

Novell CLE $84,000


Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities

Glenn McKnight

Email [email protected]


SKYPE gmcknight


Information and Communication Technology Council

US Debt clock

April 2007: Diversity: The Competitive Edge