[INFOGRAPHIC] Agents & Chatbots: Better Together!

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  1. 1. EASY EASY HARD EASY HARDEASY EASY EASY HARD HARD EASY Chatbots are entering the customer service space and working alongside agents to deliver exceptional customer care. The use of virtual customer assistants (chatbots) is expected to jump by 1000% by 2020.3 65%of consumers feel good about themselves and the company when they can handle an issue without talking to a live person.2 61%of consumers think chatbots will allow for faster resolution/question answering. The Perfect Partnership Find out more about customer service chatbots at www.aspect.com/agent-survey-results Easy/moderate requests make up 70-80%of day-to-day calls. Nearly half (48%) would prefer to take easy calls if given the choice.1 79%say it would improve skills. 72%say it would make them feel like they are having a bigger impact in the company. 64%say it would enable them to provide more personalized service experience for customers. 59%say they would feel more satisfied in their jobs and more committed to the company. 44%say it would take the monotony and mundaneness out of their jobs, meaning they will become more engaged.1 In General, Agents are Happy in Their Roles Better Together! AGENTS & CHATBOTS: Customers, on the Other Hand, Love Self-Service for Quick and Easy Answers Self-service chatbots can answer many simple questions and pass more complex questions to an agent. If tasked to take more complex calls, a large majority of agents see a lot of opportunity. 1,000% 42%of consumers want a live agent to help them with complex questions.1 But this can leave simple questions waiting in the queue. EASYEASY EASY EASYHARD HARD EASY The majority of agents are generally satisfied in their customer service role. Millennials are even more satisfied than the average agent. Engaged agents are the most satisfied in their work.1 77% 70% 62% As the data shows, customer service chatbots are not just addressing customers self-service desires for simple query resolution. They can also increase agents job satisfaction, improve their skills, and raise engagement... and that means a better customer experience! Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship? Sources: 1. Aspect 2017 Agent Experience Survey; 2. Aspect 2016 Customer Experience Index; 3. Gartner 2017 Aspect Software